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Hiya Richonners! What ever will we do during this hiatus? No Richonne for six months on our televisions? Read and write fanfiction and re-watch Richonne-centric episodes of The Walking Dead of course. And you can learn more about your favorite authors here as well.  Take some time to get to know Vegasloversteel!

Richonnefics (RF): Hiya @vegasloversteel! Thanks for allowing us to interview you.  What’s your favorite thing about the Richonne fandom? Least favorite thing?

Vegasloversteel (VLS): My favorite thing about the Richonne fandom is the fact that 95% of the people are nice, welcoming and accepting. I have made some people that are true friends, that I talk to everyday whether it is about Richonne or not. Richonne was just the catalyst for me. I’ve had a rough few months which has delayed my writing. I don’t know what I would have done without people like @sugarysweetzee, @severelybabykryptonite, @thebaetide and others.

My least favorite thing? Hmmm…maybe the constant need that what we are shown isn’t enough? Like everyone loved ‘Say Yes’ but people still needed more. Don’t get me wrong, I would have LOVED to see the deleted sex scene but hopefully it will come.

RF: I’ve met some pretty amazing people in this fandom, people I really consider friends so I totally agree with you about the welcoming and accepting facet of the Richonne fandom.  Is there a subject you cannot bring yourself to write about and why?

VLS: I can’t bring myself to write about rape or abuse because luckily I haven’t been through either so I can’t do the material justice. What I mean is, I don’t have the knowledge or basis to write that type of trauma or pain that I’m sure is associated with those acts. I think sometimes in order to justify a ship or a person’s behavior, people write about things and don’t give them the care they deserve, and some people even romanticize them.

RF: What other artistic pursuits do you indulge in apart from writing?

VLS: I draw and I dance. Writing has always been my thing though. I wrote my first multi chapter story when I was in the 3rd grade on a rainy day. I showed it to my teacher for her opinion and ended up getting extra credit!

RF: Nice! Have you tried your hand at any Richonne fanart? When is the best time of day for you to write?

VLS: The best time of the day for me to write is usually at night. I’m truly a night owl so after thinking all day, it comes together then.

RF: Night Owl’s Unite! LOL! Though I really need to change that habit and start going to be earlier.  Waking up is always such an ordeal.  What did you find most useful in learning to write?

VLS: What did I find most useful? Learning to use descriptions, adjectives and adverbs to set the scene. When I write, I visualize EVERYTHING. I see the scene in my head as though it is a movie. The colors, the outfit, even the furniture placement at times. So I use these tools so that the reader sees them that way too.

RF: I’ve had a lot of writers explain that there is always a visualization of scenes before pen gets put to paper.  Where do you get most of your ideas?

VLS: Honestly, music inspires me heavily. ‘My Boo’ and ‘When I See You’ popped into my head while driving home from work listening to Spotify. Other times I’ll just be doing a re-watch and something will hit me. I remember re-watching 'After’ and seeing Andre with Michonne. I seriously thought, 'What if Andre was Rick’s? But he didn’t know it?’ I began 'Found’ about two hours later.  Something with my one shot ‘The One You Lost’; When Rick gave Michonne that cat and said that it struck me. Doing the re-watch later that night, I got the headcanon. I then messaged my sounding boards and asked what they thought of it even though I JUST got around to writing it! Lol.

RF: There’s nothing like a good playlist to inspire you.  Do you write everyday or just when the writing bug strikes?

VLS: I write when it strikes me. I have a TON of stories I have started but want to finish the ones I have out. I usually get struck late at night after work when I have a big glass of wine and am either listening to music or watching tv to relax.

RF: What do you think makes a good story?

VLS: A good story to me is one that is planned out, where the author has thought about the beginning, middle and end. Chapter 1-3, 20-25 and 40-45. They have an end game and it shows in the consistency of the story. Yeah things might get tweaked or added but for the most part it is planned out well. That and descriptions! Lol. Not of everything but the important parts. Like I said, I am very visual. @herewaskendra draws me in every time just by her descriptions

RF: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

VLS: I have no quirks. Seriously. Well… does Chardonnay count?

RF: If a ZA were to occur, do you think you would survive? Explain why or why not.

VLS: I would DEFINITELY survive. I am a GREAT judge of character so I wouldn’t be hoodwinked by people like The Governor, Scavengers or Terminites. I am in great physical shape and was a girl scout. One thing that could hurt me? I am allergic to EVERYTHING so when the ZA started, I would have to raid all the pharmacies for Claritin and Benadryl! Lol. Now that would affect my reaction time. First thing I would do? Find a weapon like a Katana that wouldn’t need ammo and get a water purifier of some sort. Second thing? Find my own Rick Grimes! Lol.

RF: Thank you so much vegasloversteel for your time and answering these questions about your writing process.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m sure the readers out there will eat this up.  If you would like to follow vegasloversteel on tumblr, click on her name and FOLLOW and you can find her Richonne fanfiction here on

Stephen’s Q&A Answers HVFF Atlanta

So… before we get into the Q&A, I’m going to post this:

See… here’s the thing. I don’t actually have a beef with WHAT Stephen said. However, there is a sales technique required here. Some may not hear what he said because of how he said it. He could have said what he said and then added THIS (re see above) and diffuse A LOT of the issues. Everybody needs to go to their corners and regroup. Everybody is angry and defensive on all sides, and I get that, but it’s time to find the middle ground here.

