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Hi. My friend just told me there's going to be 6 books in the ACOTAR series, but both me and her thought there were only going to be 3. Did some books get added on to the series or something, because i'm really confused about this. I hope you can answer my question!

It is both yes and no! There are only going to be three books in the main series, with the third book coming out May 2nd. However, there are going to be three more novels and two novellas coming out that are a part of the series. Whether this will take place in the world after ACOWAR (such as about their children) or if it will take place before (such as a background story on Morrigan or any of the other Night court members), or about a new character’s story completely remains to be seen. There will also be a coloring book, just like Throne of Glass. So this will add 6 books to the ACOTAR series/world though will not (as of now at least) be considered a part of the chronological main three books. These will most likely be branches of the first three books in some way shape or form.

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Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 


shinee + plant babe aesthetics


Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3

Nifflers - Newt Scamander One Shot (Requested by Anon)

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Request - Hey girl it’s me again, could you write a Newt imagine where he bumps into you while you’re both trying to catch a creature, and you decide to team up and hella cute things happen?

A/N - i just saw fantastic beasts and i’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with the series, as expected. i will be adding this series to the list of what i write for!!!! so send in requests if you’d like xx

“Merlin’s beard, come back here you bastard!” I cursed underneath my breath, almost crawling on the floor of the bank I was at.

“Excuse me miss, did you lose something cuz I can’t have ya crawlin’ around here.” A security guard came up to me as I was just about to ran towards a cabinet, trying to catch my creature.

“No officer,” I turned around on my heels, hands behind my back as I tried to look as innocent as possibly, “Just thought I saw something, nothing to worry about.”

Just as those words left my mouth, I saw it.

You little shit.” I cursed in my mind. My little niffler was casually enjoying itself, sitting atop a railing while stuffing as much shiny material as it could in her little pouch.

“Alright lady, don’t get in trouble.” The officer said hastily, walking away to his demise.

“Will do, officer. Will do.” I whispered, walking slowly to the railing my niffler was sitting at, trying to be as quiet as possible so it would not try being anymore smart with me than it has been today.

As I jumped to catch it in my hands, I bumped into something. It was not just any other ordinary thing, but a person. I only realized it could be something like that when an immense reaction of pain insued in my head, and it was quite hard to get back up.

“I’m terribly sorry miss, are you alright?” A voice chimed. A hand took mine while another took a soft grip around my back, helping me up.

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Tragedy of Dean Winchester Part I || Traumatic Childhood 

This is part 1 in a new vid series  - "Tragedy Of Dean Winchester"
Highlighting some of the more heartbreaking aspects of Dean Winchester.
This compilation explores Dean’s traumatic childhood. 

Upcoming videos in this series will touch on the emotional invalidation he receives from friends and family, his alcoholism, abandonment issues, and much more.


Resident Evil 20th Anniversary ||  BIOHAZARD 20TH ANNIVERSARY 

“Many games have been added to the series since the original Resident Evil was released back in 1996, and we would like to take this opportunity to say a special thanks to all of the fans around the world for the support that has kept us motivated over the years”.

Ho serie difficoltà ad aprirmi. Sono emotivamente instabile. Posso condurre le mie emozioni agli eccessi e farle precipitare in un battito di ciglia. Sono una persona che richiede attenzioni, tempo, ed ultimamente la gente non ha mai abbastanza tempo. O meglio, coraggio.
—  Unincantevoleacida

the hf manga is so good to me, it loves me personally lmao, almost every chapter has some beautiful cover involving sakura.