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Story behind tattoo: When I was first introduced to pop punk the first song I heard was Have Faith In Me, by ADTR and that song helped me through a lot of things I was going through for a while, and then things got REALLY bad for me and I was really depressed. Right around the peak of my depression I came across Gold Steps by Neck Deep, and that song literally got my through my depression. Just listening to that song and Have Faith In Me gave me so much strength to keep going and face everything head on.
I felt the need to get this tattoo, so that way whenever I’m feeling down, or something happens, I can always remember that everything will be fine, and life’s not out to get me.

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Can I get a mix tape for "copernicus"?? If that's too long then what about "nico"??♡

!!! i can do both probably

C - “calling you” blue october
O - “out on the town” fun
P - “pale beneath the tan” - tfb
E - “ever after” marianas trench
R - “right back at is again” ADTR
N - “never there” - CAKE
I - “it’s time” imagine dragons
C - “creep” radiohead
U - “unbelievers” vampire weekend
S - “song for kelly huckaby” death cab

N - “nugget” cake
I - “im so sorry” imagine dragons
C - “cant help falling in love” 21p
O - “one foot” fun

havent listened to a day to remember in months actually the only thing that made me feel better today am grateful for adtr #megalove <3333