Downloads from Sirius - Adronis Conscious Matrix Communication

What your species is going through at this time is an intense era of de-programming. From the time of your baby boomers to your generations X, Y and Z, this is the era of removing the aspects of distortion so that your future generations can bring forward the era of true human potential revealing abilities some may consider to be unimaginable to achieve
—  Adronis

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   Underground, oh, so far underground, something odd rested on a bridge over glowing waters. It reached down slowly and shakily, dropping a claw into the cyan water and watching as his skeletal paw was swallowed.

  It does not feel the same.
     He let out a long, scratchy sigh, wondering how exactly he’d swim out of this. For now, however, he was going to enjoy it. Perhaps this was a once in a life time experience.

     Even so, the Adroni was becoming mildly curious about the glowing waters and sparkly ground. With a grunt, he got himself standing and began to walk off the bridge and down a little grassy path. Maybe, just maybe, he could get some directions.
If he finds anyone.


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