So wow.

Guess who had a guy hit on her for the first time?? Uh, yeah, me. Surprised? So am I. I never had a guy hit on me. NEVER. Especially one I never met before. Like Kyle and Jesse, I knew them before they were like, you wanna go out?

Yesterday, I hung out Vika, Masha, Sonali and Dana and it was fantastic!! You guys have no idea how much I laughed. Each of those girls are hilarious and I’m really glad to have gotten to know Masha better. We went rollerskating and bitches IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I want to go again. So does Sonali. Anyone wanna join us?

Though I have bruises on my hands, it was so much fun, once I got my inline skates on. Those four wheel ones, nope, not for me. Defiantly made a fool of myself on them! I landed on my ass a few hundred of times.

There were really cute guys there, guys. Like really cute. We were heading out back into the ring when I heard someone say ‘excuse me miss’ but thinking they were referring to someone else, I skated on. I have horrible hearing. This guys then comes up next to me and he’s like 'excuse me, you wanna skate?’ Me and Sonali had picked him out right away. Totally cute. He was a skater boy and Ugh. So cute. And then we were skating!! ME!! Skating with this really cute guy. He was really sweet. He didn’t look like one to be sweet but he was. And he was miing his humor with his compliments and I just fond it really awesome. And we were laughing a lot and sassing each other and it was great.

I’ve never had a guy I could be like that with. I’ve never had a guy hit on me like he did. We just got along. He held my hand and well yeah it was awesome. He didn’t let go either. The rest of the night we held hands. I really liked him even if I only spent a few hours with him. I felt like a teenager flirting and having fun. Besides, I had one of my most fun kisses with this boy. 

Now were texting and just life  :)