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BLUE MOON PARALLEL STORY: Learning how to share

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Tags: nsfw / + 18 / smut / angst / I guess some fluff too / polyamory / unconventional relationship / blood / bloody sex / vampires and werewolves au / threesome / oral sex / namjoon’s pov + narrator’s pov
Featuring: Namjoon (Rap Monster), Yoongi (Suga) and Jin, BTS
Writer: CL
Word count: 2,3k words
Comments: This is a parallel story that originally was between parts 1 and 2.


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List of Songs from and with Rap Monster!!!

I swear to god I forgot something XD But I will update this list whenever I find something new ;D

Have fun listening to his stuff…from Predebut to solos to Featuring….;D

(Runch Randa was Rapmons name as a Underground Rapper)

Daenamhyup 대남협 (Supreme Boi, i11evn, Rap Monster, Marvel J, Kyum2- You Can’t Do That


Daenamhyup 대남협 (Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2 & Rap Monster)- Rollin


Tipsy - Rap Monster & Supreme Boi


MFBTY _ Buckubucku(부끄부끄) (Feat. EE, Rap Monster Of 방탄소년단, Dino-J) ‘WondaLand’


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & ZICO of 블락비 - Fuck Cockroachez (필청 최고인듯)

  Rap Monster - Seventeen (Pre-Debut Song)


Rapmonster - Dreamin’


Rap Monster - Expensive Girl


 진 (Jin), Rap Monster & Suga (of BTS) - 학교의눈물 [Tears of School]


Marvel.J & Rap Monster - Hot Pants Have To Be Tight


RAP MONSTER,삼순,윤달,Suprema,Kyum2, LUPE,Wildbuck - 94년생들이 한 단체랩


Rap Monster - Something


Rapmonster - Monterlude


Rapmonster – Glory


Rapmonster – Rap Monster


Rapmonster - Where U At

Rapmonster – Illest Bitch


Rapmonster – Expensive Girl


Rapmonster – Thinking bout U


Like a star - Rap Monster & Jung Kook


Rapmonster & Jungkook - Waterfalls


Rapmonster – Trouble


RapMonster – Too Much

J-Lim ft. Rap Monster & Iron - Ashes


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & ….. - Check the voice

[RAPMON | J-HOPE | SUGA] - Satoori Rap (사투리 랩을)


Rapmonster – Naa


Adult Child - Jin, RAP Monster, Suga [BTS]


Rapmonster – Regular Girl


BTS (방탄소년단) - A Typical Trainee’s Christmas 흔한 연습생의 크리스마스


Rapmonster – Suicide


RAP MONSTER, 201호, 이얀 - La La La (2008)


RAP MONSTER, Uglyduck : 녹음물 (2008)


RAP MONSTER - 일단 들어봐 (2009)


Rapmonster - Untitle. (2009)




RAP MONSTER & TANGENT 간지플레이어 (2008)

Rap monster - 콜라보


RAP MONSTER,Suprema,Kronic Flow,Kyum2 (Slamed by Loco"S") - The Swagger


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & Popinjay - 7 Dayz


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 feat.김거덕 - RAP


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 (BANGTAN) - 닥투


Rapmonster – Favourite Girl


PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (feat. Kwon Jinah (권진아), Rap Monster (랩몬스터)


Khawah CF - Rap Monster


 Rap Monster & Warren G - P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)


 Rap Monster - Awakening (각성) (覺醒)


Rapmonster – Do You  (1st Mix Tape)


Rapmonster – Life  (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster - Drifting (표류) (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster - I Believe (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster - Throw Away (버려)


 Rap Monster - Voice (목소리)  (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster- Monster (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster ft. Krizz Kaliko - Rush  (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster (BTS) - Joke (농담)  (1st Mix Tape)


2AM ft. Bulletproof Boy Scouts(BTS) - Love You, Hate You


Yankie - ProMeTheUs (튀겨) (feat. Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, Rap Monster, Topbob, Don Mills)

MFBTY ft. LE (EXID) + Suga + Rap Monster (BTS) + Baro (B1A4) - Monster @ Letv 2015 Dream Concert

Yong Guk, Zelo & Rap monster, Suga & Jenissi, Kidoh & 4MC - Champion, 챔피언, Show Champion 20140319


141226 SoYou & BTS Rap Monster - Stupid in love


Rap Monster ft. Mandy Ventrice - Fantastic

Fools cover by Rap Monster and Jung Kook


알아요 (I Know) By Rap Monster & JungKook


[160524] RM - “Touch” (Young Forever draft)

BTS - So 4 More


 Rap Monster - God Rap [RM Mixtape]


BTS – Born Singer


Rapmonster – What Am I to You


[AUDIO] Rap Monster - RM Cypher Ruff (BangtanSoundCloud)


Rap Monster - Converse High


140513 4가지쇼 Rap Monster X DJ Soulscape - Unpack Your Bags


Bangtan - We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1


 BTS X GFRIEND Family song MV smart school uniform


[SK텔레콤] 방탄소년단 X JESSI (데쿠 FULL) (SK Telecom CF)

[MAMA] Zico x RM | Tough Cookie vs. RM

94단체곡 - 삼순, 윤달, Wildbuck, Suprema, Kyum2, LUPE, Runch Randa

방탄소년단 ‘창민의 가요광장’ 로고송 (Hip Hop ver.)

방탄소년단 '창민의 가요광장’ 로고송 (Ballad ver.)

일단 들어봐 - Rap Monster (BTS)

Hook가요 - Rap Monster, 정헌철(Iron), Supreme Boi

바보같은 여자라 (Feat. 방탄소년단) - 간미연

널 웃게 할 노래 (Feat. 방탄소년단, 하림) - 이승기

Im shitting bricks yall….wtf…this was one of my fave songs of Lee Seunggi back then…I DIDNT KNOW NAMJOON FEATURED IN IT WTFFFFFFFF O_O

Bad Girl (Feat. Glam & 방탄소년단) - 이현 (8eight)

재 (Feat. 방탄소년단) - 임정희

140810 KCON - 정준영 Jung Joon Young ft Rapmon “Black or White Michael Jackson”

same reaction yall XDDDD I didnt know that he feat. together with Jung Joonyoung WTFFF SLFKAD

BTS(방탄소년단) _ Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) (feat. THANH)

Rap Monster x Yuiko - Umbrella (original: Epik High x Younha) 


[방탄소년단] 교통안전송 @인기가요 Inkigayo 140907 (Traffic Safety Song)

교통안전송 - 방탄소년단(BTS) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20150510  

(Traffic Safety Song)