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One of my friends moved to Florida a little while ago and mentioned his job gave discount tickets to any 1 Disney World Park which I thought was cool!

I asked him if he’d go, but he told me that he’d never go to Disney World without a girlfriend or wife (or future children.)

And I was baffled 😕

Like…why deny yourself such fun?

Go with your work friends??????

shoutout to the parents/guardians/adult figures who didn’t download pokemon go but are having a blast helping their kids and friends find pokestops, gyms, and pokemon! we love u and ur making exploring this game even more fun! the time you spend with us is appreciated! <3


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It’s the kind of place she should hate.

Her childhood vacations were always done on the cheap: day trips to the beach, camping trips where they ate baked beans cooked in the can, road trips spent in the back seat of the station wagon, dutifully looking out the window when her mother pointed out some important landmark and hoping that Charlie wouldn’t throw up on her again.

As an adult, she’s rarely vacationed. In med school she took a couple of trips to Vegas or Atlantic City with her girlfriends. After she joined the FBI, that one ill-fated trip to Maine was enough to permanently turn her off the idea.

And since she left the FBI, it’s been a non-issue. Living with a fugitive doesn’t give you many opportunities for leisure travel.

So when Mulder slipped those plane tickets under her mug, she’d been deeply suspicious. Spending a week on some half-empty island with a suitcase containing nothing but sunscreen, bathing suits, and trashy novels seems like asking for trouble. Surely they’ll run into a sea monster or serial murderer.

It’s like he said. The darkness finds them.

International travel is still complicated, though at least Mulder’s not on the no-fly list or they’d be having a midwinter vacation on the Eastern Shore. She imagines those snowy beaches and shivers. Luckily you don’t need a passport for Puerto Rico.

And so far, Vieques is doing very nicely. Even if they’d had to take a terrifyingly small plane - Mulder unhelpfully referred to it as “the minivan of the skies” - to get here.

Theirs is a tiny house right on the beach, at the the edge of a larger property. It’s small - just a bedroom, a living area, and a bathroom - but well appointed. Scully is particularly pleased to note the large clawfoot tub and the smooth, heavy bedsheets.

Mulder follows her through the house as she touches everything. “Good?” he finally asks. She’s standing in front of the sliding doors, looking out. Behind the house there are two lounge chairs and a hammock tied between palm trees, and then the ocean, just steps away even at low tide. The surf is gentle, the water perfectly blue. It’s idyllic in the extreme.

“Really good,” she says. When she turns around he’s right behind her, and she wraps her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. His heartbeat and the sound of the surf.

Fox Mulder at the beach. Why not?

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Take a break.

It took me a long time to figure out how to explain that everyone deserves a vacation, point blank, no exceptions. That existence earns you a vacation. Not the completion of some imaginary task whose line you’ll only move again because someone taught you unworthiness so deeply its in your bones or the ever spreading concept of corporate culture has taken over your life and insists that you’re only being the best you can be by working to exhaustion.

My philosophy, gold starred by my therapist:

You need breaks from doing the same thing over and over again.

If that same thing is going to work 5 days a week for 6 months, not many people are going to argue. But when we start to stumble down the roster of disability, mental illness and the occasional intersectionality of stay at home parenting (usually moms) something happens. The slip slide of accomplishment which is just out of reach. Because doing the dishes isn’t accomplishing something, it’s living life, right? WRONG.

I sometimes talk about this in terms of self care, but recently I’ve seen a series of posts talking about how self care isn’t always about being super nice to yourself and I happen to agree. So lets keep this in the realms of ‘vacation’ and ‘break’.

Our minds need breaks. All you have to do to deserve a break is exist. Even if you just spent the last 6 months getting up, doing the bare minimum you have to do and dragging your ass into the shower by the skin of your teeth and to your doctor appointments by the fear of living without you meds.

You. Deserve. A. Break.

And yeah, many of us can’t afford (in money or energy) something fancy and complicated and what we need/want in a break is very different depending on circumstances, but the point is to TAKE THE DAMN BREAK.

