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Something I was taught when I was trying to do ad work was that the audience must always feel above the message. The less people think they’re affected, the more effective you can be. It also means that if they do respond, they feel like they are responding by choice and not because you yelled “Buy Coke!” at them or whatever. It creates a more resonate relationship between the brand and its audience.

Advertising is extremely insidious and everyone is susceptible to it imo.

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If someone wanted to create their own MM imagine account, any advice you would give me-them?? (Also I love your writing)

To have work already on your blog so when people begin to creep on your blog, they can read something :) BE ORGANIZED. Like have a masterlist so you can keep adding your work :) when I first started, I asked 3 blogs for a promo so ask your favs for a promo :)! When you put up a HC, tag the fuck out of it so people can have a chance to see it :) try to only have it for the certain character/s you are writing about :) have a rules list ( that’s just me ) ummmm make your mobile theme nice in your taste :3 and just love what you do :D if you get hate ( like me idk why I just do ) fuck them :) legit forget them and block :) just block the haters and love your work and be open to constructive criticism. And just know, someone out there loves your work. Like don’t do the imagines for the followers or whatever, do it for you and the love you have for the characters :)

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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

listen: let yourself stim. pick up new stims. stimming is just as important to your health and happiness as avoiding overload, maybe even more so. life is too short to give a damn about what random jerks think. let yourself walk on your toes and flap your hands and bounce when you’re happy and spin in circles and pet soft things and walk barefoot in the grass and stare at something sparkly as you turn it in the light and jam out to music you like and. don’t limit yourself to tiny discreet stims; feel with your whole body and soul.



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What are we in the middle of doing? Written by darling child precious child 4frame fairy Sanha ♡ #MakeStar ##ASTRO ##Confession ##AROHA #Guess

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