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[PR_SS] Adult to Toddler cap conversion! Gift 4

Hello everyone! Yeah, more toddler things!! I gonna keep sharing more toddlers cc!

Wow 180 followers!! Thanks!!!!!!!

I convert this cap yesterday for toddlers! I gonna be converting more hats x) and try with clothes or hair!!! 

  • Mesh: base game
  • Only 8 colors
  • No issues found or glitches.
  • Feel free to recolor because is base game mesh?i dont know, just tag me? xDD
  • Download here! (463.7 kB)

CC i used

If something wrong please send me a message!! I’m friendly!

If you use my creation tag me #PR_SupernovaSims or mysims4screenshots! I will like and reblog the picture :D!

Originally posted by expertinawkward

During my recent business trip to California I stopped at a street fair and bought a pocket watch. 

As an adult with ADHD, it’s a nice fidget toy to wind up, the gears give me something to focus on when I need to stare into space, and the ticking can be soothing when I need some auditory stimulation that isn’t distracting. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. 

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I’ve Been working on this for about a  week now! And finally I have sorted out my 700+ posts! Yay!

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The signs as King of the Hill Characters

Hank Hill: Capricorn & Leo

Peggy Hill: Libra & Sagittarius

Bobby Hill: Cancer & Gemini

Dale Gribble: Aries & Taurus

Bill Dauterive: Virgo & Scorpio

Jeff Boomhauer: Pisces & Aquarius


A Set consisting of a light dress and hat fitting for any fun loving country girl.Whether it be a fun date in the sun or a shopping trip to the big city your sims can pull it off with this set.

Breezy sleeves and skirt that is slightly elongated in the back. Small round belt makes for great detail and pulls the waist in. Comes in 2 variations, simple and with pockets. Recolorable, 2 channels.

Weave hat with band and a large brim. For teens - adults, found in accessories earrings section. Enabled for Everyday, formal, swimwear and outerwear. Fits a lot of Cazy, Alleso and Nightcrawler’s hairs. Recolorable, 2 channels.

read more and DOWNLOAD HERE

Hope you like :D