So, let’s talk about what Steve said (X) (X).  Now, these are MY opinions because that’s what Something To Live For is about. lol I’m not telling you what to think and I’m not saying you have to agree with me. Cool? Let’s dig in.

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I don’t understand. Once upon a time, there seemed to be a trend to always try to include someone who was disabled in some way in the shows of the Nineties or early Twenty First century. Like people in wheelchairs or deaf people or mute people or the like. And while sometimes they were added as a lesson like in Power Rangers, they tended to be main or supportive characters like Stevie in Malcolm in the Middle and K. C. the dog without a leg in Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon.

But nowadays there is none of that. There is a pushing for more LGBT or people of other races or ethnicities in TV but disabled people have been pushed into the background, if that.

How did this happen?

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+ Jason's kid anon adding: what if babyjay looks the most like s/o but has Jason's temper and sense of recklessness? like they're chill and sweet and maybe a bit sassy. one day they're just chilling out and watching cartoons but oh snap Dick's kid dID NOT JUST TAKE THE REMOTE AND CHANGE IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SHOW (like Jason and his soaps) and then there is screaming as two vigilante-children are fighting. dads come running, s/o's are called in, and Batman give a long-suffering sigh like not again

lowkey feel like dick and jason’s kids would have similar taste in tv shows. it’s tim’s kid that they can’t share a tv with. tiny bastard only watches cop shows and won’t let them watch say yes to the dress

Came across this prompt on @omeliafics​ and thought it was really cute so I gave it a try: just an easy quick fluff prompt for anyone interested, omelia sickfic where amelia refuses to leave work and everyone calls on Owen to get her home where he takes care of her, total comfort/fluff 💖
it’s rather long, sorry about that…
this is my first Amen/Omelia fanfiction btw, so feedback would be very much appreciated :)

“I’m not sick” she protested and tried to manoeuvre her way out of the grip Maggie had on her arm.
“You fainted Amelia, fainted! Stop lying to me, I’m not stupid.” Amelia rolled her eyes. Bad idea. That hurt and did nothing to help her dizziness. Not that she was about to admit that to anyone. She wasn’t sick. She didn’t get sick. “People faint all the time, I just forget to keep up my fluids and didn’t have time yet to grab lunch, that’s all. I’m not sick and I’m not going home so you can let go of me now.”
Despite her best efforts to snap at the cardio surgeon, her voice was hoarse and came out rather poorly than feisty as she had intended for it to be. Before her body could become even more traitorous she made her way to the door, making sure to strike a confident pose despite how she felt but before she could reach the handle, she swayed and had to grip onto the nearest drawer. Maggie made a triumphant gesture.
“You call that ‘not sick’? Amelia, I’m a doctor, I can see when someone is sick and you’re definitely in no shape to see patients, let alone operate on them.” Amelia sighed heavily, determined to just ignore Maggie and walked the last few steps toward the door. Just before she could actually open it, the door swung open right before her eyes, adding to the dizziness she already felt.
Meredith, who was behind the door entered the attendings lounge, looked at Amelia, then Maggie and then back to Amelia.
“You look like crap. Are you sick?” she asked, pointed a finger at the neurosurgeon.
“No!” “Yes, she is!” both her and Maggie answered simultaneously. Meredith walked past Amelia and further into the room to grab a bottle of water.
“Well, you definitely don’t look healthy enough to treat people today, so you should go home. If you’re worried about what Bailey will say, I think she’d rather get you back on your feet as soon as possible than have you infect already sick patients” she stated while opening the lid.
“I am not gonna infect anyone, because I’m not sick” Amelia tried again, desperately wishing they would just leave her alone because their talking just added to the tension forming in her head. Unfortunately for her, her protest was cut short by a coughing fit that wracked her body.
“Amelia…” Maggie tried again but the surgeon in question just weakly walked out the door, determined to get to her office before she’d faint again in the middle of the hallway.
She didn’t wanna go home. She felt like crap, yes, but being home alone watching stupid tv shows and drinking tea would not help anyone. She made her way to her office as quickly as she could, determined to not bump into her boyfriend because if he saw her in that state, he’d probably lift her off the ground right there and then and carry her home despite her protests.


“Meredith, she fainted. We can’t just let her continue to work, she needs to go home and rest.”
“Look, I’m not disagreeing with you but Amelia is a grown woman and we can’t make her go home.”
“She’s a danger for the patients, she could make mistakes in her current state, we need to tell someone” Maggie worked herself up.
“We’re definitely not telling Bailey, Maggie, she’s our sister, we protect our sister, we don’t rat her out in front of the chief. Besides, she doesn’t have any surgeries anymore today, I just checked.”
“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do though, I’m trying to protect her” Maggie protested and Meredith rolled her eyes, knowing just how stubborn Amelia could be if she wanted to and that making her go home was basically an impossible task.
“What do you suggest then?” Maggie eyed Meredith.
She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
“Let’s call Owen, maybe he can get her to go home. Besides, I think his shift is about to end soon anyways and I think he mentioned not being on call tonight, so he could bring her home and make sure she gets some rest.”
Maggie sighed and nodded, already pulling her phone out of her lab coat, going through her contacts.
“Owen? Yeah, it’s Maggie, listen, I need to ask you for a favor….”


