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About the narrative of The Get Down

Beware, because this will be long. 

I just wanted to get some things down about the overall structure of The Get Down, or, as I like to call it, the next big thing since Homer. 

No, obviously not Homer Simpson. I mean the hypothetical author of the Iliad, the poet who tells an entire narrative of wrath and war and honour and shame among a setting of war and another one about finding home and your love- two  epic poems that were recited orally and developed and changed over generations of poets reciting their lines, and defined the truth of a civilization across centuries. 

Sound familiar?

Because I’m about to claim a possibly ludicrous thing- but rap/hip hop is exactly like this millennia-old way of storytelling, and no other piece illustrates that better than the Get Down. 

Let’s look at the facts: The Get Down starts every episode with an adult Zeke rapping for a huge audience, and telling his life story through his art. He tells his story through his poetry, and from that point onwards, the story and every episode unfolds: He often addresses either Mylene or Shaolin when doing this. This reminds of the very first thing every epic poet does: “Muse, sing to me of…” Zeke starts off his story by positing a clear narrative and fiction, even though he is telling us his story. Often he also ends the episode, creating a frame story, which is a widely used narratological structure in epic poetry. Through verses, and rhythm, and rhyme, he tells us an epic tale of brotherhood and love during a time of war; is that not the very core it shares with the Iliad? And this of course, is true about all hip hop; it’s stories of started from the bottom now we’re here, it’s stories of straight outta Compton, it’s stories of unity. It’s telling it how it is through rhythm and rhyme, but The Get Down puts all of this, the birth of this, into a narrative, making it even more obvious.  

This connection between this ancient method and modern artform is actually strengthened by some very obvious classical references as well: for example, in the first episode, Zeke goes to Les Inferno to ‘rescue’ Mylene from Cadillac, which calls to mind the Indian Ramayana, where prince Rama needs to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana, who keeps her captive on the island Lanka. Zeke calls the Get Down Brothers orators during the battle against the Notorious Three. Shao loves giving people epiteths and different names; He calls Dizzee ‘my alien brother’, Ra-Ra a ‘god of the sun’ and obv he calls Zeke Books; if there’s ever been an aspect of oral poetry that defines the genre it’s the wide range of names for every character. The club that Mylene performs at being a reference to the Rubicon, the line that Julius Caesar had to cross for shit to get real, to start a civil war, to let behind all ideas of safety and hesitation. I could honestly even add Kool Herc(ules) and his Caesars or showing them as hip hop gods, where Kool Herc sports Greek armour and Afrika Bambaata sports a pharao outfit; the Zulu queens explicitly naming the pyramids and obelisks (also a clapback to classicists! Egypt was African y’all keep that ‘cradle of Western civilization” away from me!) even the comic book style the show takes on in part 2 can be seen as a way of storytelling that was used mostly before the Renaissance! 

And then we have the references to both opera and musical: you have Ra-Ra being obsessed with a space opera, and Dizzee with his alien-what other mediums are purely about expressing story through music??

Anyway, using this method, The Get Down quite literally shows how legendary and mythological this birthplace of hip hop has become, and shows how legendary the origin of rap is and what other story deserves that more than this one? Grnadmaster Flash is a legend and this show is doing its very best to underline that at all costs

I’m just saying, very incoherently, that the very structure of the Get Down defines hip hop- it’s about telling your story, defining yourself and your people, by oral poetry that is supported by strong rhythm-it’s a literal descendant of epic poetry and therefore the oldest and most basic way of expression known by humankind- and isn’t that wonderful?

TL;DR The Get Down uses the structure of epic oral poetry á la Homer and it adds so much to the whole idea of where hip hop came from-it’s the story of a people told through a method that is as old as humankind itself and deserves all the kudos it can get bc it’s a fucking masterpiece

List of Songs from and with Rap Monster!!!

