This is a picture of Princess Makoto of Amber (who you may recognize as an expy of Makoto Kino!)  It was done by ‘Black Angel’ at Otakon 2003.  On the left with a blue background is my clumsy coloring of it; on the right is a vastly superior one by Phil Moyer, my friend and a player in the online Amber game this came from.

Amber Conventions

Of the four major Ambercon’s that I know of the next one is Ambercon US, it’s coming in March and there is still time to register, submit games, and join us in the fun.

It’s a great time whether you like Amber specifically or just fun, geeky, role playing. The system is easy to learn and there are lots of people willing to help you get the hang of it.

Ambercon US happens in Livonia, Michigan (near Detroit) from March 21-24. We’d love to see you.

More details at: