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Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

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What if, for PR, the JLA let their sidekicks have social media? Like, Just imagine all them like that. constant flow of shitposts of them singing things that are so out, trying to throw and catch popcorn in each other mouths, sliding down the stairs of the titan tower on their matters. their ratings would immediately go up.

Batman glared around the table. “As you all know six months ago the League voted to set up official social media accounts for Young Adult heroes connected with us. A decision I was strongly against at the time, and I feel my worst fears have been realized”

“Superman” He said turning an icy look at Clark “Superboy has recorded nearly 40 hours of bottle flips, including one’s on the moon and while fighting an alien invasion. Meanwhile Kon el has been featured in a very popular viral video called ‘Superboy’s greatest dabs’” 

“Wonder Woman, world leaders are asking questions about Cassie’s mid-superbattle selfies. The national teachers union is putting out a strongly worded statement this afternoon about it” 

“Ted Flash, Blue Beetle and Kid Flash’s ‘shit white people say’ Podcast is very popular but also has made the kids a major target on right wing news, they have enough to worry about without getting pipe bombs from Fox viewers. Also Impulse and Blue Beetle’s cooking show, it would be nice if they could make it through one 15 minute youtube video without blowing up or burning down a kitchen and many parents are worried about the number of rude jokes and ass slapping”

“To the room at large, there have been complaints about the number of in underwear bathroom mirror selfies Beast Boy takes, 8 in one day not that long ago. Starfire’s make up tutorials are, eccentric to say the least. Many parents are worried that Raven is teaching children the dark arts on Instagram. And finally Aquaman, Aqualad’s Instagram is creating death treats from anti-gay groups around the world.” 

Hal Jordan leaned back in his seat “All in favor of doing nothing about this and letting the kids do what they like?” a roar of “AYE!” came from every corner Batman scowled. 


Day six of @kiribakuweek2k17 and I’m bringing more fluff!  Check the tags for more notes on this piece if you’re interested!

“You know I wanted to be there today.”

“I do.”

“It wasn’t my fault I got called in to work last minute.”

“I know that.”

“There was an emergency downtown and my Quirk was best suited—”


Kirishima snapped out of his rambling and turned at the sound of his name.  Bakugou sat up in bed with his arms crossed, watching Kirishima with a stern gaze. His book lay discarded on the nightstand and he had moved his glasses to the top of his head.  Kirishima chewed his lower lip.  He felt awful and the way Bakugou looked at him wasn’t helping.

“Come here.”

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really good animes that are obscure/shunned everyone should give it a chance

tiger & bunny

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the show revolves around a middle aged man and a young adult in the hero business. they have to work together. they don’t. also really realistic drama of a widowed dad and his daughter. and also a lot of other things. 11/10

oshiete! galko-chan

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breaks anime stereotypes and they talk about periods, 10/10

natsume yuujinchou

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the most heartwarming anime ever. maybe. its about this orphan boy who can see youkais and a inugami. its really good. a decade strong. 12/10


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imagine a sword art online setting but all the characters are both idiots and assholes to each other. it’s actually really good and the crappy boob flopping animation just bumps up the whole self-depreciation of the show even more. 10/10


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watch it. each episodes are 5 minutes long. but they are all gold. 11/10

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TonyRhodey please. Prompt idea: De-aged Tony only recognises Rhodey and he only accepts his help. And the Avengers can only watch how great Rhodey is with Tony. Thank you:)


If Steve were to guess, he would have imagined that 15-year-old Tony Stark would be a shorter, beard-less version of current Tony Stark - loud, brash, arrogant, flashy, though secretly kind. If Steve were to guess, he would have imagined that a magically de-aged Tony Stark would bluster his way through the unfamiliar modern age, easily adapting to new technology to return him to his proper age. If Steve were to guess, he would have imagined that Tony Stark would love the Avengers even more than he does as an adult, that childhood hero worship he sometimes hinted at surfacing.

If Steve were to guess, he wouldn’t have imagined this: Tony Stark scrabbling desperately at the suit’s releases until Steve unlocks it for him, revealing a scrap of a kid. He wouldn’t have imagined this: Tony Stark stumbling out of a too-large suit that suddenly seemed too much like a coffin, pale-faced and wide-eyed. He wouldn’t have imagined this: Tony Stark flinching away from Steve, his breaths coming too fast and too tight as his eyes flicked around Times Square. He wouldn’t have imagined this: Tony Stark silent, afraid of them, but even more afraid of the SHEILD van they try to load him into.

Tony puts his back to a building and eyes them all warily, and Natasha suggests calling Pepper. Steve does, and explains the situation. Pepper is quiet for a long moment. “Call Rhodey,” she says. “He’s stationed not too far away from New York City right now. He’ll be able to help.”

Steve calls James Rhodes, and explains the situation again. Rhodes says, voice tight, “leave him alone but don’t let him out of your sight. I’ll be there in less than an hour.”

With the sorcerer that had been wrecking havoc in Times Square safely in SHEILD custody, New Yorkers and tourists alike begin to flood the streets again, snapping photos and trying to interview the Avengers, who never linger at a battle site. Clint, as jovial and friendly as he knows how to be, attempts to convince Tony to let them at least take him to a nearby coffee shop, where he’ll be out of the public eye.

Tony just eyes him narrowly, and steps a little further into the alley.

They wait, tense and silent as SHEILD agents attempt to block the Avengers from view. Forty-five minutes after Tony was de-aged, Rhodes arrives in the War Machine armor. He lands more than a dozen meters away from Tony, but Tony steps further away from the silver suit, watching it with distrust.

Then it peels away, and Rhodes steps out, and Tony’s eyes go wide. “Rhodey,” he says on a gasp, and runs toward him. Even in his excitement, Steve notices he’s careful to avoid getting too close to the Avengers.

Rhodes grins and opens his arms just in time for Tony to leap into them. Rhodes holds Tony for a long moment.

“What’s happening, Rhodey?” Tony asks, quiet, but not quiet enough for a nearby super-soldier. “This has gotta be time-travel or something, right? There are animated billboards and- no offense buddy, but you look a lot older.”

Rhodes chuckles into Tony’s hair. “I’ll explain everything. You’re safe, though, alright? Those guys aren’t gonna hurt you,” he jerks his head towards the watching Avengers, “but even if they tried I wouldn’t let them.”

Steve catches the way Tony shudders and leans a little further into Rhodes. “You’re always looking out for me,” he says, too soft and relieved to sound truly teasing.

“You know it, kid.” Rhodes presses a kiss to the top of Tony’s head, then pulls back a little. He plucks at the undersuit draped over Tony’s significantly smaller frame, obviously amused. “Now come on. We need to find some clothes that actually fit you, and I bet you’re pretty hungry.”

“Yeah.” Tony doesn’t step away from Rhodes, hovering well within his personal space as if drawn by a magnet. Rhodes doesn’t seem to mind, gracing him with a tousle of his hair and an arm around his shoulders that Tony obviously revels in.

Touch-deprived, Steve thinks. Then, huh. Then, I guess Natasha’s going to win the bet about whether or not they’re in a relationship.