I swear to god I forgot something XD But I will update this list whenever I find something new ;D

Have fun listening to his stuff…from Predebut to solos to Featuring….;D

(Runch Randa was Rapmons name as a Underground Rapper)

Daenamhyup 대남협 (Supreme Boi, i11evn, Rap Monster, Marvel J, Kyum2- You Can’t Do That


Daenamhyup 대남협 (Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2 & Rap Monster)- Rollin


Tipsy - Rap Monster & Supreme Boi


MFBTY _ Buckubucku(부끄부끄) (Feat. EE, Rap Monster Of 방탄소년단, Dino-J) ‘WondaLand’


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & ZICO of 블락비 - Fuck Cockroachez (필청 최고인듯)

  Rap Monster - Seventeen (Pre-Debut Song)


Rapmonster - Dreamin’


Rap Monster - Expensive Girl


 진 (Jin), Rap Monster & Suga (of BTS) - 학교의눈물 [Tears of School]


Marvel.J & Rap Monster - Hot Pants Have To Be Tight


RAP MONSTER,삼순,윤달,Suprema,Kyum2, LUPE,Wildbuck - 94년생들이 한 단체랩


Rap Monster - Something


Rapmonster - Monterlude


Rapmonster – Glory


Rapmonster – Rap Monster


Rapmonster - Where U At

Rapmonster – Illest Bitch


Rapmonster – Expensive Girl


Rapmonster – Thinking bout U


Like a star - Rap Monster & Jung Kook


Rapmonster & Jungkook - Waterfalls


Rapmonster – Trouble


RapMonster – Too Much

J-Lim ft. Rap Monster & Iron - Ashes


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & ….. - Check the voice

[RAPMON | J-HOPE | SUGA] - Satoori Rap (사투리 랩을)


Rapmonster – Naa


Adult Child - Jin, RAP Monster, Suga [BTS]


Rapmonster – Regular Girl


BTS (방탄소년단) - A Typical Trainee’s Christmas 흔한 연습생의 크리스마스


Rapmonster – Suicide


RAP MONSTER, 201호, 이얀 - La La La (2008)


RAP MONSTER, Uglyduck : 녹음물 (2008)


RAP MONSTER - 일단 들어봐 (2009)


Rapmonster - Untitle. (2009)




RAP MONSTER & TANGENT 간지플레이어 (2008)

Rap monster - 콜라보


RAP MONSTER,Suprema,Kronic Flow,Kyum2 (Slamed by Loco"S") - The Swagger


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 & Popinjay - 7 Dayz


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 feat.김거덕 - RAP


RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 (BANGTAN) - 닥투


Rapmonster – Favourite Girl


PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (feat. Kwon Jinah (권진아), Rap Monster (랩몬스터)


Khawah CF - Rap Monster


 Rap Monster & Warren G - P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)


 Rap Monster - Awakening (각성) (覺醒)


Rapmonster – Do You  (1st Mix Tape)


Rapmonster – Life  (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster - Drifting (표류) (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster - I Believe (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster - Throw Away (버려)


 Rap Monster - Voice (목소리)  (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster- Monster (1st Mix Tape)


 Rap Monster ft. Krizz Kaliko - Rush  (1st Mix Tape)


Rap Monster (BTS) - Joke (농담)  (1st Mix Tape)


2AM ft. Bulletproof Boy Scouts(BTS) - Love You, Hate You


Yankie - ProMeTheUs (튀겨) (feat. Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, Rap Monster, Topbob, Don Mills)

MFBTY ft. LE (EXID) + Suga + Rap Monster (BTS) + Baro (B1A4) - Monster @ Letv 2015 Dream Concert

Yong Guk, Zelo & Rap monster, Suga & Jenissi, Kidoh & 4MC - Champion, 챔피언, Show Champion 20140319


141226 SoYou & BTS Rap Monster - Stupid in love


Rap Monster ft. Mandy Ventrice - Fantastic

Fools cover by Rap Monster and Jung Kook


알아요 (I Know) By Rap Monster & JungKook


[160524] RM - “Touch” (Young Forever draft)

BTS - So 4 More


 Rap Monster - God Rap [RM Mixtape]


BTS – Born Singer


Rapmonster – What Am I to You


[AUDIO] Rap Monster - RM Cypher Ruff (BangtanSoundCloud)


Rap Monster - Converse High


140513 4가지쇼 Rap Monster X DJ Soulscape - Unpack Your Bags


Bangtan - We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1


 BTS X GFRIEND Family song MV smart school uniform


[SK텔레콤] 방탄소년단 X JESSI (데쿠 FULL) (SK Telecom CF)

[MAMA] Zico x RM | Tough Cookie vs. RM

94단체곡 - 삼순, 윤달, Wildbuck, Suprema, Kyum2, LUPE, Runch Randa

방탄소년단 ‘창민의 가요광장’ 로고송 (Hip Hop ver.)

방탄소년단 '창민의 가요광장’ 로고송 (Ballad ver.)

