adult swim presents

Sometimes the present is so pressing 
Memories can only come back in small flickers like that of a screen
They’re fleeting
We all want to be happy
Even if only for a little while. 

Wanted to do something special as we get down to the two last episodes of Season 3! 

Thank you to everyone who kept a special place in your heart for Bon Bon.
I told myself I was going to dedicate these 10 weeks of Rick and Morty to SOLEY Rick and Morty, but I couldn’t help myself. She had a helping hand to where I am today. Not where I want to be yet, but getting there :) 


Don Draper’s Greatest Presentation | Adult Swim

last night i went to this adult swim party alone

at terminal 5 which is a big ass place and i went directly from working and walked through the rain so i looked like mint-green ass and everyone was wearing like cocktail party attire 

my friend jason demarco is the music dude at adult swim and does important things and was the only person i knew there so i went to drink a lot of free alcohol and wait for him to find me and the guy in front of me in the alcohol line was that guy from 30 rock the dorky happy page 

and then when i was talking to jason people kept coming up and saying hey to him and this one dude came up with his wife and started talking about how he had diarrhea and i always have diarrhea so i started to engage in discussion with him and then jason whispered to me “thats the creator of aqua teen” and walked away leaving me to continue my diarrhea discussion with the creator of aqua teen

long story short i saw triumph the puppet dog open for outkast and my song 285 played in the big adult swim presentation so i had a weird night