adult people can fight and make up

You know a lot of things in this generation I really don’t like about relationships. A lot of the times people believe that communication isnt so important and there’s this foreign bullshit concept of being “whipped” or “cuffed”. People have this wild misconception of “chasing each other” and “playing hard to get” like texting back hours later, or not being open about your feelings as much as you should. People don’t realize how important it is to communicate how important they are to you. Tell your girl how you feel, it doesn’t make you weak. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her, so she never has to question your opinion of her. Tell her how you’re proud of her trying her hardest and working her butt off everyday, always show her you feel this way by doing little things. Cook, listen to her, hell just write her a little message telling her these things. Anything to make her feel appreciated and cared for. Don’t you dare tell her these things because that’s what you think you should do, you tell her these things because that’s how you feel, and you want her to feel loved and appreciated just on top of the world with and without you. Don’t make her feel like that way only because she’s with you. She lived without you before you met, she could live without you after, make your presence a positive one that way she never wants to live without you. Never let her forget her worth and how you feel, I promise someone else would love to be in your place to show her, and just because you have her doesn’t mean you should let her forget these things. Be open about how you feel, if something makes you uncomfortable you should be able to tell your significant other. Create a safe place so that they know they can come to you about anything, and you will listen. People fight too much in relationships about little things. Fighting to me, is stupid. Grow up and be adults, is a fight really worth losing them over because you can’t set your ego down for 5 seconds to admit you were wrong and fix things? Grow together, you water me, I water you. That’s how it should be. This doesn’t make you “whipped, or cuffed” either. I hate the idea of cuffing season. Yes, having your girl with you to do holiday things with is so great but it’s so stupid come summer you’re like “nah I wanna be free now”. Fuck that noise. I want you in the winter, the summer, all four seasons. I want to go on spontaneous road trips and adventures with you all summer, end our night at a 24 hour diner drinking milkshakes and laughing at 4am, as much as I want to spend the holidays with you decorating Christmas cookies and kissing under the mistletoe. I want an all year life adventure, with 1 person and I want us to always be open and honest with how we feel, that’s how it really should be.
—  Just after a life full of love and laughter

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Alright. What are some of your favorite Sterek headcanons, then? :)

ok listen, like i have so many and this is a dangerous question because you have open the floodgates. (also, i’m so sorry that i’m so late to answer these. life is getting in the way!) 

  • derek hale and stiles stilinski fall in love with all of each other 
  • derek likes to chase stiles’ lips when they’re kissing because every single taste of him is addictive and derek’s never felt so much need
  • stiles likes to trace derek’s tattoo when they’re resting on their bed, his fingers languidly following the lines while he murmurs, “alpha, beta, omega. past, present, future.” and derek will have this gentle smile as he replies, “you’re my future.”
  • derek’s head automatically turns to stiles’ heartbeat even if he’s in roscoe still heading up the street. he can pick it out of a thousand heartbeats, knowing which one thumps in his ears when he goes to sleep at night
  • stiles will never miss any opportunity to touch derek
  • stiles and derek find the most support from the sheriff 
  • when john looks at derek, he doesn’t see an adult werewolf, capable of ripping people to shreds, he sees the same young man who’s eyes were red-rimmed and lost at the station, soot covering his body
  • stiles sometimes wonders if derek will stop loving him 
  • derek wakes up every morning to make stiles a cup of coffee
  • they fight a lot. usually it goes something like this, “derek, stop being a self-sacrificing dolt. erica can handle it. allison and lydia are backup. they’ve got this. plus, the rest of the pack is gonna be with them.” “i’m not letting erica walk right into the line of fire. i’m not letting her get hurt.” “you’re so fucking stubborn!” 
  • but they always talk things through, refusing to go to bed angry with one another
  • i love yous are constantly being shared between them and they never hesitate to say anything to the pack either
  • stiles and derek are happy together
  • and they’re a forever and always kind of love
Only the Stars Remember


The noises were so loud. The crashes, the explosions, the screams of anger and agony. Beams of blue and fuchsia lit up the sky, like fireworks. But this was not a celebration.

This was war.

Keith was shaking, curling into himself, pawing his ears down with small whines. Where was his mother? Where had she gone? His father? He’d been playing near a steaming river, glowing softly with the purple rocks beneath. It had been warmer there than everywhere else. As long as Keith could remember it had been cold on his planet. Never warm like he’d heard elders whisper about as they stared at the rocky terrain. It seemed for a while that the sky could only ever show red, making the planet dreary, and terrifying, for all of Keith time there.

By the river, the sky wasn’t red. It was pink. And with the warm, glowing purple rising from the water, it had given Keith a small comfort. And then the first explosion occurred. Followed by alarms, screams, the heavy pounding of feet and the angry hum of the fighter jets.

Keith had toward a boulder, hoping to hide. But the battle raged on, heedless on children cowering by rivers.

Tears began to stream down his face along with mucus from his nose. He rubbed the back of his hand against his face, covering his fur in tears and snot. He was shaking. He was shaking viciously.

Trembling against the rock, near to wetting himself from fear, another blast shook the ground, and the boulder chipped. The rock crumbled and fell; Keith had barely managed to scamper away before it tumbled in the spot he’d been standing.

His bladder gave way.

Keith waddled into the warm water, and let out a weak mewling roar at the pain that shot up his arm. He looked down and saw the red blood pouring out in tendrils through the water. He let out uninhibited screams- for help, for his parents, for the fighting to stop, for someone to notice him.

That’s when he saw them.

A group of small figures racing past, one smaller figure hesitating at the sound of Keith’s screeches. “Wait!” he heard a voice say. It was a child, like him. The group stopped, and Keith wasn’t sure who they were or where they came from or if they were all children. They varied in heights, but none were quite the size of either adult Galra or adult Alteans. The rest of the group hurried away, but the smaller one stayed, rushing in circles. “Hello? Where are you?”

Keith noticed the glowing blue marks against the darkness. An Altean. He wouldn’t be safe.

“I won’t hurt you!” the child called. Keith couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. “Where are you?” Another streak of color flashed in the sky, more screams, and Keith splashed frantically in the water, afraid to be hurt or found.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw the child racing toward him. He’d been spotted.

The Altean neared him, his figure smaller than Keith thought from a distance. “It’s okay, I won’t….” The child faltered, and Keith managed to see their features. He assumed maybe the child was doing the same.

Where Keith saw a small, dark skinned child with bright blue eyes a shade darker than their marks and white shoulder-length hair, the Altean saw ears pressed into a skull covered in wet purple fur and bright yellow eyes, hands clasped together with small pointy claws and thin fangs barely long enough to protrude over his lower lip.

