actual chat log between lance and keith
  • keith: adsense just showed me an ad promoting a sale at hot topic for fingerless gloves and i honestly feel attacked
  • lance: i can't believe you got dragged by freaking ADSENSE
  • lance: it's not slander if it's true
  • keith: FUCK
  • keith: SHUT
  • lance: eloquent as ever, keithy boy
  • keith: you mock my eloquence and then say "keithy boy"
  • lance: ...this is going on my blog.

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so many people must ask you this question + its probably all anyone asks you tubers, but how do you make money? do you do anything outside of youtube? your films are gorgeous and I'm just wondering from a personal perspective if it's possible to make living making things that are purely beautiful and artistic without having to sponsor brands, etc. xx

It really does fluctuate how much money people make. I literally make no money off adsense so I do branded work from time to time to keep it all moving. I suppose like anything you find a way to keep practicing and make the money to support yourself. I am so fortunate because YouTube allows me to do both. Ultimately money can come in so many different ways if you’re on YouTube, it doesn’t just have to be adsense. I think regardless YouTube serves as a great platform to practice your skills, gain feedback and then push that into the ‘bigger’ idea you want to create.


Finally released 2016 showreel.

pls make it go #viral so I can get adsense money

i hope google adsense markets to me based on all the pokemon related searches i’ve been doing and not the sex toy related searches i’ve been doing lmao

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Sorry if you've been asked this a lot, but do you monetize your videos?

No, any ads placed on my vids are there automatically, usually due to things like in game music or cutscenes doing the thing where the game creators place ads on the videos, but don’t otherwise interfere with them.  Basically, some time ago I had an AdSense account, but it got cancelled, and I can’t monetize my channel without one, and Google won’t let me make a new one, so…. ::shrug::  To be honest, it may be for the best?  For a comparitively smaller channel like mine, monetization doesn’t really help all THAT much from what I gather, plus rules get a lot more strict if you do.  Like when you get the announcements of Nintendo or whatever company flagging videos, it’s generally the monetized channels they particularly care about.  So that at least is one thing I don’t have to bother with.  If they want to put ads on my videos, it doesn’t take anything away from me, as it would a monetized channel.

Medical Mnemonics// Causes of atrial fibrillation (characterised by absent P waves on an ECG) can be remembered using the mnemonic PIRATES.

If you like my posts, please consider taking the time to visit on your desktop and clicking on the ads, I’ve recently installed google adsense. It feels a bit cheeky, but means you’ll be seeing more original content on this blog.

I just went off on Twitter about this, but it’s worth repeating here.

Stop giving attention to YouTube “celebrities” that continuously say racist, sexist, transphobic, slut shaming etc bullshit. This is a general rule of thumb, but I’m going to specifically drill down on people giving attention to racist content creators.

Stop letting known racist trolls profit off black rage. It doesn’t matter if you hit dislike, it doesn’t matter if you cursed them out in the comments, a view is a view. YouTube views equal MONEY. These people are purposefully saying hateful things to get you upset and profit. They WANT Black twitter to drag them. They WANT their video to go viral so they can rake in those adsense dollars. Google doesn’t care if people are mad at the content, all they see are view$. If you’re really that desperate to put someone on blast, make a gif set. Stop sharing shitty videos. 

Stop sending me messages with, “Woa have you seen this racist video X did? What do you think of it?”  You already know what I think of it. How do you expect me to feel about some white person doing blackface, dissing black lives matter or saying the n-word? I avoid this content because it upsets me. Stop sending me problematic videos and asking me to weigh in or go after these people. I currently have 20 messages in my inbox about the latest “why can’t white people say the n-word?” video and I’m really not interested. 

Don’t tag me in tweets with racists. I don’t need those people in my mentions all damn day. I’m not going to argue with these people on your behalf. 

Don’t send me screen caps of something your racist friend/significant other/classmate/etc said. 

It’s not my job to go after every racist on YouTube.  I don’t have the time or energy. Every. Single. Time. I open my mouth and say something about these SAAAAAME creators, I open myself (and the people I care about) up to harassment. I’m not doing it anymore. If you have a problem with something someone said, tell them so. I’m not your attack dog. 


How to deal with fake accounts asking for money?
People doing this violate the rules of Google Adsense*, and above all, it is very annoying. 

1) Go to their website and click on Ad Choices

2) scroll to the bottom of the page that has just opened
3) Leave feedback - Click on The issue(s) were with the website ‘

4) choose the first option: the site encourages me to click on the ads
5) add additional information: copy paste the message
6) submit
7) Google will take care of the rest

* Companies and individuals pay (budget) Google to display their ads. Google often charges for Cost Per Click (5 cents for example). If the budget is $5 then the ad can drive 100 visitors (clicks). Most of the time people who are interested in the service or product displayed click on the ad. However, asking for clicks means that you burn the budget of the advertiser without any conversions and that in turn weakens Google Adsense’s reliability. Therefore, asking for clicks is not allowed. Google’s approach to counter this problem is to check the record of the website that displays the ads before they pay out. Often this takes care of the problem. 

So why bother?
Reporting considerably speeds up the process and ends spam quicker. 

Is reporting the blog just not enough?
No, Google lists or bans the IP of the user, making it impossible to have an Adsense account to earn money with, so there won’t be an incentive to ask people to click on their ads. Tumblr closes the account, but does not ban the IP. So it is possible to create a new blog and continue such practices.