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Sebastian, Falcon Studios or Ducati Models have yet to make an official announcement but it looks like our favorite hunk is no longer in the adult movie business according to his official Instagram bio.

Good for him to be honest, but I’m obviously gonna miss seeing his perfect naked body…and Dick…. Regardless I will still continue to post as of now.

“Kiaran and I have little connection beyond our names. We battle, bleed and hunt together almost every night. He teaches me how to slaughter in the most effective, brutal ways possible. But I’ve never told Kiaran why I hunt, and he has never told me why he kills his own kind. This is our ritual, our dance. The only one that matters.” ―Elizabeth May, The Falconer

HEADCANONS THAT NO ONE WANTS (apparently no one likes mine )

Since none of you asked for any headcanon requests ( my muse is hurt, you guys, he really is. Sy is sad. ) I’m making my own because iT’S NOT LIKE I NEED YOUR ATTENTION TO FEEL WORTH SOMETHING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT , ha ha -

So sit down and read these , or don’t, I’m not in a mood to care anymore ….

- Tony is completely overprotective of Spidey, like to the point of DRAGGING PETER AROUND IN A CHILD SAFETY LEASH and Peter is literally sitting there on the sidewalk , refusing to move, hiding his face behind his hands and moaning in embarrassment as Tony pulls him along to the mall
( Natasha films every second of these Family Outings , especially if Wanda is the one on a leash )

-Clint takes Peter to meet his kids one weekend and three minutes later Clint’s wife informs him that Peter is now an honorary Barton child . Clint now has four children and he starts trying to out-dad Tony

-Bruce and Peter inventing complex science projects together and baffling Tony because holy crap Peter is a smart kid thank goodness he’s not evil

-Bucky always carrying snacks for Peter and Steve because Super metabolisms are tricky to live with and he’s got to look out for his nerds

-Peter always bringing Wanda some thoughtful little present because he wants her to smile again , so he’ll buy that cologne her brother loved so much or that music she likes and he leaves them at her door with a note “ From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman : Remember to smile today ”

- Wanda teaching Peter how to adult

-Falcon leaving random tech gifts for Peter after hearing this poor child gets his tech from trashcans

“ Hey Sam check it out!!!! Someone left me a laptop at school today! It’s so cool!”
“ That’s great, Webs! Do you like it? ;) ”


- Vision helping Peter figure out the best diet for his new metabolism and having long talks with him about morality

- Peter desperately trying to “upgrade” Vision’s wardrobe and slang , much to Clint’s delight

“ Yo, V- Man, how’s it hanging?”
“ How is what hanging, Peter? I do not comprehend.”
“ It’s an expression. Lighten up , bro. ”
“ I can alter my skin shading if you would like , but I do not recall us being related.”

* Clint laughing himself to death in the background *
“ I disagree, Peter, my diagnostic scan tells me I am quite pleasing to work with….Why are you so upset?”

“Vision, you’ve gotta change your look , man, you look like my teacher at school. ”
“ Peter I see no issue in looking like someone of learning.”
“ No one wears vest sweaters anymore, dude. Trust me. You want to look cool, right?”
“ I do not need to dress for warm weather , temperature does not affect me. ”
“ He’s not my boyfriend Peter. ”
“ Suuuuuurrrrreeeeee……”
“ PETER!-Sokovian swearing-”

-Steve literally covering Bucky’s sleep capsule in sticky notes about what’s going on in the world
“ Tony face-planted on national television ”
“ Natasha beat up a cop for giving her a ticket ”
“ Peter has successfully learned to back-sass”
“ Clint’s son dressed up as you for Halloween this year”
“ Bruce fell asleep on the roof of the Quinjet . Natasha took pictures . ”
“ T'challa has set up a nice place for you so I might wake you up soon.”

“Falcon hacked your Facebook. He’s ruining your cool reputation. ”

Photosets of baby animals are so cute but also make me mildly irritated, because they’re always putting in photos of similar but smaller birds as the photo of the baby bird.

But the fact of the matter is that a lot of baby birds are really gross looking and great…

While very cute, this is not a baby falcon, this is an adult pygmy falcon! 

In case you’re interested, here’s what a baby pygmy falcon looks like!

And here are peregrine falcon babies!

As the eyases (peregrine falcon chicks) progress, the parents begin to introduce live prey to their young, which is torn apart alive and eaten by the eyases. This teaches the eyases that the prey being fed to them was once living, and that it did not begin as a lifeless source of nourishment.

Of course, I’ve researched this before, but I found a photo by Chad and Chris Saladin on their FaceBook page, C&C’s Ohio Peregrine Page, that correlates to this. In the photo you see two adult peregrine falcons with the female (as indicated by the size difference) about to present a live bluebird to her eyases.

Photo by Chad and Chris Saladin