Unfortunately, the situation is still bad. Mom got home and she’s doing great, but my aunt still tries to give me more and more shit. She now literally treats me like Cinderella, making me do ALL work in the house and calling me liar if I tell her I did everything. And accusing me of lying and doing things I DIDN’T DO.

I can’t do it anymore, so any help to make me go the fuck away would be really appreciated.

The only things I can’t draw well are mechas and cars/veicles. Or anything that can be offensive. All the rest is fine. If you’re interested, contact me at or via message here. I’ll start working once I’ll get the payment!

Also, chibi commissions are still open!

Art is all I can offer for people’s kindness. More examples of my art can be found here, here, and here.

Thank you.



Hello there! A year has passed and things are AHAH worse than before. As a little recap of what’s happening: my mom needs medical treatments for her health (she suffers of many phisical illnesses, like cardiac disfunction, diabetes and psoriasis, as well as depression and anxiety). My biological father was sentienced to give us money bit he refused and now he’s breaking the law by sending us 70€ every month instead of 420€. My aunt is a fucking selfish piece of shit, abusive, who wastes money in useless trips and alcohol (and yes, she still abuses me verbally) and never, EVER pays bills (we got EVERYTHING cut out because of her, from phone to internet, gas and electricity). We still don’t have the money from a heredity, and it’s been 7 fucking years.
We’re forced to live with less than 350€ per month. And you can understand how that’s hard. I’m still searching for a fucking damn job, still with no luck.

So I’m here to ask you guys if you could commission me. Even few things could help us go on for another month of two. If you can’t do it, please spread the word around.

If you’re interested, you can message me here or at Paypal payments, but if someone knows another way to pay for art, feel free to tell me (but I usually use paypal because I have my credit card associated to it).

Won’t draw incest, adult x minor, anything too morally wrong.

Art is all I can offer for people’s kindness. More examples of my art can be found here and here.

Thank you all.

Another project that I’ll never finish for sure: FusionFall Europe!!

I took 3 of the most famous CN shows produced with a europe/america collab and made them new NPCs for the game (as IF…).

We have Lin Chung, Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia from Hero 108, Tommy and Robotboy from Robotboy and Wayne and Lucien from The Cramp Twins!

I have headcanons, missions and stories for ALL of them, but they’re too long to write here. Some of those are really cute, like the fact that Lucien thinks that fusions have a heart and wants to save them or that Dexter and Mandark both want Tommy as their new pupil.

I’ll just give you their locations

Lin Chung: Darklands, Dinosaur Pass;

Mighty Ray: City Point;

Mystic Sonya: Marquee Row;

Tommy: Tech Square;

Robotboy: Sector V, Treehouse;

Wayne: Goat’s Junkyard;

Lucien: Mount Blackhead, Magic Tree outpost.

Ben 10 Headcanon:

The reason now Albedo is more different from Ben is because he couldn’t stand to be identical to the boy anymore. Because of the sleepless night he got dark circles under his eyes, and the hair look messier for the same reason.

He started to stop taking much care of his look when he realize that could make the difference.