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This show gets too real sometimes, but that’s also what I think sets it apart and makes it so good.

I’ve been real busy lately, ironically for reasons illustrated in New Game! itself, so I’m still catching up on it. Apparently it finished airing while I wasn’t looking.

I actually have a lot to say about a couple specific things in New Game but I think I’ll wait until I finish it.

Seven Hells

m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting

You will need:

- 1 or 2 six-sided dice
- paddle or something similar (water bottle, back of hairbrush, etc)
- bondage rope (optional)
- timer (optional)


- agree to a safeword
- male partner is restrained to bed (optional), female partner in position of her choosing
- use 1 six-sided dice for regular play, 2 six-sided dice for intense play

How to play:

- The female partner rolls the dice each round for seven rounds. Every time the dice is rolled, an action is performed based on the result.

- If the male partner can survive all seven consecutive rounds without giving in or using his safeword, he is permitted to fuck her/cum. Failure to complete all seven rounds means only she is given pleasure.

Rounds and their actions:

Roll #1: Slap

Male partner receives a number of slaps to the balls equal to the dice roll.

Roll #2: Punch

Male partner receives a number of punches to the balls equal to the dice roll.

Roll #3: Squeeze

With thumb and forefinger on each testicle, male partner’s balls are squeezed for a duration equal to 10 seconds multiplied by the dice roll.
(for example, 1 = 10 seconds, 2 = 20 seconds, 3 = 30 seconds, etc.)

Roll #4: Respite

Male partner’s balls are massaged and dick sucked for a duration equal to 10 seconds multiplied by the dice roll.
(for example, 1 = 10 seconds, 2 = 20 seconds, 3 = 30 seconds, etc.)

Roll #5: Squeeze

Same as Roll #3.

Roll #6: Punch

Same as Roll #2.

Roll #7: Paddle

Male partner receives a number of paddles to the balls equal to the dice roll. If no paddle, use kicks or knees.

Have fun!

Time Trial

m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting, tease & denial

You will need:

- nothing but your bodies


- agree to a safeword
- male partner in position of her choosing

How to play:

- The female partner gives the male partner a handjob (or blowjob) with one hand while squeezing his balls continuously with the other. She may go as fast/slow and as hard/soft as she likes. Alternatively, the male partner must jerk himself off while she squeezes his balls.

- The female partner never lets up on the pain. The male partner must try to cum before the pain is too great.

- If the male partner uses his safeword, he must make the female partner cum and he is not permitted to cum for the rest of the night.

Have fun!


“Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Promotional Booklet)”

  • Stitched together from multiple sources:
  • Due to the adult nature of the game, the ad campaign for “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” was limited to Playboy and Maxim, as well as late-night television. These scans actually came from the promotional booklet, “Conker’s Little Black Book,” which was handed out at a promotional event on South Padre Island during spring break; other hand-outs included, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and condoms. (Reportedly winning awards for alternative media.) The illustrations from the booklet, created by John Brockenbrough for Leo Burnett, were later re-used for the actual magazine ads.
fun ideas for things to do for fun that are free:

- Play “don’t let the balloon hit the floor” with multiple balloons while at the same time playing “the carpet is lava”

- play hide-and seek in a mall or large public place

- dress up in elaborate costumes to do normal things like go to walmart

- play hide-and-seek or something in walmart without getting kicked out

- get on youtube with friends and try to learn a new talent like juggling or dancing or something

- look at the ingredients in the house and google what you can bake with them

- go to a park you’ve never been to before and walk around like you’re an adventurer discovering everything (“I do say! This here looks like a leaf! What an interesting specimen!”)

- just go to a park in general. I mean, they got slides and swings and crap. Get all over that (but don’t be a jerk. kids are awesome. let them play first).

- dig up toys/games from when you were a kid. Try to play Nintendo 64 games on your hi-def TV. Feel yourself get cut by the sharp, pointy pixels. 

- make a super tacky music video to a song that you thought was super cool when you were in middle school

- draw with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, ride your bike around your neighborhood

in general, just stop pretending you’re too cool to do the fun stuff you did when you were 10. 10-year-olds don’t have money to spend on entertainment, and yet I notice that they have more fun than anybody. Have an awesome summer, everybody.

Iron Balls

couples ballbusting game

You will need:

- Nothing


- Male partner stands, kneels, or is on all fours naked in front of female partner.

How to play:

- Female partner delivers her choice of a hit to the balls (kick, slap, punch, knee, etc) or a squeeze (no longer than ten seconds).

- If the male partner remains standing, add 10 seconds to the running total and repeat the first step.

- If the male partner drops to his knees (if standing) or the floor (if kneeling/all fours) he is finished. He is permitted to fuck the female partner for the amount of time he has accrued or receives a blowjob for the amount of time accrued.