“You’re….” Keith waited. He expected to hear something like, “Galra,” or “a monster,” or “evil.” He hadn’t expected to hear the child say, “You’re shaking. Are you cold?” Keith remained frozen, staring at the child. It was a girl, he decided. That’s why she was nice. That’s why her lashes were so long around her eyes, and her hair loose. That’s why she reached out slowly with her small hand. “I won’t hurt you. You’re a child. Like me. I know you’re afraid. I am too.” Another explosion. They both froze and looked up.

“You’re Altean,” Keith whimpered. “How do I know you won’t trap me? Or kill me?”

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked around. Then she reached into her long blue robes and shook them out. “I don’t have a weapon. I’m helping my sister find people who aren’t fighting. To find a place to be safe.”

“This is the only place where it’s warm,” he answered softly.

The Altean girl looked around again then nodded. “I have an idea.” She walked over to the boulder Keith had been waiting at a few moments before. She started placing them in a circle around them, stacking them together to make a sort of wall. Keith walked over to help her, his small tail flicking nervously.

He was young, but even he wondered how the two of them could work together to find safety when their elders were the ones murdering each other mercilessly. With what was left of the boulder and the broken rock that they’d used to make a barrier wall, they managed to create a small space to huddle into.

“I don’t know where my mom is,” Keith whispered. “I was with her, and I told her I was going to play. She told me not to go far, but this river is so warm, and I always come here.” He pulled his knees to his chest. “What if she died?” he choked.

The Altean girl couldn’t answer. She just scooted closer, tearing off some excess fabric from her robes and draping it over Keith. “It’ll be over soon,” she said quietly. “How old are you?”

“Six years. You?”

“Six.” Keith looked at her. She looked smaller. “Do those hurt?” She pointed at her own, flat teeth.

Keith looked down, cross-eyed at himself. “Oh. My teeth. No.” She nodded.

It was quiet. Between them at least. The rest of the planet was in the middle of battle. Their shelter shook sometimes, and each time, the children pressed together closer, seeking safety and strength in each other.

“I can’t… I can’t breathe,” she whimpered, burrowing her face in her cloaks. Keith wrapped the fabric around both of them, hugging her. He was still shaking, and he wondered if the Altean could smell the urine from his earlier incident. If she did, she didn’t show it.

He could smell the fear radiating off her. But with it, a sort of strength. Defiance. Like even in the middle of a war, she refused to believe this was what their life would consist of. Even though the war had been happening for thousands of years. And it wasn’t the first time Alteans and Galra break into war. The war would likely last long after they had grown and passed on.

“My mother likes to sing me a song when I’m scared,” Keith whispered. “Do you want me to sing?” She hesitated and nodded, her hair falling over her shoulders. Keith began murmuring softly, his voice warbled and shaky from fear. It was an ancient Galra tongue, and Keith wasn’t sure what much of it meant, but he sang it.

It began to soothe him too. Singing the familiar song made him feel a little more at peace. The Altean’s chubby hand slipped into Keith’s, cupping his hand, their thumbs curled around each other’s. It was a little strange, he thought. His furry, purple, clawed hand wrapped around a brown, hairless one with small nails. And still, it didn’t feel wrong.

There was no innate instinct to attack, to hurt the other. They were just kids, seeking shelter, trying to ignore the sound of death around them. After a few times that Keith had repeated the song, he was too tired to keep singing. Battles were always long. Keith never understood how they ended.

Though the sounds were still unsettling, sometimes making them start, they were no longer jumping in fear at each sound.

Finally, the Altean girl spoke. “If I could, I would end this war. I would make peace between the people. Let everyone go home to families, stop letting children feel scared all the time. It doesn’t make any sense. I mean look at us. We’re together without trying to fight. Why can’t they?”

“Maybe they could, but adults are stupid,” Keith suggested. She laughed and leaned against the boulder. “If anyone ever could, it’d be your people. Alteans are calmer. Galra are violent when they are provoked. I’ve seen it. Even among ourselves.” He thought back to the time when food rations getting jumbled up had led to two Galra males trying to murder each other. “If you can, you should. Tell them you were kind to a Galra. And that it was peaceful.”

“I will. If I ever can, I will.” He smiled and nodded at her, his ears perking up slightly. One flicked nervously as another shudder vibrated through the ground. “We can be the first Altean/Galra friends,” she suggested. “We’ll be the first in history. And when I bring peace, it’ll be for our friendship.”

Keith smiled and tail flicked. “That would be nice,” he whispered. He held his paw up, holding out his thumb and middle finger in a hook. It would’ve been a full circle had he not kept a small space between his claws. “A promise to be the first of many future mixed species friendships.”

She smiled and copied his action, but her fingers shut completely, looping around Keith’s as he closed the gap between his claw tips. They were linked together, a sign of promise, of bonding, of hope. “A promise to bring peace to our people.” He nodded and smiled. “If we’re friends now, you should tell me your name.”

As Keith opened his mouth to answer, the rock around them was blown away. The sound of the explosion registered after Keith had been tossed into the river again, the water searing the new wounds. He lifted himself weakly, looking for his friend. But he couldn’t see her. And he didn’t know her name.

“Are you okay?” he croaked. “Where are you?”

“Help! Help me!” Keith stood and saw two Galra soldiers. One had a laser blaster, the other had his Altean friend by her arm, dragging her behind. “Help!”

“No, no,” he whimpered. “Stop! Stop, that’s my friend!” he shouted, but there was too much happening around them, too many explosions. They couldn’t hear. And they would never listen to a child. Keith surged forward, nearly falling to all fours in order to sprint to them.

Then a blue blast hit his side, and everything went black.

When he woke up, he was in a healing pod. Something hurt enough to make him cry, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. His head was too muddled.

“Keith? Keith!” he heard his mother’s voice and he grasped at empty air for her. “Oh my son,” she sobbed, struggling to open the pod and pull him into her arms. She held him, sobbing in a way Keith had never heard her sob before. “I couldn’t lose you too, I couldn’t lose you too,” she cried.


“Mama?” Keith whispered, his voice sore.

She looked at him with tears streaming from her yellow eyes, the edges almost a shade of orange from crying so much. “Your father’s gone,” she moaned. “He’s gone, Keith.”

Keith felt his stomach churn, and he collapsed against his mother, unable to fully comprehend her words. They were an impossibility.

Still, with her sobs echoing in his ears, he felt like the war had slapped its reality in his face. He had lost a friend, without any chance to stop it. He had lost his father and he hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye. He was losing his planet, as Alteans blew it apart and murdered his people. Alteans had murdered his father. Alteans ruined his planet. And the only Altean who was different was gone. Taken. And he was too afraid to ask for her.

Something in him snapped. That hope, the empathy he had felt in his hiding spot, or on days when he would sit to eat rations with his family- it was gone. In its place, there was bitterness, anger, and hatred. Far too much for a six year old.

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Hello! I really like your blog, it's been very helpful when writing new works. I'm currently writing a novel that has anthropomorphic characters, which means that there are animals who walk on two legs. However, my fear is that my novel will have a "furry" stigma attached due to anthropomorphic characters. What are some ways I can avoid this label without removing the anthropomorphic characters?

