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Ready for today’s #panda cub update? #ZAPandas #OnlyZooATL

First of all, can you handle the cuteness? If you’re still reading and haven’t died of pure adoration, we have an informative update for you today on how we weigh the giant pandas.

I’m pretty sure most everyone saw yesterday’s #TakeoverTuesday on Zoo social media, where we talked about how we currently weigh the cubs. But have you ever wondered how we weigh the adult pandas? First, what we do is place biscuits on a large scale that is built into the den floor. Next, we make sure that we have bamboo available for Lun Lun once she is done eating the biscuits. Second, we lock and secure the den. Third, we then come tare the scale as to not have the amount the biscuits weigh added onto Lun’s weight. Fourth, we shift Lun into the den, and ask her for “scale, ”and Lun then gets on the scale. Finally, we walk to the camera room and read the weight on the scale, before Lun finishes her biscuits and gets off the scale.

That scale also sometimes makes a nice chair and sometimes bed for Lun Lun!

Bet y’all didn’t know that it took that many steps! We also do this twice a day, for both adults. One a.m. weight and one p.m. weight to see how much they have gained in a day. Before you know it, these little cubs will be learning this behavior too and will be weighed in the same way!
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Panda Facts >> The Giant Panda spends 14-16 hours a day eating bamboo, on average, a panda eats 25-30 pounds of bamboo in one day, In the spring, a panda may eat 100 pounds in a day. A giant panda can peel and eat a bamboo shoot in about 40 seconds. Giant pandas have evolved a unique “thumb” which they use to hold bamboo stalks. This thumb is actually a modified wrist bone.


part 2 of my jubilee cosplay photos, featuring the cosplay based on canon and then a couple of outfits i made for her out of my clothes, i guess? :D

one more set after this! that ones little dont worry :)

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Listen to a baby cub squeak during nap time at Bifengxia Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan Province, China. When they get older, giant pandas don’t roar like other bears, but bleat like goats or honk, growl and bark to communicate. Most communication between adult pandas is done through scent markings.

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Mr. Wu - Moonface by Rita Petita
Via Flickr:
Xiao Liwu our 3 ½ year sub adult giant panda shows off his round face.