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Throwing it out there that violetwitchcraft, or Isobel, has an 18+, adult, discord server with KNOWN MINORS in the server. There's also a member with their nickname set to the n-slur inside her server as well.


So, I’m trying again with this server. 

The (un)official Adult Swim kin server. 

To join, just message me this-


Your Adult Swim kins:

Are you OK with doubles:

Discord name:

And that’s it. I’ll add you if you get in, which you most likely will. Id appreciate RBs on this to spread the word!

Discord Server for Adult Trans Guys

I started up a server for trans guys that are 18+ so we could have a place to talk to people our own age. If you’re interested, please send an ask to @transjeanluc and I’ll send you an invite link! Also, please specify (if you’re comfortable) if you’re mlm and would like to be added to the mlm channel.

You don’t have to reblog this to enter, but I’d appreciate it!

Adult WLW Month server

I have created an Adult’s Only server for WLW month; for the sake of keeping the event safe and fun for everyone.

The server is good if you;

-feel uncomfortable talking to minors much younger than yourself
-would simply prefer to talk to people closer to your age
-want to share nsfw content (since this server is adults only nsfw will be allowed)
-just want to hang out with some cool people who love Voltron

The server is neutral like the original WLW Month server and is shipping discourse free. IM me or send me an ask for the link. I ask that you have your age or at least that you’re over 18 somewhere on your blog so I can verify that you are an adult before letting you in.




Today’s final update

We’ve made a lot of progress today in hopefully taking the first steps to fixing the game up for alpha testing. Here’s what we’ve managed to achieve:

We’ve decided to move Clanheart over to a new hosting company and picked up one of their dedicated servers (for techies):

Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 [8 Cores @ 2.4 GHZ / 3.2 GHZ Turbo, Hyper-Threaded] (Hyper threading giving you 16 cores)
120GB Intel S3510 SSD (primary disk drive)
500GB WD Black (backup drive)
100Mbps Network Uplink
20TB Premium Transfer
2 IPs
CentOS Linux 64-bit + cPanel/WHM
Apache 2.4

This server will host the website itself. Our second decision is moving Clanheart’s image generation services (alphas, offspring, adults, etc) onto a server of its own, albeit a smaller one that the web server. What does this mean? Even if the online players are taxing the image server with requests, it won’t affect the web server and the web server should not lag.

We will hopefully be able to get our new server company’s support in changing over all of the databases to the new InnoDB engine while they are busy migrating the website to the new server.

After this new migration is complete and all tables have been converted to InnoDB, we will be working on connecting all of the existing image generation scripts to the secondary image generator server. When that is complete, we will open the game up again and see how it handles players interacting with it. If all goes well, image generation may still be slow, but you should not be encountering the extreme slowdown of the game that you did before (which means you could wait for images to generate in one tab, while exploring other parts of the game in another, if desired).

When can you expect Clanheart to be back up for alpha testing? A conservative estimate is within 48-72 hours. We have been given a 24-48 hour waiting period for configuration of the new server and the migration of Clanheart’s data. After that, it will probably take less than 24 hours for the programmer to alter the existing scripts to reflect our new Web Host | Image Host split.

One last thing to mention: dedicated servers are not cheap, and we discussed this in the past that hosting Clanheart on a dedicated server prior to Kickstarter is a difficult expense. Based on the advertising revenue logged for yesterday, we may be able to squeak by in paying for the alpha servers with the advertising revenue it generates. For this reason, if you are able, it is crucial that you turn off AdBlockers when accessing Clanheart. We may not be able to afford the servers if we don’t have the advertising revenue.

A couple of quick P.S.: no, you don’t need to re-register to come back onto alpha, and no, if you already made your alpha clan member, you don’t need to remake it. Yes, if you skipped adult creation due to lag, you can return to it and select an adult. And yes, we know about the gender bug.