2011 is finally over, a year full of surprises and big changes, not only musically talking but in general…most of us adubbers still here, some are just joining us and some are not with us anymore. To the ones who still here I just want to say thank you, thank you for a year full of laughs, tears, drama, friendship, fights but most important thanks for being a part of the Adub family, some things maybe changed but this guys over here still the same silly boys from San Diego who are making their dreams come true and I know for a fact this is just the beginning of something big. Allstar Weekend is not just a band for us, is part of our lifes and honestly I have to say I’m really happy and honored to be in this journey with you guys, so I make a toast for you, me and Allstar Weekend and for this 2012 to be the best year ever :) Happy New Year !! 

Harry Styles has fans around his house all the time... wow, Zach, Cameron and Michael are so lucky they have a lot of amazing fans but can still live and act like normal guys, Adubbers respect their privacy and all that shit. We're seriously part of the best fandom ever! Luckily the guys don't get pissed off at us :)


Hey guys, Allstar Weekend’s StageIt is now up on YouTube. 

Apologies for the wait and unfortunately it’s in 4 parts but I put the into a playlist so yeah, here you go. :)

Part 1 ¦ Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4 ¦ Playlist


Bringing this back ;)

This is legit the proudest moment ever for me as an Allstar Weekend fan.

Not only did the boys reach their goal, they surpassed it.

By almost $70,000.

Guys, we raised almost $100k. We, as fans, funded Allstar Weekend to help them with their CD, for the simple fact that we love them & their music.

I know this fandom has its moments of drama, & that we may not all like each other, but this.. this is seriously so amazing. We pulled together & acted like a family, based on the fact that we LOVE these boys.

I’m tearing up because I’m so happy. We must have made them so proud.