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Behind the Shades

Blue Fox Production: A WolfTale! FreshBerry Fanfic  

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Chapter 23~

“Pa, *yawn* why are we up so early?” The young wolf asked, giving a long yawn. “The lights aren’t even on yet.” Muffin was now three years old, a young adult in wolf years and the prime time for learning how to fight.

“It’s training day.”

“Training day for what?” Muffin questioned, rubbing one of his eye sockets.

“Today, you learn to fight.” Muffin tilted his head as his father led him to the pond.

“Fight? But I-I’m not a fighter.”

“Sure you are! You’re my son after all.” Fresh declared, giving a soft punch to Muffin’s shoulder.

Ever since Muffin was just a month old and could walk he was everywhere at once, hiding and scampering around the cave like there was no tomorrow, granted it was easier to put him to bed, but it was exhausting for both parents. Fresh always volunteered to look after him most of the days, still feeling a bit guilty for what he did, but Blue was quick to protest and assure him that all was forgiven. Over the years Muffin grew up with his loving parents to teach him everything he needed to know. How to hunt, how to act. everything they knew, they taught him and fighting was going to be no exception.

“Please, when have you’ve ever fought?” Muffin scoffed playfully.

“Oh you’d be surprised. Just ask your mother.” Fresh answered before realizing that might not be the best choice. “Actually, don’t. All you have to know is I’ve been in a few fights.” Muffin rolled his eyes.

“Please. How could you ever be in a fight?”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Not even. I bet I can beat an old man like you in three seconds flat.” Fresh gave a chuckled to his son’s cockiness. Definitely got it from him.

“Well if you’re so confident, let’s see it.” Fresh said still having his back turned with a smirk on his face. Muffin laughed crawling towards him to pounce, nearly grasping him in his paws before he moved swiftly out of the way and fell to the ground with a thud.


“One.” Fresh started to count down the seconds. Muffin moved quickly, trying to pin Fresh like he said he could, but failed.

“Two.” And again.

“Three.” Fresh dodged once more before taking his chance and swiftly pinning Muffin down. “Did you really think you could beat your old man?” Muffin sighed in defeat.

“Alright, you win. Can you get off me now?” Fresh gave a chuckle, moving off of Muffin.

“Don’t judge what you don’t know, son.” Muffin nodded.

“Where’d you learn to fight like that?”

“Taught myself, watched others. Came in handy when everything wanted to eat you… and for other reasons, but we’ll talk about that when you’re older.” Fresh explained, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck before clearing his throat. “The point is, it’s an important skill and today is the first day of your training, so let’s get started.”

“Yes, Sir.” Fresh and Blue made sure that their son was respectful, skillful, and a gentleman and without a doubt a protector and provider. His training is to teach him honor, discipline, and patience, which will last up to a month and end on the first week of spring. Even though Muffin could get cocky and stubborn at times, it was just part of his personality and he couldn’t help that. Yup, definitely got it from Fresh.

As the days went on the two trained and sparred, taking everything one step at a time. At one-point Blue came to watch them train together, sitting under her thinking tree. It was times like these where she liked to relax and watch her two favorite boys in the world get some father-son time. She was always so grateful how well Muffin turned out, strong and independent, especially since he was born so small and feeble. Not to mention how much of a rough start the two had. It was a nice reminder that everything always works out for the best and she couldn’t ask for more. There had been some hard times more specifically when Blue and Fresh had to tell Muffin about their history. Sure, they could have made something up, but they wanted a relationship with trust and lying was not going to help it, so they told him. It wasn’t but about a year ago since they told him and his reaction was more of sympathy than anything, but all went on with their lives, living happily together.

Muffin was no doubt a mamma’s boy, definitely inheriting it from his father. He would preferably hunt and relax with her, but equally loved his dad as well.

They were nearly through his training month and the two males were in a standoff. With Muffin’s teeth bared and his fur spiked to make him look bigger, he stood a few feet away from his dad who was panting with a small sweat. The two began to circle one another, watching each other carefully. Fresh was the first to make a move, sprinting toward Muffin. He dodged, moving to turn the tables before Fresh dodged as well. The two dipped, dived, ducked, and darted from each other. Until Finally Muffin had his father pinned to the grass with both his paws.

