adult video store

Glory hole delight

So I’m traveling to Farmington NM. And I found an adult video store. I’ve been to a sex toy store before but never one with an “arcade room”. So paid the dollar cover and been sitting here for the last 3 hours. I put an ad on Craigslist that said the store and what booth to walk in if they want to blow there load. So far I’ve had 9 visitors. Omg the power of the arcade room! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! this is my very first gloryhole experience and it’s unbelievably sexy!!!

Oh… G2G…. My mouth is about to be full again. Much love to all my followers. Muah :-*

………. Update #11 lol my face is covered in cum. BIG multiple load. Guy must have been holding back a couple of weeks. Lol. Yummy though

Life has way of screwing You over. It fucked with me head today so I slid deeper into me. I’m going to go fuck, not make love, fuck someone at the adult video store. I’m a slut. Tonight I’m a whore. For live updates kik jessiecd44305

Public Sluttery

I say I started porn when I was 18 but the truth is that I started when I was almost 20- like literally days away from turning 20. Now, I originally said this because I had to for video. It was all “Teen Tits Volume 3” and things of that nature that I really had to play up. Then, I continued to say it once I got out of porn because it was like, “Look- I was just a dumb 18 year old- okay? How was I supposed to know better?” But I suppose, now that I think about it- would it be better for people to know I only did porn for 4 years instead of 7? (I took a year off without anyone noticing. But wait? Does that mean it was technically 5 even though I took a year off? Or what about the 3 years with Adam and Eve where I just had sex like never and basically got paid to go do signings at Adult Video Stores? I refuse to call them bookstores- they don’t have fucking books.) ANYWAYS- I’ve always been a slut to some degree as have most people- but only PUBLICLY a slut for 4 years. Unless you count the years after where people just assume that I go around sucking dicks everyday in hot little pink lingerie because I did porn for a few years.

Anyhow, I’m just horny as fuck right now. Can I get an amen?



A first order porno called First Whore-der, starring general fuxx, captain phallus and Matt the gaydar dicknician, ft. newcomer lieutenant Mi-tatas
The plot follows four sexual deviants as they travel through space to stop the troublesome Rebel Alliance (led by Leia Orgasma and Poe DAMNron.)
Coming to a shady adult video store near you

Imagine Being Stuck in 1994 Mystic Falls with Kai & Imagine Kai Trying to Seduce You & Imagine Kai Constantly Finding Ways to Tease you Because He Likes to See You Blush

Warnings - Foul Language, Mentions of Sex, Possible Feels

This is my first attempt on this blog and I really hope that you guys enjoy it! Please let me know how I did at depicting Kai and also my writing in general and request, request, request

Five months and six days. Five months and six days I had spent here, rotting away in my own personal Hell. Every day was exactly the same like a permanent Groundhog Day, and it was driving me absolutely insane. I figured I didn’t have much longer yet until I was driven to the brink of insanity, losing all shreds of common sense that I had left. 

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