It gets worse when you’re self employed. Trust me.

What am I suggesting? It could be as simple as ‘I’m getting enough chinese food for the weekend and turning off all the alarms I absolutely don’t need (don’t turn off medication alarms!)’ or ‘splurging on the good steak’. It could be a manicure (a relatively cheap indulgence) or it could be a movie ticket.

It does get harder when you can’t spend more money than you are. You have to work within your own boundaries, be they physical, monetary or time.

Reblog with your break ideas!

Favorite German Words

Die Vorfreude = literally “pre-joy”. The joyful anticipation of an event, where you’re really looking forward to something and can’t wait for the date to arrive. :) A form of anticipation that imagines future pleasures ahead of time. Like children having intense Vorfreude in the weeks before Christmas or adults anticipating a nice vacation in some far-off place. Something to look forward to.

So today I was able to cross out one of the biggest items on my Bucket List.

That’s right. I met motherfucking Chris Evans. Captain America himself.

We took that photo at 3pm this afternoon and yet I’ve still got the biggest, dumbest grin ever on my face.

To backtrack, the photo was taken at New Orleans Comic Con. I was somehow on Wizard World’s mailing list and the first week of November they sent me an email saying Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Jeremy Renner, Frank Grillo, and the Russo brothers would be attending. Now that I have a full time job, I stopped and thought about it, and I had the funds for what I call a Real Adult Vacation. Aka a three-day weekend of me pampering myself silly because I won’t be able to do it again until probably the fall season when DragonCon and Momocon roll back around. And since “spare no expense” was the optimum phrase, I shelled out the money for the silver VIP pass, and that’s how I was able to take this breathtaking photo with Mr. Chris Evans.

So what’s Chris Evans like?

So if any of you pay any attention to me ever, you know I’ve met a shitload of famous people, ranging from authors (Jim Butcher) to actors (Shane West, Maggie Q). I’ve been able to hold conversations with them and compliment them and ask great questions in our brief time together.

And I totally got tongue-tied and starstruck meeting Chris Evans.

Because this is literally a life-affirming event, I dressed up in a Little Black Dress and bought these gorgeous burgundy platform heels and did my hair and makeup so that, even for the .05 seconds we were together, I’d look fantastic next to Mr. Evans’ gorgeous self. Well, I did look gorgeous, but he was even more gorgeous than I can describe. 

Now, I’m proud of myself because I didn’t get SO tongue-tied that I couldn’t be polite. When it came time for me to go up to him, he put his arm around my shoulder and I said hi and I asked him if it was alright if we did a hug for my photo. He smiled and said it was not a problem at all, and we hugged for the photo.

And, I know this will either sound insane or vain, but whatever, I’m gonna tell you anyway:

I think I did look beautiful because right before he let me go, he rubbed the small of my back a little.

It was the sexiest .5 seconds of my entire life.

Seriously, I’m swooning just remembering his hand being there and doing that. Oh God. It was magical. 

And he was so warm and muscular and he smelled delicious ugh stahp Chris just stahp.

But that’s not all! Part of my other self-pampering for my Adult Vacation also included meeting the one, the only, my personal Queen, Hayley Atwell.

Now, thankfully, with Hayley Atwell, I didn’t get tongue-tied. I walked up and had her sign my comic book (Civil War issue #1) and I told her that I was so grateful for how she’s portrayed Peggy as such a wonderfully complex, three-dimensional character and how it’s so important to have this kind of female character on a major network television show. Ms. Atwell thanked me and said she was humbled by my words and we parted ways. It was incredible to meet her. She was so sweet and prettier than a rose garden to boot.

And the last thing before I shut up and sink back into the normal Tumblr business as usual is that part of my VIP package was an assured seat for the Civil War panel with all the cast and the Russo brothers, and because I lined up early, I was able to ask the whole cast and crew a question. I asked, “Do you have something that you’ve always wanted to see your character do that you haven’t been able to just yet?” 

The whole panel was recorded by Wizard World, so once it’s posted, I’ll add it for your enjoyment, but the short answers were:

Frank Grillo: To kill Captain America.