“*pant* Guess you finally beat your old man *pant* Good job, son. *pant* Good job.” Fresh congratulated with a pant. Muffin gave a wide smile and a breathy giggle, moving off of Fresh and looking towards his mother who nearly had tears in her eyes. She was so proud of her son, embracing him a warm embrace when he ran over to her. When Muffin released, Blue held his face in her paws, sending a loving gaze towards him.

“My strong, handsome boy.” Blue gave another tight hug before releasing him.  

But this was only a happy beginning.

The tapping of footsteps echoed through the old rickety log cabin that was isolated in the woods, away from civilization.

“Hey boss, we got news.” A skeleton monster with black streaks near his eye sockets asked.

“I’m busy Killer, can it wait?”

“We have news of that gray wolf you lost 4 years ago. Seem interesting, Red?” Red perked up, swiveling his chair to face his accomplice.

“Gray wolf you say?”

“Our rookies went incognito in town and saw that the E.P.I has a new healthy adult wolf, who just so happens to be the pup of that wolf.” Red stroked his chin with his thumb and index finger as Killer laid the newspaper article of the story in front of him. Red took a puff of his cigarette, intently staring at the print. “And guess who’s the mother.”


“EF1’s mate, the one they rescued from one of our outposts.” Red gave a chuckle turning away from Killer and back to the window, he had been staring out of before.

“So, you’re saying we have an escapee, a rescue, and a newbie, in the same place?” Red gave a chuckle after asking but answered his own question.


Suho - Into The Woods

sentence summary: The woods can be either peaceful or terrifying depending on the day. Wolf AU with multiple parts

word count: 4,582

Junmyeon has been walking for ages. His bare feet hurt, jeans tattered and torn. White long sleeve barely clutching to his body. Red blood stains dot his clothing, scattered across his chest and torso, a rather large pool of the liquid oozing fresh from his lower left abdomen. Hair a tattered mess with it sticking up and possibly some hairs now missing. He will be fine with a few hairs gone, it’s not like they won’t grow back quickly. He wipes at the dried blood on his nose, like it will really help.

He hadn’t known he would get separated from his pack. One minute he was in a heated battle with one of their rival pack’s alpha, and the next thing he remembers is being awoken next to a stream of fresh water in human form. The others have to be going ballistic, maybe tearing through a few different places trying to find any trace of his scent. It sounds impossible considering he himself, the pack leader has never seen this place of the woods before. Sounds horrible yes, but it’s alright considering he’s only been alpha for about a year now.

Twelve wolf pups, barely considered adults formed a pack, all were like brothers and each contributed to the well-being of the pack. No matter how oddly they worked unlike normal packs. He had been voted leader, the small young gray wolf was surprised. What could he possibly do to lead eleven wolves?

At the time, it seemed hopeless. But not anymore. He has some help from his closest friend Kris, Junmyeon and him grew up together in their original pack. The two have always been close thus how easy they can calm any heated situation and make the pack work so well. Earning respect from the Elders and other packs. Doesn’t mean they won’t have enemies because of it too.

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Officials: First wolf pack photographed in California since 1920s

San Jose Mercury News: Officials have captured the first photographic evidence of a pack of gray wolves in California since the 1920s. The pack, which consists of two adults and five pups, was found after a lone wolf was spotted earlier this year. 

Photo: The wolf pups, in an image recorded by a trail camera. (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)

loveinstar  asked:

Can a pack survive with just the female alpha? Are there packs in the wilderness where only a female leads the pack? Or is it just temporary every time until a new alpha (male) will step in?

Definitely! Natural wolf packs typically are family groups; an adult pair and their offspring (pups and yearlings). In these natural composition packs, the parents automatically become the leading pair (comparable to human families), so the ranking terms like “alpha”, “beta”, “omega” etc. are outmoded. If you want to read more about these ranking terms being outdated, check this out!

If the breeding male would perish, the breeding female might continue leading the pack on her own. She might also change partner (most common), or she might even be overthrown by her offspring (example). 

anonymous asked:

Did you hear the news about a wolf pack being found in norcal for the first time in 100 years?! I immediately thought of TW...


 California’s first modern-day wolf pack sighted in Siskiyou County- Sacromento Bee, 8/21/2015

I’m very excited for our ecosystem now. Two adults and five pups! A wolf pack living in Shasta County! 

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