My advice is:  focus on writing a good story and don’t worry about it.  Some of the most acclaimed and beloved movies, shows, and stories feature anthropomorphic characters, from Zootopia to BoJack Horseman to the Regular Show, all the way back to Tales from Uncle Remus and Aesop’s Fables.  

If your story is good, it will hold, and anthropomorphic animals can be extremely artistically interesting and fascinating besides.  Also, while the default response on Tumblr may be “lol furries” most people in the real world won’t even think to make the connection. 

My favorite recent example of anthropomorphic animals in literature was the “modern fables” from Make Something Up:  Stories You Can’t Unread by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club.)  Among its more conventional stories, there were scattered in stories starring a Monkey, a Coyote, a Rooster, et cetera, all of which dealt with extremely adult and profound problems such as critiques of the public school system, homophobia/transphobia, adultery, and more.  

So in short, don’t let cringe culture detract from creativity.  What’s considered cringey is trite and fleeting, but a good story will endure forever.

Hufflepuff Trait Analysis


Hufflepuff folks will usually be fair, but it can work in different ways. For some, it’s making sure everyone is included, for others it means fighting for equality or using the threat of karma if a person is unkind to the Puff or anyone the Puff cares about, even if it’s a complete stranger. As kids, Puff’s will always try to share their toys and happiness, and will get upset when others won’t share with them. As teens, a Hufflepuff will start caring about social issues, and begin deciding what matters most to them, and begin fighting for at least one cause, even if it is only passively, and online, and as an adult, a Puff will speak up about injustice in the world, close to home and within themselves.

Hard work:

While people will imagine hard work as trying really hard with schoolwork, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Hufflepuff’s can be laid back, and only work hard on projects they really care about. For example, a Puff will choose to work on a personal project, like making a cosplay or drawing before doing study, because if the work doesn’t interest them, or isn’t urgent, they won’t choose to do it. A Puff will however, work super hard to make sure justice is served, and that people are happy.


A Puff is like a dog, loyal to the end to anyone who cares about it, and will attack anybody who hurts their friends. In a way, you can describe Puff’s as pack animals, who like to be with their friends (when they’re up to it) and will fiercely defend them, and even a stranger who needs help. A Puff’s loyalty is never ending, but if a friend of theirs breaks their trust or can’t show loyalty to them, the Puff will feel immensely hurt, and perhaps even cut ties with that friend, because ‘if you can’t be loyal to me, then you aren’t my friend’.


Hufflepuffs are often portrayed as over-the-top sweethearts who bake everyone cookies and apologize if they sneeze within a five mile radius of someone. This is not an accurate portrayal of a Hufflepuff’s kindness. To begin with, Hufflepuffs aren’t kind to everyone. They hold grudges, they get in fights, they get mad at people, they are human. They, like everyone else, have people they detest, people they despise. Unlike everyone else, they are very good at hiding it.

 A Hufflepuff’s kindness comes across in three ways. First, to the people they love. For their friends and family, Hufflepuffs are willing to do anything. They’ll help them out of the roughest patches, help them get back up whenever they fall, sit and listen, and do whatever is needed to make them feel better. As a friend or a family member, a Hufflepuff’s kindness knows no bounds. Second, to strangers. To strangers, Hufflepuffs put on a smile and hold pleasant conversation as needed. If they bump shoulders, they apologize, and if a meal at a restaurant takes a few extra minutes, they tip the waitress anyway. To strangers, Hufflepuffs shine as an example of how people should act. Third, to people they hate. Hufflepuffs hide distaste beneath layers of fake smiles and laughter. They have pleasant conversation with the people they dislike, and their cool facade keeps everyone from noticing their passive-aggressive attitude. They pretend to be kind to people they dislike, but inside, they are seething. They show it in the smallest ways: leaving for the bathroom and never coming back, hiding their shoes beneath the couch, and disagreeing with everything they say. It’s hard to tell if a Hufflepuff hates someone because they hide it so well, but that distaste, that disgust, is there (and don’t even think about hurting their friends, they’ll deck you right then and there.)


Patience is an interesting trait for Hufflepuffs. While Hufflepuffs are wonderful at waiting, it doesn’t mean that they always enjoy it. Patience, they know, makes whatever they’re waiting for that much sweeter, for they’ve been waiting for it for so long. However, that does not make the practice of patience enjoyable. Patience is hard. It’s boring. It’s long. It feels like a waste of time. Hufflepuffs are able to push through this. They are patient despite the downfalls because they know, at the end of everything, that they will have grown as a person and that they’ll be happier than they would have been if they hadn’t waited at all.


Much like hard work, it is important to note that Hufflepuffs aren’t dedicated all of the time. Hufflepuffs are heavily familiar with procrastination, as they often try to ignore projects and push them off until the last minute. It isn’t that they don’t want to do the project at all, it’s just that big projects tend to stress them out and they prefer to hold them off until later. True dedication comes in when a Hufflepuff is passionate about something. When a Hufflepuff cares about a project/person/thing/e.t.c, nothing can stand between them and their goal. Once a Hufflepuff starts on something they love, they will not abandon it until they can see it through to the end. Hufflepuffs might take a little while to start a project, but once they begin they will never ever give up.

Protective - Chanyeol one shot

I drunkenly snuck into the house, with, what I assumed was, precision and stealth. I heard the front door latch closed and turned the lock slowly and silently.

I was halfway back to my bedroom when I dropped my bundle of keys on the hardwood floor, causing a loud clatter. I felt my shoulders tense up as I waited for a shout of, “who’s there,” but it never came. I turned the corner in the hallway to see my bedroom light still on. I let out a heavy sigh, as I knew the lecture I was hoping to avoid would be coming.

I stumbled into my room to see Chanyeol sitting on the bed, his phone in hand. I smiled at him and said, “hey, baby! I’m surprised you’re still awake!”

He did not smile, or even respond.

“You missed a great rest of the party,” I tried to make light conversation as I changed into one of his t-shirts to sleep in.

“Jongdae and Min-Seok got hammered and started singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ really loud and then the neighbors joined in! It was so funny!”

“How did you get home,” left his mouth in a monotone voice as I grabbed a hairbrush from the bathroom. He was unamused by the story that, I, personally, deemed hilarious.

“I called a Lyft. Why are you mad?” I quit brushing my hair and crossed my arms. I knew that this was about to turn into a fight that I was not sober enough to have.

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Today is no bueno

AD is still working on her second tooth and is having trouble sleeping.

Elliot has been one big terrible meltdown all day long.

Audrey is all over the place but it’s 96 (in fucking September) so no park.

And some bitch yelled at me during pick-up in front of everyone (around 12 kids and 20 adults). She thought I cut her off or something. I don’t even know what she was talking about. But anyway. I never fight back, just cower, which makes me look guilty. I’m embarrassed to drop her off tomorrow. Everyone probably thinks I’m some asshole who cuts people off. The lady would not stop yelling. How can you yell at someone who is looking at the floor, not engaging whatsoever? And why would you do that in front of 30 plus people anyway? I hate people.