Chris Evans: For me and Falcon to do a hand-jive. (inside joke, you’ll get it after you see the video)

Hayley Atwell: For Peggy to take the blue serum. 

Jeremy Renner said something hilarious, but I forgot what it was in exact words, so I’ll leave it for later, but it was seriously awesome hearing their answers. The panel was brilliant. Mackie was of course the standout with answers to questions and he just sassed us all into hysterical laughter the whole time. At one point, one of the Russos asked Grillo to take off his jacket to show off his pecs and Evans started making the “oontz-oontz” stripper noises and I basically hurt myself laughing.

So yeah, that was my Saturday! I’m sure you all probably hate me and I’m sorry if this sounds braggy, but it’s definitely the best day of 2016 so far. I highly doubt anything will beat it. And I’m okay with that.

Feel free to flood my inbox if you have questions and/or are horribly jealous.

EDIT: I found the footage of my question, but it’s not in the full form yet. Here’s Frank Grillo’s reaction, at least.

@rufeepeach OMG, Ru! I made an Austenland AU collage ages ago. In my version Belle has saved money her entire adult life to see the world, but her interfering father wants her to grow up and settle down with her ex-boyfriend Gilbert Legume. To cure her of her delusions of adventure and her lust for travel Moe “invests” his daughter’s savings on a trip to Storybrooke Manor, an outrageously exclusive and expensive fairytale themed resort for adults. The vacation package, although the cheapest available, is completely non-refundable and Belle reluctantly packs her bag and boards her flight to “the best kept secret vacation destination in Maine.” Once there Regina Mills, owner of Storybrooke Manor, micromanages every step of Belle’s transformation, namely confiscating her luggage and electronic devices and making appropriate wardrobe choices for her assigned fairytale character- a damsel in distress.

Belle’s fairytale alter ego, Lacey, is literally a maid- tiny bedroom, difficult cleaning assignments and all. Her package doesn’t cover the spa services or horseback riding lessons so lyrically described in the brochure video, and she isn’t assigned a face character love interest like the high profile guests either. The only person she interacts with is Rumplestiltskin, a heavily made up actor that serves as the villain in most of the other guests storylines. As mocking as Rumplestiltskin is he does prove to be an excellent conversationalist when he doesn’t have to engage with the other guests. He doesn’t look half bad in the leather trousers of his costume either. Just when Belle starts to wonder if she’s part of an impromptu Beauty and the Beast story her father’s true motives for sending her to Storybrooke comes marching in. Sir Gaston, as Gilbert Legume christened himself, has arrived to slay the beast of loneliness and propose in style. Belle leaves the resort in a rage, a day or so later a remarkably scale free Rumplestiltskin, also known as Robert Gold, shows up at her door. Together they decide to pursue a real life happily ever after.


Scenes from a very busy day.

I’ve been craving donuts for WEEKS and I’ve been planning when I should cave. I purposefully chose to run out of all my usual breakfast foods today so I could indulge. Hypnotic Donuts did me well. They had a new donut - vanilla cake, whiskey icing with honey lemon drizzle. YUM. So worth it.

I’m tired of adulting tasks like renewing your license because you’re getting older or trying to find transportation to and from the airport or trying to plan things for a large number of people or grocery shopping or food prep.

Although, I am so food prepped up right now that I’ve got meals for the week AFTER I get back from my trip to New York. Don’t mind me. Just high-fiving myself over here. 🙏🏽

My sunburn is starting to heal (although my shoulders are worse than this) but it’s also started to get to the itchy phase. Yuck.

I think it should be illegal to have to work during your vacation. I’ve had to do some mindless stuff that’s totaled a couple hours worth of work and tomorrow I’m in a training all day. I have a serious case of the IDontWannas.

But, really, how can I complain? I’ll be in New York in just a few days with my favorite tater tots, the best mom, and my sister who I miss a buttload (actual unit of measurement). Plus, I’m excited about a few other faces I’ll get to see too.