adult falcon

“Kiaran and I have little connection beyond our names. We battle, bleed and hunt together almost every night. He teaches me how to slaughter in the most effective, brutal ways possible. But I’ve never told Kiaran why I hunt, and he has never told me why he kills his own kind. This is our ritual, our dance. The only one that matters.” ―Elizabeth May, The Falconer


Sebastian, Falcon Studios or Ducati Models have yet to make an official announcement but it looks like our favorite hunk is no longer in the adult movie business according to his official Instagram bio.

Good for him to be honest, but I’m obviously gonna miss seeing his perfect naked body…and Dick…. Regardless I will still continue to post as of now.

Photosets of baby animals are so cute but also make me mildly irritated, because they’re always putting in photos of similar but smaller birds as the photo of the baby bird.

But the fact of the matter is that a lot of baby birds are really gross looking and great…

While very cute, this is not a baby falcon, this is an adult pygmy falcon! 

In case you’re interested, here’s what a baby pygmy falcon looks like!

And here are peregrine falcon babies!