일단 들어봐 - Rap Monster (BTS)

Hook가요 - Rap Monster, 정헌철(Iron), Supreme Boi

바보같은 여자라 (Feat. 방탄소년단) - 간미연

널 웃게 할 노래 (Feat. 방탄소년단, 하림) - 이승기

Im shitting bricks yall….wtf…this was one of my fave songs of Lee Seunggi back then…I DIDNT KNOW NAMJOON FEATURED IN IT WTFFFFFFFF O_O

Bad Girl (Feat. Glam & 방탄소년단) - 이현 (8eight)

재 (Feat. 방탄소년단) - 임정희

140810 KCON - 정준영 Jung Joon Young ft Rapmon “Black or White Michael Jackson”

same reaction yall XDDDD I didnt know that he feat. together with Jung Joonyoung WTFFF SLFKAD

BTS(방탄소년단) _ Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) (feat. THANH)

Rap Monster x Yuiko - Umbrella (original: Epik High x Younha) 


[방탄소년단] 교통안전송 @인기가요 Inkigayo 140907 (Traffic Safety Song)

교통안전송 - 방탄소년단(BTS) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20150510  

(Traffic Safety Song)


Rapper Warrior Ninja from The Eric Andre Show featuring rappers freestyling while trying to navigate an obstacle course.

Danny Brown falls into a snake pit, A$ap Rocky fights a gladiator wannabe, Nocando gets hit with balls, Open Mike Eagle gets cattle prodded, and Go Dreamer falls on some mice traps. So yes, you should watch it.

This was Jeon Jungkook on August 11 2015, during Bangtan Gayo Track 1. 

This was Jeon Jungkook when he had to make his team guess “Adult Ceremony” by Park Ji Yoon.

This was Jeon Jungkook seconds after Suga said “Why Jungkook of all people? He doesn’t know. He definitely doesn’t know.”

This was Jeon Jungkook when he had absolutely no idea what the dance is since it was too old so he could only ‘OH!’ at his teammates.

This was Jeon Jungkook when he was still cute and innocent…

and now here we are, almost one year later, on June 13 2016.

This is Jeon Junkook now and he is ready to make those ovaries explode.

(gif credit to @sugutie who first posted the gif, I hope you’re okay with me using it)

hey people who listen to giriboy, just wondering what do u think of his latest album? what do you think of giriboy’s diff style of music? what do u think of the wybh crew joining in his music now? the fatal album era, take care of you, adult, heavy rapping from coac, mechanical/basic album, and also lonely 4 songs, his remixes, his instrumentals, soundcloud etc. what kinda giriboy music do u love best

if u know me or read my tags or my rants, you’ll know i always say fatal album is my favourite album. but sometimes i think i don’t have a favourite album. like it just depends u know sometimes i’ll blast fatal album for a year and sometimes i wont listen to fatal album and i’ll listen to the 7 songs from mechanical album for that whole year..? sometimes i only listen to the instrumentals.

when i first listened to zoa/lo:op, it didnt grow on me, but after a few days i went back and listened to it again and it became my jam. and even then i wasn’t disappointed in giriboy or anything bcs i feel like i want him to do whatever he wants and it doesnt matter if i like his songs or not bcs i just want to listen to HIS SONGS like u get me? i want to listen to him. and its nt like his music changed bcs i can still listen to some weird fun beats that i like even in his latest songs and it feels the same. the songs r so different but its still the same.

yeah but wow sometimes i think i want him to do more instrumentals, i want him to make a ballad, i want him to make songs like my body is on fire/breath. but sometimes i dont care at all i just want him to release whatever he is into at the moment. sometimes it’s like i feel i’m here for his passion lol. its like i’m intrigued by his dedication and his passion for this one thing. i’m here to watch him grow. i’m here to make sure he doesnt go to a faraway village and leave us alone without his music. (add on: HONESTLY i think we r all here bcs we were given a chance from the universe to listen to what giriboy makes for giriboy to listen to).

idk what is the main point of this rant but yea i wanna know what people think esp those who came from listening to the legendary fatal album/sensual album.

I often think about our future. I used to think more about things I could lose compared to things I could achieve so I used to get many feed backs from others saying that I’m not enjoying the things in the right moment. I don’t think I could change my nature. I stay cautious by thinking about things I could lose and I feel like I’m becoming an adult by growing up.

Namjoon, 1st Star Interview | Trans Cred: Peachisoda

Shoutout to the anon who sent this <3