adult vacation

yall, my 2nd fav boy is back and he just can’t get his footsies wet
also i’ve made him a flower leafy crown

Favorite German Words

Die Vorfreude = literally “pre-joy”. The joyful anticipation of an event, where you’re really looking forward to something and can’t wait for the date to arrive. :) A form of anticipation that imagines future pleasures ahead of time. Like children having intense Vorfreude in the weeks before Christmas or adults anticipating a nice vacation in some far-off place. Something to look forward to.

Penguins (Biadore) - fitzy

AN: I’m new to Drag Race, and Bianca and Adore are the first people that have inspired me to write in about five years. Thank you to them for being delightful, I honestly didn’t think I was even capable of stringing words together anymore. I’m weirdly nervous about this!!

Bianca is referred to by her “real” name and mostly male pronouns throughout, Adore/Danny’s names and pronouns have been used more interchangeably. Contains irresponsible drug use.

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title: keep the door open for me (½)

ship: jaykyle

summary: a chance meeting after years leads kyle to strike up a relationship he’d have never expected to have with jason todd. and, to his own surprise, he’s more than just a little willing to keep it.

a/n: set in a pre-flashpoint continuity with some stuff taken from new 52. maybe kyle and jason aren’t as hopeless at developing and managing a relationship as one could think. (maybe.)

[on ao3]

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Home away from home - part 7

part 6


“Did you just say ‘I love you’ to him?” My sister asked. I turned around and looked through the peephole to see Sehun’s expression. He just stood there, frozen in time. He backed away from the door and looked around before smiling to himself. “He smiled! He actually smiled after I said something completely insane.” I whispered to my sister. “Is it that insane? Do you actually love him?” She asked. I looked at her and thought, 

Do I love him? Already?

Genre: fluff, semi-smut

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