I think... I’m gunna make new houses.

The Agreste’s and Cesaires have been living in the same homes for 15 years now, and since im starting from scratch I might as well pimp their surroundings a bit, right? I’ve always said how I wanted Marinette and Adrien to move to the country in their old age and this is the perfect chance. Im going to be having Emma leave the household (*SOBS*) since she’s a young adult going to college. Hugo is aging up in a matter of days (*SOBS HARDER*) so he’ll be moving out soon too. I think it’s time Marinette and Adrien move into a more size appropriate house for their rapidly emptying nest (*SOBS THE MOST*).

Also, Alya and Nino have been grinding their asses off in their careers, I think it’s time they moved into a more luxurious house. One befitting of a famous D.J and a prolific detective.

(Don’t worry, both families will still be neighbors. I’m moving them into the lots next to Chloe/Nath/Felix.)