Amelia was well through her fourth pack of tissues while she continued to stare at the paperwork piling up in front of her.
She couldn’t concentrate at all, her dizziness had fortunately stopped but she still felt like crap, her throat was sore and the constant pounding in her skull didn’t really add to her comfort.
There was a knock on the door and before she could even say anything, Owen entered her office, staring at her and then at the pile of used tissues that filled her trash can. She was just about to tell him to quit staring but even the slightest attempt at saying something made her wince and triggered just another coughing fit.
Owen sighed, closed the door behind him and went over to where she was sitting. “Maggie called me” he explained, causing Amelia to roll her eyes once again. He put one hand against her forehead. “You’re burning up, why didn’t you call me, I would’ve brought you home. You’re sick.” “Not sick” she managed to get out “and I don’t want to go home.”
He looked at her in sympathy. “My shift ended ten minutes ago, how about I just finish up here and then take you home? You can let Bailey know while I’m gone and I’ll come pick you up in a few minutes. I’ll stay with you at home if you want to, you don’t have to be alone.”
She was just about to protest again, when she realised it was probably fruitless to try and convince Owen to let her be. It also didn’t sound too bad to go home with him.
So instead of trying to make a point, she knew she would lose, she nodded weakly. An expression of relief crossed Owen’s face and he leaned forward to kiss her head before exiting her office again.


They were sitting in the car and Amelia kept drifting to sleep but was woken up again every time the car bumped over a hole in the road.
“Can we go to the house? I love the trailer but…” she was cut short by Owen’s hand on her knee. “Of course, we’re almost there, I figured you’d want a real shower and bed.”
She sighed thankfully, not really capable of doing much more. “Two weeks and we’ll finally be able to move into our own apartment” he reminded her, putting the faintest of smiles on Amelia’s face. He pulled into the driveway shortly after, and walked around the car, holding Amelia up while they walked towards the house.
Once he had gotten her inside, he settled her on the couch and started the water to make some tea in an effort to calm her throat. “Are you hungry?” he turned around. She shook her head and dropped it into her palms. “I just want to shower and maybe rest a little” she looked over at him.
He nodded and came over to her weirdly cautious and she suddenly realised that he was nervous about taking care of her. They were about to move in together and he was nervous because she felt like crap and he didn’t know how to make it better.
He hated not being able to keep her from suffering, even if it was just something as simple as a cold. And that made her fall in love with this man all over again. Oblivious to where her mind was wandering, he sat down beside her.
“You think you can walk up the stairs?” he asked and helped her stand up. She nodded and they made their way towards the stairs, getting her into the bathroom. He helped her shimmy out of her clothes and set the temperature in the shower but decided to give her some privacy and told her he’d go downstairs to prepare the tea but would come check on her. She nodded thankfully.
Usually she wouldn’t have wasted any opportunity to get him into the shower with her but she felt gross and wanted to get this over with quickly, just a quick shower helping to wash away the day at the hospital and maybe relieve her stuffed nose with the hot steam.
When she was done and turned off the water, she heard him come back and before she could even grab her towel he had already rushed to get it for her, holding it out so all she had to do was just step into the warm fluffy fabric.
She dried off quickly and threw on the sweatpants and shirt Owen had gotten for her. “Is there anything else I can get you? Or do you just wanna go straight to bed?” he asked with a smile and she swayed into his chest, putting her head down over his heart.
“Can we just stay here for a second?” she asked, feeling her eyes slip shut. He wrapped her arms around her body, pulling her closer to him and laid his chin on top of her head, wrapping her up in his embrace as best as he could. Despite her throbbing head and her discomfort, the smell of his cologne calmed her and together with the soothing pattern he was drawing on her back, let her drift off again without her noticing.


When she woke up again, she was in her bed and heard the water running in the bathroom. She groggily stretched her arm out from under the covers and fumbled for her alarm clock.
The red numbers told her it was 9pm.
Still disoriented, she couldn’t quite remember crawling into bed and she was about the call for Owen when the water stopped and he appeared in the door frame a few seconds later. When he noticed she was awake, a smile spread on his face and he approached the bed, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asked and she tried to sit up a little. Bad idea. “Like I’ve been hit by a truck” Amelia tried to grin but it came out as a grimace. He sat down on the bed and she moved over to rest against his chest, silently seeking the comfort he offered. “I made some soup before I hopped into the shower” he broke their silence a minute later “it’s still warm if you want some.” She looked at him gratefully.
“Sounds good” she agreed before she started to cough again, shaking them both. He laughed a little but quickly caught himself when she started to pout and he couldn’t resist to press a soft kiss to her lips.
She swatted his chest and frowned at him. “Don’t. You’ll catch whatever it is that I have.”
“I can handle myself” he winked at her and dropped another kiss on her forehead before softly helping her up again and situating her against the pillows. He got some clothes from the drawer that Amelia had stashed some of his outfits in and walked towards the door. “I’ll get us two bowls, I’ll be right back.”