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Explain "ayo suga.." from move by bts sugamon trash right here ;) <3


asljhkj also lyric interpretation is my thing so bear with me ok


just the fact that namjoon, when thinking about writing lyrics about how special moving is to them and how meaningful their home with each other is, thought that dedicating his first verse to his earlier days with yoongi was the way to go ;; it’s enough to make my heart flutter

he could’ve written anything, he could’ve written about all of bangtan, about himself and how he felt, etc

yet he chose to dedicate his verse in a song about how they’re moving homes to yoongi

he chose to start it with “ayo suga” and that in itself says so much about their relationship and how namjoon feels about yoongi

it tells me that when namjoon thinks of their first place together, thinks of their 1st home, of bangtan’s 1st home, he thinks of yoongi :’)

and i’m not trying to make this shippy but just in general, yoongi means a lot to namjoon and you can tell

(more under the cut)

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I think your point about Hirako being very neutral in matters may be key to Arima's calculations here. Ui really attaches himself to institutions, despite his talk of being concerned about ethics. Arima and Arima's legend are part of the CCG's institution, and perhaps Arima believed that if given the choice between an unethical institution and a morally gray anti-institutional agenda, Ui would choose the former rather than the latter.

I agree with everything said above, but also this isn’t really an ask unless I contribute something so. 

Assuming that Arima isn’t completely all knowing, which so far seems to be the correct conclusion watching the legacy of his revolution unfold, one has to wonder what his predicted ends were. All we’re given is what he sees in Take. 

In 101, the toy’s we’re given a flashback from Take’s perspective that Arima recognized the same quality of emptiness inside of him, so that is the long built up secret to Take and Arima’s success. What is built up as the most unlikely duo in TG is given an anti-climax of an answer. Arima and Take worked well together because they’re both empty, so like a lot of answers in regards to Arima the answer is nothing. 

Take confirms here too, that he was a part of what also between Ui, Sasaki and Hairu could possibly be referred to as the cult of Arima. Arima was a hopelessly lonely person, while at the same time he had people around him constantly trying to connect with him to get his praise and attention. He cut himself off from them, while at the same time cultivating their praise and worship with his mere passive indifference.

Let’s assume then that Arima’s decision to trust Take is based off this comonality, this emptiness between the two of them. Then logically is decision to leave Take with something as a part of his revolution is the same reason that Arima cultivated the Zero squad in the first place. It gives him something to do, to fulfill the emptiness. Take is the one who most needed this, unlike Fura, or even Ui. 

When you say Ui is more likely to choose the system is that because Take himself disagrees morally with the system, or because Take is empty of reasoning behind his actions besides doing what Arima tells him to do while Ui at least has internal motivation to go off of, he believes in both the system and justice, while at the same time valuing others around him.

Of course, this decision to trust Take over Ui might also be a mistake on Arima’s part. Take now given a purpose, just like Kaneki in a way does not push any farther or question that purpose. To him the Zero Squad is enough of a reason to continue. Which causes him not to ask important questions like “Is it right to make these child soldiers continue fighting with what remains of their short lives?” Even though Take 1) understands their tragedy and 2) is now their only appointed adult caretaker. 

This is kind of a lame answer to compromise, deciding to just stop thinking about it any further. 

This is of course not to criticize Take, but to point out a decision that empty people will do whatever they can to fill themselves up. 

Arima’s calculations were probably based around what the two of them, both Take and Ui would fill their emptiness up when confronted with it. Ui who saw Arima as a part of the system then falls back on the system, while Take who followed Arima’s orders, falls back on Arima’s last wish. 

Superhero oc 3 of 4

Noah Barington, alias Cavalry, is thirty-two and doing pretty well for himself. He can emit hard light projections from his skin and use them for a variety of purposes. Usually a very durable shield on his skin (people have broken hands, batons, etc trying to fight him) and a lasso/grappling hook.

His family is fairly wealthy, and he’s inherited some very cool cars from grandparents, but he’s also made a lot of money on his own. Because he decided to make light up shoes for adults and apparently a lot of people were interested in that product. Cavalry works with the police a lot and has a lot of weight in the community. Part of this is because he cracks down hard on corruption wherever he finds it and he is authorized to do so. Crime rates in his hometown are pretty low, so he usually works out of town.

Off-duty, he picks up shifts at one of the coffee shops his mother owns, or else attempts to house train his pit bull puppy Antony. Antony is having some trouble grasping the concept.

