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That beautiful post from @dadvans I just reblogged reminded me of the ice show I was at a few months ago, which this Massachusetts skating school puts on once a year. The entire school participates with special guest stars, so the line-up was like:

- Itty bitty 4-5 year olds whose one move typically involves pointing a foot forward and then pointing it back
- Skating class going up in age/skill level until you get to, like, semi-pro preteens and teenagers
- Absurdly talented baby pair skaters
- The “adult” classes made up of mostly middle-aged or slightly older folks having the ACTUAL TIME OF THEIR LIVES (aka me one day)
- A handful of pros, some local and some not. Mostly rising stars, and a particularly bonkers-good pair skating team who had just barely missed Worlds
- JAVIER FERNANDEZ who had just finished fourth at Worlds about a week prior

So basically 1) the overall effect was, as my friend put it, “Like having Britney Spears at your dance recital,” and 2) please join me in imagining Yuuri and Victor headlining this show and warming up beside a pack of toddlers and also Susan from the PTA.

LazyTown age chart ideas

Sportacus (Adorable little Sporacus in diapers gnawing a soccer ball, kid Sportacus eating Sportscandy, awesome as hell Sportacus doing his signature move)

Robbie Rotten (ADORABLE AS HELL BABY ROBBIE, kid Robbie in one of his disguises, Robbie trying to be “cute”)

Stephanie (Adorable yet awkward baby Stephanie, Stephanie dancing and singing, adult Stephanie as a pop star)

Ziggy (Cute grumpy baby Ziggy, Ziggy with candy (his lollipop and/or taffy), adult Ziggy as a chef)

Pixel (Chubby baby Pixel with his first video game, kid Pixel having a blast on his website Pixelspix, adult Pixel designing a new system)

Trixie (Adorable baby Trixie playing with a relay race baton, Trixie about to prank someone, adult skater girl Trixie)

Milford (Baby Milford being cute, kid Milford meeting Bessie, Milford becoming Mayor of LazyTown)

Stingy (Starts out an adorable baby in diapers, goes to Stingy petting his piggy bank, ends in a way too rich adult Stingy)

Bessie (Adorable baby Bessie playing with makeup, kid Bessie with her flip phone, Bessie dreamily looking at a framed picture of Milford)


guys guys gUYS did you know you can still compete even if you’re a) my age and b) dropped out of skating years ago?????? i kind of knew this, but i never went looking for videos before today.

like. okay. i love watching senior skating competitions, i do, but i also always end up feeling heartbroken because i will never be able to skate like that. i am legitimately too old to ever skate like that, and i wish that i had started younger, but…wishing that gets me nowhere.

but i could maybe do what she is doing

on the video page she says she skated for three years, from 14 to 17, then quit for FIFTEEN YEARS. before that, she had reached pre-preliminary level, which is the level I was heading toward when I quit. the only thing in that level I hadn’t even tried yet was one of the jumps. and this video was taken four months after she started again???

and so what if she isn’t jumping triples. her jumps are so pretty and i love her spirals and the ina bauer. because she’s just a little bit older than me, i feel like i have a better idea of what might be possible for me to do, instead of just watching senior competitions and thinking “oh god, it’s pointless, i’ll never jump triples and they all quit by 27 so why even bother…” i could just…skate anyway, and it could look good anyway, and i don’t actually have to be on international TV for it to be AWESOME AF.

there’s even a national championships for adult skaters?? and by the photos, the costumes get JUST as wild as they do in senior competitions. which looks like a hell of a lot of fun. and also like a lot less stress, lmao.


Plushenko’s comment and message to Yuzuru regarding the accident, injuries, his decision to keep competing despite bearing the pains and risks after the accident, and his win in GPF. You can watch it in here at minute 22:52 .

okay I think there’s some things we should address regarding gender and sexuality in this recent episode! First of all, Victor.

This episode literally confirms that Victor is not straight. Literally confirms it. The very fact that Victor is willing to be Yuuri’s boyfriend (I think he used koibito tho? which means lover) means he isn’t opposed to the idea of being in a relationship with someone other than a woman. And he was so easygoing about it too, as if this was familiar to him. I think that’s amazing!! A 100% confirmed LGBT character… it’s great!!

secondly, Yuri P. this was more subtle, but, just like Yuuri K., Yuri is taking on more and more of a feminine essence, which almost seems contradictory to his aggressive nature, doesn’t it? almost as if it were occurring naturally. Well, I argue it is. 