She had managed to stay awake long enough to see him return with the soup and a cup of fresh tea for her and she hated those cheesy lines in movies and books but she swore her heart did actually swell at that moment.
It had once hurt to be so in love with him, almost torn her apart but now it was the good kind of pain. The one that sends daggers through your heart and lets your stomach clench in happiness and anticipation.
Though, admittedly, hers was clenching from hunger right now and the soup really did smell heavenly. He handed her one bowl and lifted up the covers with his now free hand, sliding in next to her.
When they were done with eating and had put their bowls aside, she gripped onto his arm.
“Please stay” she demanded, her eyes glassy from the fever but still pleading. His features softened and he moved closer to her. “I won’t go anywhere” he promised. He put one arm around her and pulled her close so she could rest her head on his chest.
She sighed contently despite her obvious discomfort. “If you need anything just let me now” he leaned over her to turn off her nightstand light and pressed a kiss to her head.
She murmured some form of agreement and snuggled deeper into his chest. Thinking she was asleep, he was just about to reach over to his nightstand to get some notes he’d wanted to go over before his shift tomorrow when she spoke again.
“Owen?” “Yeah?” he asked and turned his head into her direction but her eyes were closed.
“Thank you.”
Even though her voice was cracking at the end, he could hear the sincerity behind her words.  
“Anytime” he answered easily and moved his thumb up and down on her arm in a soothing motion.
“See, being sick isn’t all that bad” he added just to tease her a little. Her answer didn’t come immediately and he thought she’d already fallen back asleep when he heard the faintest whisper coming from her: 

“mhhhhh….mmh fine, not sick.”

Endless Night Makes Morning Brighter

Pairing: Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Teen And Up

Words: 1568

Can be read on AO3.

During the celebration of Yuuri’s victory, Yuuko informs everybody someone made a short movie about our two favorite skaters. EMOTIONS happen, love confessions follow.

I don’t know how many of you knows about this (I didn’t up until this afternoon but @hales-emissary is amazing and told me about it) but the creators of YOI made a short figure skating movie, before they came up with the show, that’s basically five minutes of pure Victuri feels. I watched it. Then I watched it again. They I put it on a repeat for two and a half hours and wrote this. So, yeah. This is basically five pages of FEELS.

I highly recommend you to watch the movie, first of all, it’s beautiful, second of all, it’s kind of a backbone to this story. XD

Originally posted by lyslez

P.S.: Text enclosed in these <> mean they are speaking in Japanese, therefore Victor can’t understand.

Surprisingly it was Yuuko, not the culprits disguised as her daughters, who brought their attention to it. In fact, she yelled very loudly in the middle of the celebration of his Grand Prix victory effectively gaining the attention of absolutely everybody.

<“Yuuri! They made a movie about you!”>


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I know it's important for the fans to be vocal about wanting a season 4, but do you really think it matters that we keep asking for it? I feel like it just comes down to $ and if we get a season 4, they'll say it was all fan based when really they have the final say and fan opinion doesn't really matter. Thoughts? I definitely want a season 4 but it seems silly to assume we have all control on making it happen.

Obviously $$ talks and Gary Marsh (top exec) is pretty mercenary (to put it gently…but I’ll spare you my rant about him). However, so I’ve been told by friends who have friends on the inside/connections with Disney, when renewal is up in the air like it is with GMW, yes, fan response is important. Because the last thing Disney wants is bad PR (which again, is connected to $$ or losing it).

At this point, the fan response has been pretty loud (the Twitter campaigns, actors involved, the Instagram comments, that radio Disney poll, even the casuals on fb are writing about wanting s4), that I think Disney execs get the memo. So the question is, I think, what will cost Disney more–producing a fourth season or canceling and risking alienating a fanbase/viewers?

Marsh has spoken about how when they cancel popular shows, they make sure to stack the deck for the next TV season (with like 3-5 new series). And while they added a decent amount of new shows this current season (Bizaardvark, the prank show, mech x4, stuck in the middle), there was also a decent amount of shows that ended last season (A&A, Jessie, IDDI), so that kinda balances out. In terms of the upcoming 2017 season, as far as I can find, Disney just has the Raven spinoff and the Andi Mack show lined up (and Ducktales revival but thats on Disney XD), which really isn’t stacking the deck (especially considering L&M is ending and all of those new shows from this season are doing meh to bad in ratings compared to L&M and GMW).

Part of me wonders if they’re milking this anticipation as a means to try to drive up ratings but idk.

Also, Marsh/the execs and Jacobs/production operate on totally opposite philosophies, so I could see negotiations between them being tense.


Imagine that we’re kids in school together, and I start a rumour that you’re secretly a dog who’s been surgically altered to look like a human being.

