adult gotenks

How the heck is Adult Gotenks supposed to look like?

I struggle every time to draw adult Gotenks because his face is just a pain in the ass. He has no set face, right? If anything he either looks like Vegeta or a very serious Goku. It’s so hard to NOT make him look like Vegeta. 

Would it look weird if I gave him bangs like Goten’s? What if I changed his hair shape? What if I gave him eyes like Goten’s?

Most importantly, how would one draw Adult Gotenks in order for him to not look like Vegeta or some similar? 

Ok, so maybe there’s an explanation for the black spandex shirt that Gotenks is wearing.

The fusion has default clothes, right? The pants and vest. Well what if you can change it? What if, if you change clothes while fused, then the next time you fuse, you’ll be wearing those clothes? Maybe Trunks and Goten felt like making the outfit cooler by adding it.