traits list for munakata reisi
  • manipulative
  • but not to the point where he’s forcing people to do things they’re genuinely against, lying to them to get them to do things, or pointlessly sacrificing his teammates for the “greater good” no matter what others may think
  • as seen with kusuhara and mikoto, he tries to find meaning in tragedy after its occurred, it seems to be his own way of coping
  • great regard for lives, tries to avoid all unnecessary risk to or loss of life as much as possible
  • but is willing to risk his companions and himself to do what’s necessary
  • willing to give the “harder” orders
  • great leader
  • works very well with others, knows how to depend on his teammates and assign them jobs suited to them
  • only surrounds himself with people he knows he can count on; picky about his clan members
  • trusts his clan members implicitly
  • bad for asking for help in more personal matters though
  • socially awkward
  • knows he’s awkward and a little different in his thinking but it doesn’t bother him like at all
  • does not mind that others find him weird or flat out dislike him
  • does not mind actual criticisms 
  • doesn’t really mind being disrespected to a certain degree, perfectly okay with mouthy subordinates or being dragged into his clan’s problems
  • very secretive
  • doesn’t lie to people when he’s about to ask them to put their lives on the line though
  • seldom lies, prefers to deflect, but is good at it all the same
  • determined
  • set in his ways; not so much on the details but his general personality and morals stay pretty constant
  • always seeing people in their full potential and always wants to help them reach it (with varying results)
  • looks at others and admires what they can do, not berates what they can’t (although he does still notice others’ limits)
  • willing to put his own life on the line to save others, even people from different clans
  • against killing and against violence as an institution
  • but can still get caught up in a fight and even enjoy himself a little
  • extremely hard to anger
  • doesn’t ever lose his temper at his subordinates
  • burning curiosity towards everything
  • sees children as the future
  • respects children, doesn’t exactly treat them like adults but doesn’t look down on them at all
  • same with animals (he lectured a horse…)
  • gender, age, or past history doesn’t seem to matter to him but he’s aware it matters to others so he’ll occasionally make a pointed effort to reject stereotypes
  • judges people based on his own experiences with them
  • kinda naggy
  • very attuned to others
  • considerate
  • loves and respects his clan to death and is very open about it, goes out of his way to comfort his clan members when possible
  • doesn’t really see anything as “beneath him” as long as its something that doesn’t create chaos or stand in his way
  • kind of petty at times (usually with mikoto)
  • does not like to be challenged about his abilities
  • zero sense of embarrassment, seriously none
  • ambitious af, actually the perfect slytherin
  • scary capable
  • took over a scepter 4 that was in shambles and hadn’t had a king in over 10 years when he was barely 20 and turned it into a well oiled, if still new and untested, machine in less than a year
  • has a vision for the world that he wants to make come true
  • sees a sense of regulations and order to be a vital part of that
  • determined to always be doing the right thing
  • feels guilt and assumes responsibility even when he shouldn’t
  • surprisingly good at rolling with life for someone who values order so much
  • doesn’t let much phase him
  • however when something does phase him, he’s hard to reign back in
  • stubborn
  • hates worrying others/others worrying about him even though he gently nags at his own clan members all the time (ex: go to sleep, eat food, etc)
  • was born this way essentially
  • no tragic backstory, no dead family, no childhood trauma, was sort of an outsider in school but he didn’t mind that too much and he wasn’t bullied
  • loves his family very much although he needs to visit more
  • he and his family always knew he was different and was going to do something different but they loved each other anyways
  • aware he was lucky in that sense
  • intentions are too “pure” (x)
  • hard worker, no one even knows if he sleeps
  • appreciates the things people do for him and is very open about it
  • praises his clan members every chance he gets
  • talks a lot
  • someone who “sees through” everything
  • even when he can see the end result, he likes the road to get there regardless
  • very prim and proper but doesn’t look down on people who aren’t
  • knows how and when to let loose too, but even his letting loose pretty proper
  • spontaneuous when not working, out of the blue things are his thing
  • addresses everyone respectfully
  • not above threats, even if they are polite threats
  • knows how much power he has and knows to use it responsibly
  • has a terrible tendency to push himself, especially when personally invested in something
  • idealist, but with enough realism to know that certain steps need to be taken to reach his ideals
  • bad at expressing his own negative emotions, worse at addressing them
  • bottles up his grief and guilt and lets them age like fine wine
  • thinks that everything has a meaning
  • despite always having a plan in case of defeat he does not really deal with defeat well
  • wanted his clan to move on without him
  • underestimates how much people care for him
  • keeps everyone at a polite distance from himself
  • inspiring
  • charismatic
  • perfectionist
  • competitive
  • critical of himself and others and holds both to standards
  • young king, the only one newer to the job was anna, the other kings all had years on him
  • immaculately neat
  • basically described as actually being a pretty boy with a model’s bod
  • he actually planned out his own death in detail and put into consideration how to do the least amount of damage to others and what he could accomplish with the life he had left; the most considerate suicide plan ever
  • it was after he exhausted all other options but still…
  • doesn’t like not being in some kind of control over a situation
  • overall he is content with his own life, but outside things do effect him whether or not he’ll admit it
  • believes in justice, but not the scary, rigid kind
  • responsible to the point of death, stupid responsible
  • holds himself responsible to the lives of others (all others omg) and to his own morals
  • set in who he is but isn’t completely resistant to change when needed
  • prefers to look to the future, putting the past in the past and powering through (while trying to ignore all the psychological damage taken onto himself) 
  • it isn’t even as if he doesn’t understand that people need rest and time to heal, he never looks down on his clan members for needing anything, but he seems to put their problems above his and holds himself to a more strict standard than he holds anyone else
  • expects way more out of himself than is sometimes even humanly possible

izumo has been requested so i’m going to try to do him next but if i don’t have time i’ll just do a conglomerate one of the other minor characters until i find time. but don’t hesitate to send me more names!!! i’m even willing to do characters that are pure evil (coughnikicough) but don’t expect me to say anything nice about them…

Disney Quotes applied to MOTHER series characters.
  • Maria: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart"
  • George: "Its kind of fun to do the impossible"
  • Giegue/Giygas: "Its not until you lose everything until you can appreciate anything"
  • Ninten: "Who says we have to grow up?"
  • Loid: "The things that make me different are the things that make me"
  • Ana: "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them"
  • Teddy: "Adults are only kids grown up, anyways"
  • Ness: "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"
  • Paula: "Even miracles take a little time"
  • Jeff: "If you can dream it, you can do it"
  • Pu: "You are at peace because you know its okay to be afraid"
  • Tony: "Some people are worth melting for"
  • Porky: "Sometimes curiosity can kill the soul, but leave the pain"
  • Lucas: "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But either you run from it, or you learn from it"
  • Claus: "Never get bored or cynical. Yesterday is a thing of the Past"
  • Flint: "All it takes is faith and trust"
  • Hinawa: "If there comes a time we cannot be together, keep me in your heart; Ill stay forever"
  • Kumatora: "The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all"
  • Duster: "The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up"
  • Boney: "When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming!"
  • Fuel: "Means no worries, for the rest of our days"
  • The Masked Man: "I want to be a real boy"

avataviking  asked:

Hello, I was writing to you but my internet turned off((( So this is the second time)) Did you analized between eggs exlode in gotnf and Toothless's explode the ice,sorry for my english i limited in words. We don't now of course if eggs of furies explode but if so, this is parallel or something like this. If a little one can explode thing it is ok that this big can do with the ice. And Toothless started to glow cause of huge energe he used for this bang.. and not because he became the alpha.

Wow! Your ideas are really thoughtful and insightful. I had not thought of that before at all… you have a really unique idea, and I think it is an amazing parallel. You can see a beautiful symbolism between how dragon eggs hatch and how Toothless emerges, as I see it anyway, as the alpha dragon in HTTYD 2. 

In both the books and the movies of How to Train Your Dragon, dragon eggs explode. Baby dragons “hatch” from their eggs with a literal “bang.” You’re right that we never see if Night Fury eggs explode in the same way as other dragons - in fact, the only breed of dragon whose eggs explode in Gift of the Night Fury is the Gronckle. Gronckles are the same species whose eggs explode on Berk and, to Hiccup’s perspective, on Dragon Island. Even The Book of Dragons short does not give more information about how dragon eggs hatch across all the species.

Whenever I cannot get any information or contradictory evidence from the DreamWorks movies, I turn to the books for grounding my arguments of the HTTYD world. In “The Day of the Dreader,” the eggs Toothless watches over are not said to explode, but for the dragon to punch through and crack open the eggshell themselves.

…crooked lines appeared all over the lime-green surface of the egg.
A hard little head punched its head through the eggshell (it had to be hard, for the shells of dragon eggs are a centimeter thick). A tiny little dragon, with huge eyes and a black smudge on the end of its nose, blinked back at an astonished Toothless.