“Sam’s a dog”, I tell everyone.  "Sam’s not a person.“

(For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll assume your name is Sam.  It can be short for Samuel or Samantha or whatever you like.)

And perhaps you go along with it at first.  It’s fun.  Sure, the doctors trained you to walk upwards.  Sure, your age is actually your age times seven.  Sure, there’s a scar on your lower back (upper butt!) where you used to have a tail, but no, you can’t see it.

And perhaps at recess the other kids will tell you to sit, and you sit.  The other kids will throw sticks, and you go get them.  It’s fun.

And then one day at lunch, I take your Reese’s peanut butter cup away.  "Dogs shouldn’t have chocolate”, I inform you, with my mouth full.  You say nothing.

The next day, I take your Skittles.  When you complain that Skittles don’t have chocolate in them, I calmly inform you that dogs can’t own property, so really, none of your lunch is yours at all.

I sing a little song about it.  Sam’s a dog.  Sam’s not a person.  The other kids join in.

You slap me in the face.  There’s a fight.

In the office, the principal asks who started the fight.  The story - corroborated by multiple witnesses - is that I took a few pieces of candy from you and sang a silly song, and you hit me first.  I go back to class, you’re suspended for three days.

As you’re leaving, you hear the principal mutter “certainly acts like an animal…”

You start hearing people outside of class - people who don’t even go to our school - singing the song I made up.  Sam’s a dog.  Sam’s not a person.  People are singing it in the streets.  A kid you don’t know runs up to you and asks if you pee on fire hydrants.

Someone threw a can at you from a moving vehicle.  As it drove away, you heard them making barking noises.

People start taking your possessions - little stuff at first.  Pens.  Paper.  Books.  Your bike.  Your shoes.

Sam’s not a person, therefore Sam can’t really own property.

Sam’s not a person, therefore hitting Sam isn’t really assault.

Sam’s not a person, therefore if Sam were to be killed, it would be, at most, animal cruelty - not murder.

By the time you get to high school, it’s common knowledge all throughout town.  Moreover, since you’re clearly genetically related to them, your whole family must be dogs too.  Your grandfather gets called a “mutt” at the grocery store.  Your seven-year-old cousin has his candy stolen by his classmates.  The children all sing the song I wrote.

And then your mom dies.

She was walking home with groceries when a group of teenagers surrounded her and started making barking noises, throwing things, snatching at her.  She had to abandon the groceries and walk, then jog, then run away.  She fell - no one’s sure how - and hit her head on a concrete pylon.  Multiple times.

You sit in court and look at the teenagers in their best suits.  They’re doing their best to look innocent and sad.  The judge rules your mother’s death was her own fault.  She shouldn’t have been running in an area with concrete pylons.  She should have watched where she was going.

As the teenagers celebrate, the judge comments that he shouldn’t have to have his time wasted every time a stray animal has an accident.

You start to take action.  You spend your own money to make signs, posting them all around town, showing your face, showing that you’re a human being.  You buy time on the local radio station, and record an ad saying how you ARE a person, and you DO have rights and you CAN own property.

You see one of your signs spraypainted with “SAM’S NOT A PERSON”.  You tear it down.

You go on TV, showing your clearly human genealogical tree going back eight generations.  You show how you don’t actually have a scar on your lower back.  You submit to a cheek swab, a blood test, it all shows you’re 100% human.

You tune in to see the segment, and in the middle of it, there’s an ad I’ve paid for.  I talk vaguely about HUMAN rights and HUMAN values over swelling string music.  The tune is familiar.  You’ve heard me use it before.

You take me to court.

I argue that my ad doesn’t hurt you in any way, and that I have a right to free speech.  You spend thousands of your own money on lawyers who argue and fight and appeal their way upwards.

On the twenty-third day of legal proceedings, you come home and someone’s spraypainted “S.A.D. S.N.A.P.” on your front door.  The cops tell you it must just be random graffiti from some punk kids.  Y'know, “sad snap”.  Like “oh snap”.  Kids say that, right?

You clean your door.

The “SNAP” graffiti is back the next day.

After years of fighting, you get all the way up to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court confirms that you are, indeed, a human being.  The Supreme Court confirms that my ad should not be aired any more.  There is no penalty to me other than that, and you’re out thousands of dollars, but you still celebrate that night like you won the lottery.

Years go by.

It is the law of the land that you are a human being and entitled to all the protections of the law.  No one takes your possessions.  No one throws things at you.  You do, occasionally, get the stinkeye from random people.  You do, occasionally, hear my tune hummed just out of the range of your hearing.  But you know they can’t hurt you.  You are, legally, human.

I’m running for mayor.

You find yourself in the audience for one of my speeches.  I give a very good speech.  I talk about repairing the streets.  I talk about cleaning up the trash.  I talk about lowering taxes and incentivizing small businesses.  I talk about increasing property values.

I see you in the crowd and make eye contact.

I talk about improving the quality of life for all the HUMANS who live in this city.

I casually snap my fingers.

The people around you chuckle a little bit.

You flip me off.

“Why, Sam!”, I exclaim, “whatever did I do to merit such hostility from you?”


