Adstrum the Fallen Star

Age Unknown



Falling to earth had been a huge accident for Adstrum, like many shooting stars [[falling stars]] he would allow himself to shoot across the night sky in view of the people down on Earth so they could make their wishes, but he got a bit too close one time and was pulled down. It’s ot the first or last time it’s happened. 

Since he was now stuck he decided to just make the best of it and find himself a home. He’s still wandering but he enjoys his travels since he gets to meet all kind of people and see all kinds of new places and things. So far his favoutire places are Candy Kingdom and Breakfast kingdom since all the foods and sweets of earth are new and amazing to him.


  • He can still grant wishes but only one per person and only if the wish is something ‘pure’ in a sense, or maybe even selfish as long as it doesn’t openly hurt anyone else and of course only things that are possible. The classic rules of ’ no killing, no making someone fall in love, and no raising the dead’ apply here
  • He loves wearing long scarves and loose sweaters
  • His hair is always glowing and shifting through the air as if underwater or being blown by un-felt winds [[ Like Kida from Atlantis after she becomes one with the crystal, or even Princess Celestia ]]

I wanted to write, but at the same time didn’t, and I wanted to sim, but at the same time didn’t, so I made some sims and acted out the beginning part of my book, Worlds, starring Reese Ayren.

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