Have fun!

Bargaining Chips

f/m or m/m ballbusting game

You will need:

- 1 coin


- none: ballbustee may be sitting, standing, restrained, or any way you like.

How to play:

- the ballbusting partner flips a coin:
if heads: s/he adds 10 seconds to the running total
if tails: s/he kicks, punches, or slaps him in the balls

- after every coin flip, the ballbustee may choose one of the following two options:
flip again: flip the coin again.
cash in: the ballbustee is permitted to fuck the ballbuster for an amount of time equal to the running total. if they are not able to cum in this time then they must pleasure their partner orally and wait until the next session

Have fun!

Music Box

m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting

You will need:

- something to play music with
- bondage rope or restraint (optional)


- agree to a safeword
- male partner in position of her choosing, legs preferably spread and restrained so escape is impossible

How to play:

- A song, songs, playlist or album is chosen in advance (depending on intensity)

- Once the music starts, female partner slaps/punches/pulls/squeezes the male partners balls to the beat of the song/s.

- If the male partner can survive the entire song/playlist without using his safeword, he is permitted to fuck her and/or cum.

- If the male partner uses his safeword at any point, he must first make her cum before starting another song of their choosing again.

Remember: Songs with greater beat variation can be the most fun! Try choosing some with peaks and troughs throughout or those that build to a crescendo. Get creative with your choices and above all…

Have fun!

Adult Scavenger Hunt with Dares

My friends and I created this Scavenger Hunt and decided it will be the first of many odd games we play! I’ve decided that Tumblr will be our way of documenting our adventures of Fun Games! If anyone uses this list, please let me know! I would love to hear about everyone’s different experiences!

Guidelines of the Night

-No more than four to a group.
-Each person in each team must wear at least one outlandish article of clothing or accessory.
-Two people from each group must be bound together at all times during the hunt (this rule must exclude the driver).
-Each Team must have at least five photo’s of them in various places with their “Baby Egg”.
-Minimum of one male Team Member per group.
-Most of the things on each list can be interpreted in many ways! Be creative!
-Have fun!

All teams will have exactly 3 Hours to complete as much from each list as humanly possible. When the 3 Hours are up, each Team will then have exactly 30 Minutes to return!

Photo List
Take a picture of  the following things.
Each worth 1 Point

1. Graffiti
2. Rainbow
3. Entire Team in a Mirror
4. Entire Team Jumping in the Air
5. Out of State License
6. Entire Team hugging Strangers
7. Someone with a Mullet
8. Team Mate posing with Mannequins
9. Team Mate posing as statue in a Fountain
10. Entire Team making a symbol with their bodies, laying down.
11. Team Mates in back of a Cop Car
12. Team Mate “stuck” in a Trash Can
13. Grey Goose
14. “Inspirational” Words
15. A Game
16. A Pig
17. A Big Key
18. A Large Clock
19. Camouflage Article of Clothing
20. Graffiti
21. Large Tattoo
22. Expensive Vehicle
23. Disney Character
24. Phish Food
25. Entire City from a hill top View

Scavenger List
Find the following objects.
Each worth 1 Point

1. Toilette Seat Cover
2. Ketchup Packet
3. A Take Out Menu
4. Chopsticks
5. Paper Bag from Stater Bros.
6. Post it Note
7. Plastic Bag Target
8. Price Tag
9. A Pet Rock
10. Leaf with Five Points
11. Paper Clip
12. Any Flower
13. Starbucks Cup
14. Coffee Bean Napkin
15. Free Sample from Anywhere
16. Coffee Mixing Straw
17. Empty Plastic Bottle
18. Packet of Sugar
19. Plastic Spoon
20. A Large Box
21. A Piece of Elastic
22. A Feather
23. Any Kind of Ticket
24. A Stranger’s Number (Must be aware of us Calling Later)
25. Glitter