However, the author also wrote in “The Complete Book of Dragons” the following passage. It works similarly to what happens in “The Day of the Dreader,” where Toothless warms the eggs up before they hatch. But there’s one extra important detail that is slightly important, and which we could backtrack to imagine occurred in “The Day of the Dreader” too. Namely:

Roll the [dragon] egg into the fire, then wait. Eventually the egg itself will burst into flames. It will begin to shake and steam and turn darker in color. As the egg cracks, great shafts of lightning will burst through those cracks, setting fire to all it touches with bright blue flames, until finally… the egg explodes. (pp 69-70).

From all this we can glean a fairly cohesive picture of dragon hatchings across the species. It appears, from what we know about dragons hatching, that basically all dragon eggs explode. Dragons have a very defined, notable moment of birth when they explode out of the shell… and enter the world as new dragons.

As you said yourself, this is a huge parallel to what happens to Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon 2. There is a defined moment - an EXACT SECOND - when we know that he has become something greater… a new alpha dragon.

This moment. Boom.

Toothless is completely encased in ice, almost like a caterpillar in a cocoon metamorphosing into a butterfly. Under this enormous pressure, this defining moment in Toothless’ life changes him. I talk about Toothless’ change a bit more here under the supposition he might have become a Titan Wing (though also might not… I am ambivalent anymore to what he is classified as). Regardless of what Toothless becomes, though, the idea is that he changes radically right here right now. That link explains why I think the change happens at this specific point in time. Essentially, the idea is that a combination of Toothless’ age and his shocking adverse situation leads him to unleash a latent ability, glow blue, and burst out of the ice.

In a way, then, Toothless is hatching. To go back to Cressida Cowell’s book, Toothless has been rolled toward a fire. He is in a horrible situation where his life - and Hiccup’s - are threatened by Drago. All of Berk is under attack. This is a metaphorical fire that warms him up and gets him prepared to hatch. And then, exactly like dragon eggs hatch in the books, “great shafts of lightning will burst through those cracks, setting fire to all it touches with bright blue flames.”

Toothless starts his life as an alpha down to the detail of blue fire akin to how baby dragons start their own life. 

Just like baby dragon eggs explode all at once in a defining second of their life, Toothless changes from a youth to an adult in this short moment.

How to Train Your Dragon 2, after all, is not just about Hiccup’s coming of age from boy to man, from uncertain young man to the chief of his tribe. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is also about Toothless growing into the leader of his species. THIS moment when Toothless bursts free from the ice is exactly like him hatching out of an egg. This is the defining moment Toothless changes into his own role as the leader of dragons.

But like an infant dragon, Toothless’ life at this stage has only just begun. A baby emerges, exploding from its egg, with a whole new world and life journey ahead of it. It needs guidance, life experiences, and learning to become an actualized adult years down the road.

Toothless himself is going to have to go through a huge learning curve. His life of leadership as a dragon alpha is completely new territory for him. He does not yet have the experience to be the incredible alpha dragon he will be later in his life. This, I feel, is the content to the third movie, paralleling Hiccup’s own settling into role as Viking chief.

Guess we’ll see in 2018.

I want to add in one more important explosion into the How to Train Your Dragon DreamWorks franchise and how it, too, symbolizes a coming of age, a sudden burst from one stage of life to another.

Hiccup’s own transformation from boy to man comes in a split second here.

Yes, I am actually going to make this analogy. The instant Hiccup’s childhood terminates is from an explosion.

You can actually create a strong parallel between this moment with Hiccup and when Toothless is encased in ice a short moment later. Both Hiccup and Toothless have their life threatened. Then, in a split second, everything changes for them, and they have to stand up to responsibilities they were not expecting to assume for many years. As a consequence of each explosion, Hiccup and Toothless become adults and leaders, standing up to fight against Drago, taking their stand to protect their people from danger. 

The thing about these explosions is that they cause both harm and good. We see that in an amusing way in Gift of the Night Fury. The babies do not mean harm when they explode from their eggs; however, when those eggs hatch in the Berk village, they do EXTENSIVE damage to the buildings around them. In order for the happiness of birth to occur, there has to be first a climactic, impacting, potentially hazardous event. The most hazardous explosion comes from Hiccup’s own coming of age… but the parallel is there.

That is the way it is in our own lives. We grow, we become, we change because of the painful explosions in our lives. We become something better often when situations blow up in our face. It is what happened, literally, to both Hiccup and Toothless. There is a burst, there is an explosion… and then there is some good that comes out of it.

I am ecstatic beyond belief you brought up the parallel of dragon eggs hatching and Toothless hatching into adulthood. There really is an enormous symbolism of Toothless emerging from the ice, bursting outwards, in the same way that a baby dragon comes to life out of its egg. Toothless is “born” here. He becomes an alpha dragon, emerging from a shell of ice.

So here I am, in my small little niche of the SE fandom, minding my own damn business, when I see that someone’s make a call out post.

This call out post, made by someone relatively young, talks about how one of the nicest people I’ve had the privilege to know has written stuff that has made them uncomfortable (SoMa smut/ two characters that appeared young in canon doing the do even though they’re aged up). They’ve even gone on to tell people that they have blocked this person, and encourages others to do the same. They tagged the post “pedophilia”.

And so my friend, whose only crime–and it seems to me the crime of nearly every writer in this fandom–is writing healthy, consensual sex about two aged up, adult characters is categorized as a pedophile (which completely undermines the severity of the term and anyone who has had to deal with such abuses, but I won’t touch on that here).

Call outs have their place, but when you call someone a pedophile–that’s a huge deal. You have to understand this. It not only devastates this person, makes them feel horribly, horribly low – it can bring on a huge backlash of vindictive people who refuse to actually look at the source material for the cause they fight for.

Something makes you uncomfortable? Thats fine. I understand that. Don’t read it. 

Don’t attack one singular person who just so happens to be a popular content creator in the fandom.

anonymous asked:

Hi Rachel, how are you?hope u are ok :) can we just talk how it's unfair the Derek is a failwolf its still going around? like we know and it's canon! his got knowledge of various things, his speaks languages, he can fight come on babyDerek fought 2 bersekers! (although adult him lost every fight...) so yeah his communication skills is lacking a little bit, but his a man of action! so again what makes him a failwolf? this is sad, he needs fluff all the fluff and people who got his back....Bye:)

Yeah… I’ve never been a fan of the failwolf trope, really. I mean, it’s supposed to be a cute thing, I guess, but this boy has enough confidence issues and reasons to angst already, can we not have his own fandom calling him a failure?

He’s lost more fights than he’s won, true, but he’s often going up against pretty impossible odds. In season one he’s a beta fighting an Alpha. In season two he’s fighting something he doesn’t understand and that can paralyze him with one blow. In season three he was an Alpha but he was very outnumbered, fighting a pack of Alphas (all of whom were more experienced with the power than he was, and were gaining extra strength from a more powerful pack). 

