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child-of-the-sky-people  asked:

Hey so I saw that you were a librarian (or work in that area?) and I was just wondering how you got to where you are today :)

I am, indeed, a librarian. I’m an Adult Services (Reference) Librarian in a public library, to be specific.

Things I did to get where I am…

  • Bachelors degree in English (with a minor in communication)
  • Masters degree in Library & Information Science
  • Volunteered at the local library & participated in the Youth Advisory Committee while in high school
  • Worked in customer service jobs (including bookstores) for about 10 years before working in a library
  • Worked as a reader’s advisory associate at a public library
  • Was offered a librarian position at the same library when I received my degree and a coworker moved to another department
  • Sticking my fingers into every pot I could reach. Metaphorically speaking, of course. But, seriously, I step up all the time and join committees, volunteer for projects, and take initiative to bring new or different options to make sure we’re offering the best service possible.

Halloween mega post pt. 1! You guys are super creative and adorbs! Me and my lazy witch-hat-headband salute you!

1. Halloween Costume. Competitive Intelligence Librarian, Law Library, New York. I needle-felted the planets (and Pluto!) for the crown. Everything else, I already owned! First place in the office costume contest!
2. Young Adult Librarian, Public Library, Georgia
3. VPL Special Collections - Halloween. Public library, Canada
4. Library Services Specialist, 6th-12th grade library, California. Steampunk!Captain Marvel.
5. Emily Davenport, Librarian, Carter High School, Strawberry Plains, TN USA
6. I am the YA Library Associate in the Southeast Anchor Library of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, the public city library serving the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland. I’m here channeling Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day!
7. Sally, Snow White, a back cat and the Grim Reaper. We are all part of the Publishing and Depository Services team with Public Works, Government of Canada. Sally is our Systems Librarian and the rest of us are Cataloguing and Acquisitions.
8. EVE celebrates Halloween at the Freeport Public Library with tiny WALL-E at my belt, plant in boot, and glowing green plant badge.
9. Dressed as Belle for my archivist job at an academic library in MA aujourd’hui. #bibliophile
10. Library Director, public library, Tennessee, USA. My goth tendencies made a Minnie Mouse costume very easy to throw together.

anonymous asked:

You recently linked about autism and mentioned your field of work is a good place. What is this best field for people with asperger's?

I can’t say it’s the best, especially since there’s a huge spectrum of abilities and interests, but the field I work in is library science; I’m an adult services reference librarian. 

For other jobs that can be great for aspies and other autistics, check out this article by Temple Grandin (link).