To make a long story short(er than it could be): This is really strong evidence that Yuri is a trans boy. First of all, everyone is noticing him becoming more feminine; his hair has even grown out a little bit. He’s becoming “more and more like a prima ballerina”… which as we know, is a highly feminized role. He’s becoming more “girly” to the people around him as time goes on. But the strongest evidence comes when Yuri makes the statements above. He is, of course, referring to puberty. He’s 15, so it’s no doubt been on his mind. Interestingly, he makes it seem as though the impending onset of puberty only gives him one shot at winning. As if puberty is going to interrupt his future dreams. But surely this shouldn’t be the case; Yuuri and Victor are both adult skaters who compete at a very high level, so why does Yuri in particular make it seem like this is his only shot? Arguably, because he’s trans, meaning puberty could potentially be disastrous and greatly affect in what divisions he’s allowed to compete. Of course, this might seem like jumping the gun a bit, but I don’t think it hurts to think about! Right now, until we have more information, it’s more than a plausible explanation for his thoughts. I’m interested to see how Yuri develops!!
Things that never change - Chapter 1 - GoHACoyote - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Worried about the obvious delay with his presenting, 17 yo Yuri Plisetsky decided to take an hormonal treatment.

How will our almost-adult ice skater deal with the changes that most people undergo in their harmless childhood and how it will affect his relationships and career?

Follow this history about akward medical procedures, late puberty, misguided omegaverse dynamics and a blooming relationship.
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Things that never change by GoHACoyote on ao3. 

Summary: Worried about the obvious delay with his presenting, 17 yo Yuri Plisetsky decided to take an hormonal treatment.

How will our almost-adult ice skater deal with the changes that most people undergo in their harmless childhood and how it will affect his relationships and career?

Follow this history about akward medical procedures, late puberty, misguided omegaverse dynamics and a blooming relationship.


Main Pairing: Otayuri

Other pairings: Victuri/Victuuri


GUYS CHECK THIS OUTTTT They portray the characters REAAAALLYYYY WELL especially Yurio *-* it’s a combination of fluff and the angst that comes with figuring yourself out, there’s a bit of NSFW in some chapters (though it’s not hardcore, no mating or bonding), but that’s expected, it’s about Yurio presenting his secondary gender (not saying which one because I would spoil ya). JUST- CHECK IT OUT YO. I SWEAR YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED

p.s. Someone tell me this person’s tumblr so I can give them some love here

All these Yuri on Ice hype makes me imagine YoI RusAme like.. 

Imperial Ivan teaching Young Adult Alfred to Figure Skating so he could be the #1 Figure Skater in USA…or even the world..

Or you can reverse their role in modern setting with Alfred as the American pro figure skater that teach figure skating to a talented figure skater young adult Ivan, a Russian immigrant that’s raised on America since he was a child..(since personality wise Viktor is more like Alfred and Yuri is more like Ivan)

…I’m fcking hopeless RusAme fan.


Yuzuru Hanyu’s 20th Birthday Celebration Post [ part 1 ]

His charms outside his superb magical skating abilities :

  1. His humbleness and down to earth personality + respect his rivals profesionally.
  2. His sportmanship is top-notch.
  3. His never-ending motivation on his athlete career and for the sake of growing the sport up, pushing the boundaries, challenge the infinite possibilities.

