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Favorite German Words

Die Vorfreude = literally “pre-joy”. The joyful anticipation of an event, where you’re really looking forward to something and can’t wait for the date to arrive. :) A form of anticipation that imagines future pleasures ahead of time. Like children having intense Vorfreude in the weeks before Christmas or adults anticipating a nice vacation in some far-off place. Something to look forward to.


Anyone ever do the hysterical laugh cry? when you are so completely and hopelessly lost that you have no idea which way is up? And for the life of you, you cant figure out what triggered it out, why its happening or how to stop it. 

Oh yeah. That’s me right now. 

On the bright side i knocked out 3 chapter of Krasivaya in an hour, and the ugly crying over laptop has now hindered the fourth chapter of the day, 

title: keep the door open for me (½)

ship: jaykyle

summary: a chance meeting after years leads kyle to strike up a relationship he’d have never expected to have with jason todd. and, to his own surprise, he’s more than just a little willing to keep it.

a/n: set in a pre-flashpoint continuity with some stuff taken from new 52. maybe kyle and jason aren’t as hopeless at developing and managing a relationship as one could think. (maybe.)

[on ao3]

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best trip anecdote so far: 

there’s a street in lakeland called “socrum st” (yes, pronounced almost exactly like “scrotum”), and every single time the gps voice said it out loud, all three of us in the car (25, 57, and 80something* respectively) would burst out giggling.

Tomorrow I embark on my first trip to England. I’m bringing hedgehog and traffic cone with me to re-enact scenes from Broadchurch when I visit West Bay. I’ll be offline for a bit but hopefully will have some great pics of mini Hardy & Miller when I get back. I might even get a pic with David Tennant himself, when I go see Don Juan. Anyway, look for some cute pics coming eventually when I get back near the end of the month. “Come along Millah.”