“It’s just a hand gesture, just a little noise.  It can’t hurt you.”


“Kids say ‘oh snap!’, right?  It’s cool!  I’m a very cool person.”


“Lots of songs have snapping in them.  I like music.  Don’t you like music?  Or, perhaps, you’re allowed to snap along to songs and I’m not, is that the rule?”


“I mean, come on!  Why does everything have to be so politically correct?  Why do you have such thin skin?  Can’t you take a joke?”


“You seem to be really getting mad.  You’re getting a little hot… under the collar.”


“Aren’t you, Sam?”











'Homeland is racist': artists sneak subversive graffiti on to TV show
Street artists say they were asked to add authenticity to scenes of Syrian refugee camp, but took chance to air criticisms of show’s depiction of Muslim world
By Claire Phipps

“The trio decided instead to use the opportunity to air their criticisms of the show, adding graffiti stating: “Homeland is NOT a series”, “The situation is not to be trusted” and “This show does not represent the views of the artists.”

The Arabic script was not checked by producers, they claimed. “The content of what was written on the walls … was of no concern. In their eyes, Arabic script is merely a supplementary visual that completes the horror-fantasy of the Middle East, a poster image dehumanising an entire region to human-less figures in black burkas and moreover, this season, to refugees.

Amin told the Guardian: “We think the show perpetuates dangerous stereotypes by diminishing an entire region into a farce through the gross misrepresentations that feed into a narrative of political propaganda.

“It is clear they don’t know the region they are attempting to represent. And yet, we suffer the consequences of such shallow and misguided representation.”

Homeland has frequently run into controversy during its five seasons, particularly over its depiction of the Muslim world and its portrayal of an apparently cosy relationship between Al-Qaida and Hezbollah.”

- Claire Phipps

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Did you ship Rucas when you first watched the show?

I didn’t really “ship” anything when I first watched it, tbh. But as a casual viewer, I believed Riley and Lucas were pretty much a done deal in terms of the Love Story. I was nostalgic for BMW, and didn’t feel the show was *really* living up to it. Notably, I personally didn’t feel the Riley/Lucas love story was organic, and it felt more like the formulaic Disney Channel story we get nowadays. I found the characters of Farkle and Maya were interesting, and added dimensions to the show though; there were a few moments where I thought to myself “huh”, “this is odd”, “this doesn’t fit”, but I brushed them off. I checked out at GM the Tell-Tale-Tot (in no small part because I was a little turned off by the fact that they had college girls encouraging Josh to get with a middle-schooler, instead of recognizing that he was doing the right thing and being decent by shutting it down; kinda like Eric/Topanga on BMW). Then when I caught Texas on TV, my mind was kinda blown. So I started a rewatch (here’s my first post lol).

I didn’t start the rewatch as a shipper either, in all honesty. I did it purely to appreciate the whole show. And in rewatching, I found the way the story hinted at Riley/Farkle, and Lucas/Maya highly interesting, hence the “shipping” dimension came in. But really, I’m more of a renewed, recommitted fan of the SHOW now fully on board with whatever the writers choose to do because my faith in them has been regenerated, and I see how they’re doing something valuable with all character pairings & dynamics. I do hope the “meta” dimension (that’s becoming a little self-indulgent) leaves more room for the character-driven and emotional story-telling in S3. From the second half of S2, particularly, it looks like we’re well on our way to that.

Matthew Nelson has penned some of my faves on GMW so far (Truth, Maya’s Mother, 1961, Pluto, Hurricane, Creativity, Texas 1-2-3 with MJ, the Forgiveness Project). He’s set to do True Maya, so yay! And looking back at his writing creds for BMW, he did some of my faves there too. Needless to say, I’m glad he’s involved in the throwback Cory/Lauren/Topanga arc building up to Ski Lodge, cause he was involved in the initial arc on BMW (Torn Between Two Lovers).

Anyways, all this to say, I’m more of a fan of the show overall than a shipper, here. But the story as I newly understand it makes me much more engaged and finds me rooting for Riley/Farkle (and Lucas/Maya). Although, like the writers have said, there is a much bigger endgame, and I am here for that.

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Something that always annoys me about tumblr is that whenever they're celebrating diversity 99% of the time diversity means black. Like my fathers Iranian and my moms Japanese, so even when a show is "super diverse 1!1!1" it usually won't have anyone from the Middle East, let alone a mixed race person that isn't at least partly black or white. Idk I just wanted to rant :/ I'm the real cringe

yeah no, this is pretty valid. tumblr has a mainly american userbase and african americans make up the largest racial minority in america, so whenever people think diversity they just think “more minorities” and since black people are the most visible minorities they just think that adding more black people into tv shows will stop racism forever

I really wish people on tumblr would understand that representation does not just mean that black people are more represented and represented accurately in media.

First off, I am glad that there is more representation for black people in media. I think it’s a great step in media and most of the support on tumblr about it is great. We should definitely have representation of them on television and have them not just as the side characters or the friend characters, but as the main focus.

