adult travis

The one scene that never ever fails to make me laugh is magnus tickling Johann on the elevator when they first meet him in moonlighting

-Travis “I tickle him” McElroy
-“he he he he he stop” (griffin voice acting at its finest)
-travis “I tickle him again” McElroy
-it’s only after this that Merle finally asks Johann for his name
-magnus puts his hand on Johann’s shoulder and Johann says “dont fucking tickle me again man. Im not … I’m like an adult man and you’re an adult man”
-Travis “I tickle him” McElroy
-magnus tries to tickle him later and he just slaps magnus’ hand away

TOA Rant (not very spoilery)

The Hidden Oracle is a very happy, funny book, especially with Apollo as the main character. But this book makes me really emotional. We learned that Percy and Annabeth are going to college… Clarisse is at college. Travis is in college. Rachel is spending less time at camp(mostly because of oracle issue but still). It’s so depressing because I grew up with Percy and his crew and now they are all grown up. They’re starting lives that are outside of Camp Half Blood. Chiron will be teaching new campers instead and… *breaks down sobbing and can’t continue* I DON’T WANT MY BABIES TO GROW OLD😭

I had some rather…odd dreams last night. I don’t fully remember every detail of them, but the main themes were odd. The first was just a…dirty dream about my ex. I guess that’s kinda odd….in a way….The other dream featured me having a baby with some random girl. After she gave birth, she just left the baby with me. I was very ill-equipped to take care of a baby, so shenanigans ensued. I don’t see that scenario ever happening in real life.  XD  Gah. Anyway, today is the day that I start training someone at work. This will be the first person I’ve trained since getting my promotion, so we’ll see how it goes. The nervousness is finally kicking in. I know the process pretty well, so I’m not as nervous as I could be…and the training method that the higher ups want me to use is very…scripted and repetitive…so we’ll see how this goes. Wish me luck! Have a great day, everyone!  :)