Derek also has very little regard for his own safety, putting himself in impossible fights on purpose or putting other people’s safety above his own in battle (in s1 he faces Peter in the hospital to protect Stiles. In s2, in “Abomination”, he gets struck by the kanima because he turns his back to make sure Stiles gets to safety. In s3 when he fights a moon-crazed Cora and Boyd, he holds back on purpose so he doesn’t injure them, which leads to him getting more bloodied up than he would have otherwise).

I also think there’s an inherent difference between Derek’s fighting style and that of the human-born wolves. Derek was born with enhanced healing abilities. Born knowing that he could take a hit, bleed from it, and be fine 10 minutes later in most cases. Whereas someone like Scott would instinctively dodge a swipe because he grew up with long-term consequences from injuries, things like stitches and casts that can take months to recover from, Derek’s instinct would be to let himself get clawed so that he could close in for his own hit. If he’s not going to die from it, in his mind, it’s not that important. So Derek comes out of battles much more bloodied than other characters, because he fights like someone who’s not afraid to get hurt.

And outside of fighting, Derek is very intelligent and knowledgeable. He’s constantly dropping little facts and information about the supernatural, mythology (drinking from a werewolf’s pawprint) other cultures (Buddhism, s4) and, like you said, is multilingual.

I know the failwolf thing is something people use fondly, and it’s not meant to insult our boy, but I’m just not a fan of it. And I don’t really see a basis for it in canon Derek either.

On list requests and the Bleach Ending

Hi folks!

I have only one list left in my queue, so I’ll be open for requests later today! I’ll make an announcement when my ask box is officially open (so not quite yet!).

But first I wanted to make a post about the Bleach ending, since I imagine a few of you will want to make requests about it. First my own thoughts and then some ground rules.

I didn’t like the ending very much. Everyone and their mother has posted about the issues with the ending so I won’t bore you but yeah. There were, I thought, way too many unresolved plot holes. For me, especially painful was the lack of resolution regarding the Soul King (how is the universe not still falling apart???), the lack of resolution with Halibel (we last saw her in jail!), and the lack of info on all those other characters (Mashiro? Yoruichi? Urahara?). I also personally didn’t want a “married with kids” ending, although I get that that’s a personal taste thing. I would have preferred an ending 10 years ago, which Ichigo standing with all of his friends, having just defeated Yhwach in an epic battle with some new ridiculous power up. I guess I just get uncomfortable with shipping wars - I didn’t want to know who married whom. I just wanted a big ol’ fight.

Anyway! When it comes to requests relating to the Bleach ending, I just ask a few things for now:

1. Nothing shipping war related. No list intended to make the “other side” of whatever side you’re on feel bad, you know? I still want this blog to be a place where people can see all ships happily represented. Well, all adult non-incest ships anyway.

2. No shipping of those new IchiHime and RenRuki kids. Not a huge fan of them (sorry!), since like I said I’m not a giant fan of the “married with kids” ending, and also I don’t write kid ships. Not opposed to other lists involving the kids but no promises.

3. Lists do not have to be ending compliant. Half this blog is noncanon anyway! So please continue to submit requests that float in time, in some vague Bleach related world where everybody is still alive and existing in whatever timeline produces the silliest jokes.

And I hope that, even though Bleach is over, you will continue to enjoy this silly blog!


Bleach Lists Girl

okay so this post has been coming for a long time and it’s about time i made it. 

this isn’t gonna be the nicest post, or the most enlightening post, but it’s raw and honest and it needs to be said, so it will. i won’t call names out because that’s really not the point of this, so don’t take this personally. 

also, this post is lowkey rude and i’m gonna swear a lot. sorry.

and before you freak out, i’m keeping this account and i’m not leaving tumblr lmao. chill guys!

for a long time now, i’ve been thinking of leaving booklr. for the past few months, blogging exclusively books has been more of a habit than a hobby. i love reading, writing, and everything related, but posting about it and having a tumblr for the sole purpose of it is no longer fulfilling. now, i could lie and pretend that i just got tired of the content, grew out of it, and decided to move on. it wouldn’t be entirely false, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth either. 

the reality is, i’m fucking tired of this community. i really, really am. 

at first, it seemed perfect to me! i started my account when i was what, 13? that was 2 years ago. i was still very impressionable and ignorant on certain things, and booklr seemed fucking fantastic. the people were kind, and the content was awesome. it seemed like i would stay here forever and ever. 

as i grew older, i realized that this place is really flawed, as are most things in this world. i didn’t quite understand it at first, but as i began to witness more of the drama, and see more of certain blogger’s behavior, i started to comprehend how fucked up and how toxic booklr can be. i saw adult bloggers with very large follower counts being unimaginably rude to much younger tumblrs, and starting fights over nothing, oblivious to the fact that their thousands of followers would then go and harass that person with hate. i saw people start huge, disproportionate arguments over the smallest things, and constantly firing hate and all kinds of shit at each other. i saw people fight about things that didn’t make sense, and twist the community away from what it’s supposed to be. i saw people constantly bickering and taking sides. and i saw people take things way, way too far.  i swear, for a bunch of book nerds, booklr is the most dramatic community i have ever seen. what’s meant to be a place to enjoy lit and books became an unhealthy place where self-entitled people created chaos for no reason other than that their precious little egos were hurt. 

of course, i thought the bigger blogs who were involved in these fights were right at first. i mean they had so many followers and everything, how could they not be? but time passed and i began to feel how unhealthy this place was. one of the most basic examples is the whole ‘booklr is a clique!!’ dilemma. i was involved in a few fights concerning that, and i’m gonna be honest and say the whole thing is fucking ridiculous and unrealistic. how can you expect anyone with over 50 followers to keep in touch with every single one of them? i don’t fucking know. it’s perfectly normal that people talk to a few people, and it doesn’t mean this place is a goddamn clique. it’s just impossible and exhausting to be friends with everyone. not to mention, some people emotionally can’t deal with being friends with every damn person on this site because they might be depressed or anxious or just really anti-social. does that mean you need to condemn them, and their account in some really fucking twisted crusade to make booklr perfect?  people have used this really pathetic excuse amongst others to hate on lots of blogs to the point where they felt bullied off of this website or felt threatened by all this bullshitty, unreasonable behavior. no matter how calmly you try and explain how a certain thing is not really offensive or worthy of such a lengthy fight, some people stay stubborn and refuse to listen. a close friend of mine nearly committed suicide over the bullshit some selfish, arrogant bloggers have said and done. this is just an example of course, i’m not here to pick that fight up again because i am quite frankly tired of it. 

not to mention, i don’t even feel free to post what i want anymore. do you guys realize how fucking hard it hit me when i realized i was so damn scared of offending some of the prissy names of booklr that i couldn’t bring myself to make posts on my own fucking blog? i know countless people who feel the same way, who delete unfinished posts before they ever see the light of day because they don’t want some imposing, angry person sending their thousands of followers after them with hate asks.