P.S : dear Yuzuru, now you have stepped the important milestone ladder in your life, the 20s age zone. You are already called as an adult. All of your speech, doings, and decisions will be looked at by your juniors. Remember to be wiser, though it may take times. It’s not wrong to sometimes stumble in your life, but keep in mind to learn how to deal with it. Perhaps one day in your career life,People may turn their back on you, please don’t let it bug you, believe me, there are thousands of fans like me will always support you till the end. May you always be healthy and free from severe injuries (athlete without injuries is rather impossible so yeah if it’s small injuries i forgive you LOL JK) , May long live career succesness be with you, May you reach and achieve your goals one by one. God bless you, sweet heart! ^^

anonymous asked:

I am enraged, yuuri and victor do not see yurio as a competitor, they see him as a silly child, playing in a competition .. wtf .. and you guys from the fandom of viktuuri still glorify such a situation, but okay, the only important ones are victor and yuri, after all it's yuri on ice, not yurio on ice

We would appreciate if you wouldn’t talk to us on that tone, I think that we deserve some minimal respect. You have the right to be angry, but don’t throw all your rage at us in this way, it’s rude.

Victor and Yuuri do not see Yurio as a “silly child, playing in a competition”. If you think them encouraging him in the way they did in ep8 made Victuuri seem like they underestimate Yurio, I suggest you watch it again when you’ve calmed down.

With this scene, you can tell how much they’ve been looking forward to see Yurio’s real agape. Keep in mind that Yurio himself said it doesn’t fit his personality at all, and as they personally know Yurio, they couldn’t be more thrilled to see what he has to offer in the competition. They could feel how Yurio’s evolved and changed, look at how happy this makes them to know he’s growing as a figure skater. They’re both proud of him, and want to support him in the best way they can.

Yuri Plisetsky is 15 years old. At this age, you’re still unstable and it’s hard to sort out your feelings. He’s just a teenager. Most of the other figure skaters are ADULTS. Of course they’ll tease each other, be sarcastic to destabilize the other competitors, but they know it’s playful. Most teenagers lack confidence, so of course mature adults wouldn’t try that on teens, especially someone like Yurio, who lets his anger take over him during his skating program. And so, again, the best way these two, who know Yurio, think that is most suited to show their support to him, is to be encouraging

All I’ve seen after the episode aired, is everyone being happy about seeing Victor and Yuuri supporting Yurio, who felt lost and sad that his granpa couldn’t come. Not just Victor and Yuuri as a pairing. But Victor and Yuuri being there for someone they hold dear and respect.

We had the habit of ignoring messages that could start drama or were negative. But attacking the whole fandom like this, being disrespectful towards the admins, being hateful on characters, is a huge no. There is a line between constructive criticism and blatant insolence

Now that this has been anwered, we hope you realized a few things you might’ve missed. Next time you’re angry about something, calm down, rewatch the episode if needed, think about how to formulate your anger, as to not hurt anyone, or ruin their fun. Thank you.



I’m in love with this lady. 81 years old, skating for 67 years, competing, and all of it with a sassy attitude. HIGH FIVE, LADY.

if yuuri and victor compete against each other one day, do you think they will still meet in the kiss and cry? and their coaches’ are so exhausted by it, “you are literally up next. please stop doing this. no, you cannot wait with him to see his score!” and imagine victor being like “no, i still choreograph all of yuuri’s routines because i love seeing him skate them.” the media tries to call them vicious rivals, but they keep flirting, sharing little kisses, and holding hands in front of the cameras and on social media, so they are at a loss on how to talk about them as aggressive competitors. random teenage and adult ice skaters come up to both of them and just say, “thank you.”

I’m kind of fascinated with the relationship between Christophe and Viktor. Here are two men at the top of their game, who are known for their sensuality and charisma both on and off the ice, and who get along very well.

What I find interesting about it is the fact that they view each other differently. Chris seems to see himself as being on the same level as Viktor. Professionally, he’s almost there, it’s true, but emotionally and mentally, they are on completely different levels.

When Viktor talks about Chris, he remembers him as that kid he saw so long ago. Even if Chris has grown into Mr. Sexbomb now, partly inspired by Viktor himself, Viktor remembers that little kid he inspired. Everyone always points out how good Viktor is with his fans and at that point, that was what he was doing with Chris - encouraging a baby skater and a fan.

At this point in his career, Viktor almost feels like the veteran, reminiscing about the old days and the kids coming up the ranks. He said himself that he’d put everything on hold for 20 years. He has been doing this since he was a child. He is pretty much the equivalent of the Rock God of the circuit, with everyone looking up to him and seeking his approval.

