adult daycare

kidult daycare idea

when i “grow up” and have enough money, i’m gonna make a playplace/preschool/summer camp/kids club for adults called “kidult daycare” where you can act as young as you want to. it would be geared more towards age regressors than nostalgizers or adults with kids, but anyone would be allowed. real kids/teens will also be allowed if they are accompanied by adults. sexual/kink activity will not be allowed there. there will be optional name/age/pronoun tags so people can know your pretend age and what to call you. there will be different areas for big and little kids and lots of fun stuff like ball pits, toys, beds for nap time, tv’s playing cartoons, outside playgrounds, class pets, etc etc.

Take deep breaths. At least Bill Nye is on your side.

Our director eliminated all educational in-gallery programs for young children. No story-times, no gallery classes, no interpretation or children’s guides. Nada. Because, you see, she wanted the museum to be a space for adults, not a daycare center. Adults can write checks. Toddlers can’t, so why waste time and resources on creating engaging content them. The Education Department’s protests and lamentations were ignored. 

Fast forward a couple of years: the director’s grandchild comes for a visit and after taking him through the museum one day, she complained that there was nothing for children to do there. So she demanded that we develop an in-gallery curriculum for children as well as a new section for family programs on the website. So, seething rage…but also, Yay?