this is supposed to be a super chill place where we can all be the huge fucking nerds we are, yet here i am, censuring myself and watching people fight like cats over a misinterpreted post or whatnot. is that fucking normal? or healthy? and the best fucking part is, all the shit i’m calling people out for right now? the very people who do it are out there making posts about how they hate those aspects of the community and how much it saddens them when they are literally the reason said problems are there in the first place. 

now, i’m not saying all of booklr is horrible and prissy and rude. that’s a lie. a large part of this community is wonderful, unbelievably sweet and passionate, and have become some really close friends of mine. i’m so grateful for all the amazing people who just come on here to share their love for books or whatever without feeling the need to get too involved and start fights with someone new every damn week. those are the people who represent what this place should be. all i’m saying is that the shitty people tend to be very vocal and have the “’power’” to be extremely shitty. 

tumblr is my safe space. my free space. it’s a way for me to bring together all the inspo and art and lit and music that make me, well, me, and that make me happy. before my followers, this place is for me. i’m so happy that so many people like what i like and follow me, you have no fucking idea. i’m simply tired of holding back because i’m associated with this community and i’m scared of all the hate i’ll get if some bloggers with their heads up their asses dislike my content. i’m tired of not being able to use one of my most important creative platforms just because i know someone will disagree. it’s fucking exhausting. 

i’ve always been a very unapologetic person. if i think something, i will be brutally honest and you will hear it. i don’t like pretending. i don’t like being two different people. that’s not me, it never was, and it never will be, yet recently, tumblr was making me feel like two people. i was holding back and censoring myself, which is something i hate doing and that really tires the living fuck out of me. i will always be the truest, most raw form of myself, and booklr isn’t allowing me to do that anymore. it’s sad to say, but this community is a hard one to be yourself in, because one wrong step can start fights so big you want to delete your account forever, and make you spend nights sitting there, tired, scared, insecure, and doubting yourself because so many people are being inexplicably rude to you. i am 15 years old for fuck’s sake. i don’t need this kind of stress and negativity in my life. i have enough going on. 

once more, i’m not saying this community sucks, and i’m not saying that every person in it is shitty, because as i mentioned earlier, a large majority are absolute sweethearts and i’m thankful they’re here with their quirks and their books and their feels, sharing with others like them. 

the moral of this is, i’m done. i don’t want anything to do with booklr. i don’t want to be known as a booklr. i don’t want to be associated with this community when it can be so damn rude, hypocritical, and toxic. this may be a very harsh post, and it may anger or provoke some people, but i’m done with keeping this to myself because i want to be able to reclaim my tumblr as mine before anyone else’s, and i can’t do that without laying this down for you guys. agree, disagree, it’s all up to you. no matter how wonderful booklr can be, this is the experience i have of it, and nothing can change the fact that it’s taking it’s toll on me and i am done with it. 

i will keep posting on here, and i will keep up with the book pictures and all of that jazz, so worry not! things will be more or less the same. sure there will be some new/different kind of content or something, but otherwise, things will remain almost the same as they were. i will keep in touch with all the booklr people i’m friends with and will always be open to talk books or to meet new people! 

thanks for reading this, it really does mean a lot. love you! 

Beauty Products For A Scaly Ice Queen

I don’t know about you, but I become one giant flake of dandruff in the wintertime. I get rashes. I get dry flake patches. I start to look like Voldemort, but without the intense hatred for a baby I couldn’t kill. Usually, I would just sort of put whatever moisturizer I had nearby and hope that it would dry really slow and reveal the freaky dry patches really slow, too. But, alas, my sensitive skin (don’t call my skin names or put horrible acid chemicals on it) would rebel and get all red looking. SO. This year, after suffering a particularly horrible bout of Iago-from-Aladdin-red-winter-skin-blues, I tried to fight it with better beauty products. Here is the best arsenal I can come up with, and frankly, I’m very happy. After about a month of use, my skin looks lilke a baby ass. My ass looks like an adult ass with cellulite, but whatever:


First Aid Beauty Ultra-Repair Cream: Great for super-sensitive skin and even people with eczema, this little tube of sex doesn’t make you smell like a flowery freak, tames your face without the horrible burn like you are a convicted Salem witch and costs 12 DOLLARS AT SEPHORA (if you get the tube). You know what costs 12 bucks at Sephora? Like, a Q-tip. Just entering Sephora. Looking into a mirror at Sephora costs 12 bucks. And so does this! Hands down, the best winter moisturizer I’ve used. Comes out very thick but can be used during the day or night–on or over makeup–without a greasy finish. I tend to break out on my cheeks, but have not experienced an issue with this lotion.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads: These pads are also only 14 bucks at Sephora if you ge the sample size, which has 25 pads. I use them infrequently, about two times a week–they act as a gentle buffer to get the already dry skin off your face. Like those freaky patches that I used to try to get off with tape. Yes, like Scotch tape. Use after you clean your face and take off your makeup. No burning. Follow with moisturizer.


Elf Lip Exfoliator: 3 bucks at Target or Elf online stores. Smells like cake and tastes like sugar. Gets the skin off your lips and makes them so soft it is absolutely incredible. I want to run around kissing everything, like people and dogs and subway cars. Works way better than that Sugar brand that costs 20 bucks.


Lush Big Shampoo: Do you get dandruff? Do you want your hair to look voluminous and amazing? Do you want to pay 26 bucks for shampoo that has salt in it? MAYBE! I bought this even though it is against every fiber of my being to spend 26 dollars on a pint of ice cream shampoo but I’m glad I did. 1) you don’t use it every day and it will last, the way I’m going, a year. 2) It has real salt chunks in it and smells llike coconut and gets rid of that dull, sad, “i wear a hat all the time” winter look. No static. No dandruff. 3) It feels awesome to put on. Like you are doing a scrub mask for your hair. It gets in your mouth which is a taste sensation. It also has sulfites in it, which I know is a thing for some people, but my hair actually looks 1/15 as good as commercial hair after I use it. And makes my curls bigger. And my ego BIGGEST. You can get it at or any lush store.


Batiste Dry Shampoo: Remember I said I didn’t want to use a dry shampoo that makes me look like I’m cosplaying as Eleanor Fucking Roosevelt? I have found it. The answer. I HATE wetting my hair in the winter because then ice grows on it and I know everybody loves Frozen but NOPE. This is a dry shampoo that makes me look like I wash my hair on the weekends when I’m hungover–it sucks all the grease out and makes it have volume and a good flower not old booze scent..BUT! It has a light tint to it so it doesn’t make your hair look dull and like you are rapidly aging, although you are and we all die. I use the dark brown and it comes in three colors but not pink if you are cool and have pink hair. 8 bucks at drugstores and Ricky’s.

Okay! Those are my recommendations. Good luck, dry faces. Soon we will all be oily and sweaty.

P.S. I am a huge beauty/hair product junkie. Do you want to hear more of my recommendations? Let me know below what you’d like. Seriously, I even know how to contour bronzer Also: what are your Scaly Winter Ice Queen beauty recs?