1. Get a friend to send you a picture of them doing any of the following things: A Handstand; The Splits; Eating; With their hair Wrapped in a Towel.  3 Points
2. Team Members 1 or 4: Ask a stranger if they will sing a song with you. Must provide video proof and choose from the following songs: “I’m a little Tea-Pot”; “You are my Sunshine”; “The Spongebob Theme Song”. 2 Points
3. Team Members 2 or 3: Run bases of a baseball field wearing a bra any way you’d like. Must provide video proof. 2 Points
4. Any Team Member: Obtain a lock of hair from any gas station attendant. Must have picture proof of task being completed as well as the lock of hair itself. 4 Points
5. Any Team Member: Eat a glob of Wasabi. Must bring back Video Proof. 4 Points
6. Team Member 1 or 2: Get a kiss on the cheek from a stranger! Provide photo of kiss! Bonus point for a kiss mark! 2-3 Points
7. All Team Members: Go to “The Shoppes” and play in the water that shoots up from the ground. One of you may sit this out to take video as proof. 3 Points
8. Any Team Member: Dance around Wal-Mart. May choose from following dances: Shuffle; The Mash; Break-dance; Macarena. Must bring video proof. 2 Points
9. All Team Members: Skip around any store with your arms linked, singing “We’re off to see the Wizard”. 3 Points
10. Team Member 3 or 4:Serenade a gas station attendant. Must bring video proof. 4 Points
11. Team Member 1 or 3: Excitedly ask a stranger for an autograph as if they were a celebrity. Must bring video proof. 4 Points
12. Team Member 2 or 4:Walk around with your clothes inside out. Must bring video proof. 2 Points
13. All Team Members: “Trick or Treat” a random house and receive a treat! 4 Points
14. Any Team Member: Run across any street wearing boxers! Must bring video proof. 3 Points
15. Team Member 1 or 4: Buy a lemon and eat it. Must provide video proof. 3 Points
16. Video tape or photo document any Team Member attempting to catch a goose! Extra points if you get bit! 2-3 Points
17. Buy fries from Mcdonald’s and return them to Jack in the Box. Must bring photo documentation as proof. 4 Points
18. Team Member 2 or 3: Go into a very stressed monologue near a crowd of people. Must bring video proof. 3 Points
19. Team Member 1 or 2: Ask a stranger for a “Piggie Back” ride. 4 Points
20. Put on a show in a Laundromat. Must bring photo documentation as proof. 4 Points
21. Have the entire Team  act like the Paparazzi by ambushing a stranger while pretending they are a celebrity. 4 Points
22. Team Member 3 or 4: Place a random item in someone’s shopping cart. Must provide photo documentation as proof. 2 Points
23. Team Member 1 or 3: Scream “I’m a Tamagotchi” in the middle of any store. Must bring video proof. 3 Points
24. Video tape three Team Members looking up anywhere you’d like to see how many people will look up with you. More people means more points! 2 Points For getting two people to look up and 1 Point for every person thereafter to look up. Max 6 Points
25. Team Member 2 or 4: Run through any store calling after imaginary dog. Must provide video proof. 3 Points
26. Any Team Member ride a “Kiddie Ride” outside of any store. Must bring photo documentation as proof. Extra points if you fire it up and take a video of the Team Mate enthusiastically riding it. 2-3 Points
27. Have a male Team Member get a department store makeover. Extra points if he tries on a female outfit and comes back with the makeup still on. 2-4 Points
28. Have any Team Member help someone carry their groceries out to their car. 3 Points
29. All Team Members create a “Work of Art” using chalk in a public, concreted area. Must provide photo proof. 2 Points
30. Go to the shoe section of any store. Have a male Team Member try on a pair of heels then walk up to an employee of the store and ask them for help, while still wearing the heels. Must bring Photo Documentation. 3 Points
A history of (muted) violence: The present and future of Adults Only games

Yet while these mature titles have dealt with mature ideas, almost all of them have done so — in America — with an “M for mature” rating. But the M rating isn’t lenient for everything. If the general trend in gaming is one of thematic maturation, what happens when adult-oriented games want to be more adult, and expand out to subjects that are still scarcely explored? Will the M rating remain so inclusive then? Maybe.

But the games industry already has a qualifier in place for such games if and when developers want to make them. It’s called the Adults Only rating. And game companies avoid it like the plague.

(Read more)

There is nothing Adult about "Adult Games"

I was at one of my local used video game stores looking for some hidden gems today, and two 20-something guys walk in. They start a conversation about Wii games and which ones are worth playing. It turns into a now standard conversation about Adult vs Kiddie games.

It was at that moment that I realized how much this topic makes my blood boil. It was obvious that the only qualification for an ‘adult’ game to these people is gratuitous blood and gore or women being objectified. What the hell is adult about that? It’s entertainment for immature, simple-minded people. I think it really comes down to their sense of adulthood or masculinity being so fragile that they need to reassure themselves that they are playing “adult” games.

I have a huge problem with what the gaming industry and fanbase as a whole defines as an “adult” game. These 'adult’ games don’t cover actual adult topics or emotions, they just throw blood and tits on the screen. Yeah, parents should use tact and caution when choosing whether to expose kids to those images… but just because a topic isn’t suitable for children doesn’t make it 'adult’. Stop trying to reassure yourself that you’re cool? That’s what it seems to be about, right? “Yeah I’m a cool guy, I play ADULT games!”

Dudes, just play any game you want! Why does it need to be Adult VS Kiddie? Why not be more open minded and enjoy some fantastic breaks from reality?


September Book Photo Challenge: Day 23~ Messy

My desk might be a mess, but there’s always enough space for a book! Heh.