Season 3 is coming 


Samurai Jack Panel Info 

Show moved to 2017 

Evil Cults &  Childbirth  in the first clip animated 

S05 will have 10 episodes as a 5 Hour Movie

This time we have one really big story for jack - we could tackle more of the drama of his storyline"

it’s going to be action-packed & very cool

A prototype of the opening sequence of is shown.

Gennedy showcasing prototype ideas for the aged Jack

The series will take 50 years in the future. It was originally a film, but became a new season

Adult Swim has no limits

The Scotsman is planned to return

A fan ask did if Sym Biotic Titan could return. Gennedy’s response: Never say never.

Gennedy got someone who can replace Aku  TBA


the warden is a god

Made with Vine

Samurai Jack set to return for a fifth and, presumably, final season

“The season will take place 50 years after the close of Season 4, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering the time-traveling nature at the heart of the series. It will also close out Jack’s story in the run of 10 new episodes, which form to complete a five-hour movie. If this first promo image for the final season of Samurai Jack is any indication, it will be a violent end to an epic story.” (x)


Samurai Jack: Season 5 Behind the Scenes