That’s not to say he doesn’t like Chris. He does and finds him amusing and good company, because they are alike in many ways, but they’re seeing the world from totally different angles and this is where Chris clearly doesn’t get him at all. He seems to assume that Viktor was like him and skated for the love of skating. Chris… really enjoys his skating. I mean excessively so in a public forum. And for him, skating is the reward itself. Skating is his life.

He can’t understand how Viktor could leave skating to go and coach someone, and it’s why he’s trying to bring Viktor back: because this is the one person who sees as his equal and this is the one person who he wants to be on the same level with.

But as Viktor said: he neglected life for skating. If he was only what? Six? Seven? when he put his life on hold, that doesn’t sound like someone who did it entirely out of a love of the sport. That sounds like Yurio’s backstory: a kid making good because he had to, because he was desperate. Given some of the hard times Russia has gone through and the prestige that you get by becoming a successful athlete, it can be seen as a way out.

(As an aside, I suspect this is why Viktor is always actively encouraging younger skaters. Look at how he talks to baby Yurio and baby Chris. He also reproaches Yuuri for blanking Minami-kun. He knows what it was like to come up from the bottom and he knows how hard it can be as a young skater. Why not encourage Yuuri more? Well, by this point, Yuuri has reached the Grand Prix once already and is professional, so Viktor doesn’t immediately realise that some adult skaters may need positive reinforcement too)

If you look at him in the press-conferences and the discussions about his future plans, he seems to see it more as a job than as something he loves doing, whereas Chris is… well… enthused. For Viktor, it’s his day job. He shows up, he does the work, he leaves. He does it well, so well in fact, that it’s no fun or challenge anymore.

It says everything about Viktor that he can drop his career without a second thought. Everyone is trying to force/beg/bribe/pressure him to go back, but he has shown no indication of wanting to do it at all. At first, everyone - including Chris - seemed to see this coaching nonsense as a phase to indulge a crush brought on by drunken sexy-dancing Yuuri.

By the time they get to Barcelona, things seem to have changed. Chris (and everyone else) has seen Viktor with Yuuri as his coach. He has watched them together in a completely different capacity from the Gala Banquet. The fact that Chris greets him as “Coach Viktor” says he finally understands that this is the choice Viktor has made and that he doesn’t regret it.

I’m not even going to go into the fact that Viktor is totes okay with half-naked Chris lunging into bed with them both to get warm…

Fire and Ice: an Outlaw Queen AU

Can old rivals become new partners?

In the aftermath of a serious injury, Regina Mills’s dream of going to the Olympics is dashed when her partner leaves her to skate with another girl. Alone and unsure of her future in the sport, Regina resigns herself to finding a new partner. Enter Robin Locksley: talented, handsome, and Regina’s former rival from the junior skating circuit. They meet. They clash. Their coaches think they’re the perfect match. Can these former competitors put aside their differences for a second chance at Olympic glory?

Chapter 1: The Ice Queen

Ever since her injury, the weight room at the rink had become Regina’s favourite place to think.

Early afternoon was the best time to go. If you went too early, the kids from the morning session were still hogging the equipment. If you went too late, the hockey guys would push their way in and start sweating all over everything. But despite its modest size, the weight room at the rink was vastly preferable to the meathead infested co-ed gym down the street. Regina didn’t have time to wait for the best machines or fight over the free weights. Not when the Olympics were less than three years away.

After completing her reps at the bench press, Regina replaced the weighted bar with an unladylike grunt that would have made her late mother grimace in disapproval. She’d just increased her weight limit two days ago and it was still a struggle. But it had been easier today than it was yesterday. She was getting stronger, slowly but surely.

Mulan, the skating club’s physiotherapist, gave Regina a hand up. “That was incredible!” Mulan gushed. Mulan rarely gushed so Regina knew she was impressed. “You’re getting so strong. No one would ever guess you were injured.”

“My doctor says I’m a medical miracle,” Regina responded as she towelled off her sweaty brow. “Most people don’t come back from an injury like mine. She even went as far as to say I healed myself on sheer willpower alone.”

Mulan was inclined to agree. “You’ve got everything you need to get back into competition.”

Regina rolled her eyes and took a draft from her water bottle. “Everything but a partner, you mean.”

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