However, most of the support on tumblr and even some members of the black community on tumblr need to understand that you are not the only race that should be represented on media. Many supporters on tumblr, black community or not get really rude and vicious when it comes to their representation. And it’s not just ‘i think this’ it’s to the point where threats are made, and they think that their representation and race is so above everyone else and look down on other races, and not just white people.

Black representation is not the only representation.

Asians need to be accurately represented in media too. So do natives of any country, or Latio/Latina, or Indian, etc. So do people with disabilities. I’m just giving a few examples of races and minorities that get way less representation in media to the point of little to no representation in television, let alone near accurate. There are so many minorities other than black who need representation and tumblr (and even sometimes members of the black community on tumblr) need to realize this. 

When it comes to representation of black people in media, tumblr is in an uproar or 'yes, this is great! this is amazing!’ and then it’s complete silence when other races ask for the same. Or people with disabilities. When you see an add or television show or movie and call it amazing for it’s representation just because it had some black people in it, it’s great that those characters are in it however it should not be hailed as amazing. I constantly think when I see ads or tv shows that are loved for their 'representation’ when there are mostly white people and some black characters. Where are the Asians? The Native? What about a person from the Middle East? Or a person who is in a wheelchair? Or down syndrome?

No one asks these questions, let alone tumblr. 

Like I said, it’s great that black people are getting the representation in media that is needed and that is deserved, but tumblr also needs to realize that many other minorities deserve representation and should start supporting them as well.
ABC Family Plots Big Scripted Music Push as Focus Shifts to "Becomers"

The younger-skewing cable network will double its original programming over the next four years as part of its year-round plan with a scripted music drama from Christina Aguilera and comedy from Irving Azoff in the works.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Caterina Scorsone Pregnant With Second Child: We're 'Very, Very Excited' | ETOnline

Congratulations are in order for Caterina Scorsone!

The Grey’s Anatomy star is expecting her second child with husband Rob Giles, and she confirmed the news to ET at the Disney/ABC Television Critics Association party at the Beverly Hilton on Thursday. The couple are already parents to daughter Eliza.

“I am!” the 34-year-old actress told ET, adding that she and her husband are “very, very excited” for their new bundle of joy.

Scorsone showed off her baby bump with a figure-hugging long-sleeved black collared dress and revealed that she’s due in the middle of production.

“It’ll be challenging. It’s going to happen somewhere during the shooting season,” she said. “But Shondaland is the best place for that to happen.”

When asked if she knew if she was having a boy or a girl, Scorsone said their keeping that a secret: “Yeah. We’re kind of not [saying].”

She also admitted that her real-life pregnancy will not be written into Amelia’s storyline on Grey’s Anatomy. Since viewers last saw Amelia, she was getting married to Owen (Kevin McKidd).

“I don’t think so. We’re picking up the season immediately after we left off, which was the wedding where Amelia was not pregnant,” she said with a laugh, adding there will be some “very fancy footwork for the director of photography.”

Scorsone was in good spirits about it all, joking that she’ll be wearing more “lab coats” come fall. As for what season 13 entails, she promised fans will be in for a real treat.

“There is a new living situation with Amelia,” Scorsone said. “It’s going to be fascinating on a lot of different levels. Owen and Amelia, they got married really fast, and marriage is like a seismic shift in a person’s life, let alone two people who are coming to the table with deep wounds and scars, so I think negotiating that transition into inter-dependent life is going to be dramatic and challenging. We’ll see how that goes!”

“So far, it’s actually pretty sexy,” she said of Owen and Amelia’s relationship, “but I imagine – just knowing Shondaland and knowing life – that they’re going to have to figure their stuff out.”

I’ve had this blog for close to 3 years now. It started and grew as a fitblr. Food, exercise, mental struggles, growth, set backs, good days, bad days, happy and sad times. You’ve basically seen it all. The follower count has gone up and down and I have found myself growing close to and at times away from different people.I’ve been pondering stopping this blog, starting all over, or staying. The decision changes every day. But alas there is a chill in the air, the sun is shining and I wanted to introduce you to a me that has nothing to do with health and fitness at all.

Hello, my name is Tori.

My middle name is Marie.

I’ve lived in Virginia, Texas, and Georgia.

I have a mom, dad, 3 sisters, a brother in law and a nephew. I’m the 2nd oldest/ co middle child.

I majored in Sociology with a concentration in Medical Sociology.

My favorite candy is haribo gummi bears, Heath bars, Reese’s, and dark chocolate.

I’m afraid of the dark, snakes, & heights.

My favorite movies are Transformers, the Avengers, You’ve Got Mail, Toy Story and Harry Potter.

My favorite musical artists are Needtobreathe, Mcfly, Katy Perry, Ben Rector, Justin Timberlake & the Civil Wars.

I’m obsessed with country music in the Spring and Summer time.

I love blogs. Mainly fashion & lifestyle blogs.

My favorite tv shows are The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Chopped, Top Chef & basically anything Bravo turns into a reality show

I love ketchup and barbecue sauce.

My favorite places to shop are Target, Old Navy and Forever 21.

I could eat watermelon all year long.

My favorite place to eat is Zaxbys.

I want 2 to 3 kids.

