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Da Mao by Jess. B. (Cosmic Star) photography
Via Flickr:
Adult male panda at Toronto zoo

Functionally Dysfunctional part 6

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Buyo was her baby. Her lovable, large baby boy. Kagome had gone to the shelter a year into her first ‘big girl job’ with the intention of just meeting and playing with some cats as her way of unwinding from a hard week, and walked out with a spotted runt of a kitten.

And ever since, Kagome had been attached to her cat. 

Inuyasha may be the love of her life, but anyone who entered in the house knew who ran things around there – Buyo.

Inuyasha was very fond of the chubby cat. As soon as he first met Buyo, the two of them had been inseparable. Sango had once joked to Kagome that if Inuyasha were ever to leave her, he would take the cat with him.

Thankfully, Inuyasha chose to marry her instead of leaving with her cat.

 Buyo was a loud, monster, who had no problem telling people exactly what he thought.

He may have been Kagome’s baby, but he was the boss man of the house.

Inuyasha’s baby had been his first car. He learned all he could before buying the run down car, and practiced and learned all that he could by fixing it. The car had barely gotten down the road to his rented garage that was serving as his shop at the time.

He put more money into that car than he had initially purchased it for, but nearly 10 years later and he still had it. It was the car he picked Kagome up in for their first date and the car that they drove away after their wedding in.

It had a lot of meaning to both of them.

Over the years it had seen many crashes and parts falling off of it, and if it weren’t for how good Inuyasha was at fixing everything.

Kagome never drove the car. For many reasons, including the fact it was Inuyasha’s baby.

Kaede was trying to mow her lawn when her neighbor came over and promptly took over. Inuyasha had silently just migrated from mowing the lawn in front of his building (for no reason other than he had decided to, Kaede was sure) and moved over to mow her lawn without so much as a pause in movement.

Kaede has also seen Inuyasha working hard on fixing all sorts of things, including the ugliest car she had ever seen that Kagome called ‘his baby’. So it shouldn’t have been surprised when she walked outside one day, and saw him plugging away on her lawn mower. He didn’t even look up before answering her questions.

“Making the sounds that mean the belt is going. Give me an hour, it’ll be done.Stuff arrived this morning.”

Before she had a chance to thank him, he paused before looking up at her.

“Kagome’s making hot pot tonight. You can come.”

Kaede smiled a little bit at him, knowing that he might leave if she were to give him too much, meaning her lawn mower would be out of commission for who knows how long. 

“I’d like that,” she said as she walked over to her already trimmed up bushes (probably done by the suddenly bashful young man).

‘They may be a different pair,’ she thought, ‘but they compliment each other well.’

im not tried.. but am i not tired enough to go in game????

This is me, age 31, with Panda, the stuffed toy I’ve had since I was a baby. He still lives in my bedroom, often sitting on the bed or the bedside table. I’m posting this because I know that, as you become a teenager or a young adult, there’s a general social expectation that you stop caring about beloved childhood toys. Lots of people think that it’s somehow babyish to acknowledge their meaning as you grow up, or to keep hanging on to them past a certain point, especially for boys. And I just wanted to say that, actually, it’s perfectly fine to keep hold of things that are special to you. There’s nothing shameful in admitting that a comfort object is comforting, or in wanting to keep one close for whatever reason. So don’t feel pressured to give up something you love just because you feel like getting older means you have to, or because some toxic definition of masculinity says men can’t like soft things. Rejecting childhood isn’t the same as being an adult.