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“Just smile, I need to see you smile right now.” Marichat?

Oops this also turned into Ladynoir  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Just smile,” Marinette said, poking at Chat’s cheek, holding back a grin of her own. “I need to see you smile right now.”

Chat pressed his lips together in a thin tight line, scrunching his nose and closing his eyes tight in a fake smile, refusing to open his mouth.

“You know that’s not what I mean.  Open your mouth, kitty.”

Chat pulled his lips over his teeth as he spoke. “No. I don’t want to.  It’s embarrassing,” he whined, whistling on the ‘s’ sounds.

“Will you at least tell me why you’re here, not even drinking the milk I worked so hard to get for you?” she asked, as if she wasn’t there to witness it firsthand.

Chat swirled the milk in his hand, the soft sound of a tooth clinking against the glass.  “Okay, here’s what happened…”

He and Ladybug had been playing around as usual, challenging each other to see who could leap the farthest when Chat had unfortunately miscalculated just how far he needed to push himself in order to land on the rooftop ahead of him, crashing face first into the side of the building and sliding to the ground.  

“I’M OKAY!” he yelled proudly, turning to give Ladybug a wide smile.  Once the wind had hit his mouth, however, he doubled over.  “Okay, I’m not okay.”  He tenderly touched his mouth, eyes widening when his finger fell through where a tooth should be.

Ladybug landed beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Just fine my lady,” he said, his hand covering his mouth. “Um, did you happen to see a tooth on your way down?”

“A WHAT?!” Ladybug shrieked, forcing his hand away to look at his near flawless grin, her eyes going straight to the gap where one of his front teeth should have been. “Chat we need to take you to the hospital! Or a dentist! Where do you go for these kinds of things?”

Chat avoided her eye and instead looked at the ground, embarrassed, when he saw something small and white on the floor.  “Oh there it is,” he said, much too calm.  “Well, this has been a particularly memorable evening, but I’m afraid I must be off.”

Ladybug grabbed his arm before he could leave and forced him to stay. “Chat you can’t just leave! You need to get help for that.”  She had started pulling him to the edge when she froze in her tracks. “Milk!  You need to put it in milk! I remember seeing a commercial as a kid. You should go home and put it in milk.”

“There’s no way I’m going home like this. Father would kill me.”  Chat looked around quickly, eyes focusing on a familiar bakery in the distance.  “I know just the place to go.” 

And just like that he took off, Ladybug cursing under her breath as she ran the hardest she ever had to beat him home.

“And you decided my home was better than the dentist because…?” Marinette prodded, pointing at the cup.  “I’m not exactly trained in putting teeth back in, you know.”

Chat looked down, the slightest blush running across his cheeks. “I’m scared to go alone and thought you’d make it easier.”

Marinette shook her head and ran her fingers through his hair.  “Alright Chat. Come with me downstairs, we’ll wake up papa, and he’ll take us to get this fixed.”

Across town, a young dentist suddenly wasn’t so angry about getting called in for an emergency, and went home later that night with a story for the ages.