I plan to have a superhero themed wedding. ((Way in the future))

I’m never concerned with things matching.

My favorite color is pink.

Top 5 places I want to visit: London, New York, Rome, Nashville & Hawaii

I don’t like big groups of people but I love concerts.

If I had to pick a last meal it would be spaghetti leftovers.

I don’t wear much jewelry apart from a necklace Kevin gave me but I accessorize with beanies, headbands and sunglasses.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I’m not allergic to anything but I used to be super scared of animals so I told my 3rd grade teacher I was allergic to them so she sat me in the front of the class and never forced me to play with the class guinea pig.

The end.


July 25, 2016 // Happy Monday! (I know I’ve been gone for a few days, life got busier than expected.) I just wanted to show you a couple pages I added to my bujo recently. One is a “things to watch” page, and the other is a “midnight thoughts” page where I put random thoughts and ideas that I have in the middle of the night. (I haven’t actually had any since making the page, oops) Message me if you have any cool TV shows or movies that you think I should watch, I want to fill up this page!

'Scandal' Star Tony Goldwyn Creates a New Drama- NY Times

NEW YORK — Tony Goldwyn has displayed a lack of ethics in the White House.

As President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s hit melodrama “Scandal,” he has cheated on his wife right under her nose and even smothered a pesky Supreme Court justice on her sickbed.

But in his behind-the-camera roles as producer, director and writer, Goldwyn is exposing the ethical minefields of the justice system in a fine new drama “The Divide.”

This eight-episode series, which premieres on WE tv on Wednesday (9 p.m. EDT), teams Goldwyn with fellow creator and producer Richard LaGravenese (writer of last year’s HBO film “Behind the Candelabra”), who penned the two-hour debut.

Inspired by the real-life Innocence Project (which works to exonerate wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing), “The Divide” focuses on a young Philadelphia caseworker for the Innocence Initiative named Christine Rosa, who has become obsessed with winning a last-ditch appeal for a white inmate soon facing execution for the murder of a black family.

As Christine (series star Marin Ireland) and her boss (Paul Schneider) probe inconsistencies in the case, they butt heads with the city’s charismatic African-American district attorney (Damon Gupton), even as he begins to acknowledge problems with the racially charged verdict, which vaulted him to prominence a dozen years ago but, if it came apart now, could be his undoing.

“In the past,” Goldwyn says, “I had assumed that if someone’s in prison, they probably did it. I didn’t realize how much gray area there is in our justice system, and how many cracks catch people without money and influence.”

“On the show, we try to come to terms with the ambiguity of human nature,” adds LaGravenese. “In the Writers Room, I said, ‘Let’s get rid of words like "good” and “bad.” That’s not what our show is about.“

The two first worked together when LaGravenese did a script rewrite for the Goldwyn-directed 2010 film "Conviction,” which starred Hilary Swank in a dramatization of an actual Innocence Project case.

When that was done, says Goldwyn, “I wanted to explore the Innocence Project further. I thought a TV series would be a great way.”

After months of hashing out ideas, then crafting a proposal for the series they conceived, they landed a deal with the corporate parent of AMC to film a pilot. Time passed. Then so did AMC on the series. But a sister network, WE tv, stepped up.

WE tv, in the midst of a network-wide rebranding, claimed “The Divide” as its first-ever scripted series — a hoped-for repeat of how, in 2007, a new drama called “Mad Men” heralded the revamping of AMC.

Goldwyn and LaGravenese went back to work to beef up the narrative in preparation for adding and reshooting scenes for the pilot.

Goldwyn had landed the original deal for “The Divide” before committing to “Scandal,” but despite those “presidential” duties (which he resumes for season four later this month), he says the show was generous in giving him freedom to develop “The Divide.” And when “Scandal” took a two-month hiatus in the middle of last season, Goldwyn was able to head to Toronto, where he directed the first two episodes of “The Divide” as it sprang to life again.

Marin Ireland (whose credits include the films “I Am Legend” and “Sparrows Dance” and TV appearances on “Homeland” and “The Following”) returned to Toronto after having used her “down time” wisely: Last fall, she starred in an off-Broadway play “Marie Antoinette,” and for a month spent her days as an intern at the Innocence Project.

She found that entering Christine’s world for real was not only instructive, but also exhilarating.

“It left me thinking I should quit acting and come to work with these people full-time — even though I barely knew how to work the fax machine,” she says with a laugh.

For now, she’s happy to play a passionate lawyer trying to find justice, while Goldwyn, on break from presidential mischief, presides over his saga of doing the right thing.

NY Times did awesome piece on Tony well written.

ways to “save” the tv industry.

  • stop keeping everything so inclusive.
  • embrace the new age of technology. many people watch tv on their laptops
  • create content that is not country coded. allow people from all over the world to watch your shows
  • make it available in hd (720 or 1080)
  • post them online very quickly after. again. un country coded.
  • stop being run by hulu plus. let your shows be streamed with small ads throughout the middle of them
  • have tv available next day  
  • voila now you know how many people actually watch your shows now and the demographic that watch them
  • fix it.