preparations | adroline

    From a distance, leaning by the door frame, Adrian was watching Caroline while idly toying with the little ring on his finger. In a few months, there will be another – possibly rock-less, they haven’t really picked a design just yet. Although just recently, Bonnie Bennett finally managed to sort out the struggles of a double bond with Adrian’s mind, and the ring – there were three, one for Caroline, one for Jill and one for him – was an essential tool to keep their minds from meddling with each other, at least for the time being until the bonafide witch figures out a better way to make the entire bond vanish. 

     Adrian yawned. He only had five minutes of nodding off on their couch, and when he deemed to have the perfect slumber on their bed, it was occupied by various things that are not appropriate for sleeping. 

     Magazines. Folders. Clippings. List of people — the ones that they are planning to invite to the prestigious event. There was some organization there, but it was way beyond his comprehension. He squinted his eyes at a wide piece of paper with boxes and circles and lines and — oh god, was that a freaking flowchart?

    There was hardly any place to perch on, but he still managed to squeeze himself on a far corner by the headboard, crossing his long legs awkwardly to secure the space. And there she was, possibly not even noticing him walking in.

    “Shine,” He called, then bit his lower lip to stifle another yawn, obviously desperate for attention. With that boyish, cheeky smirk on his face, he casually asked, “What if we just elope?”

     If that won’t call her attention, then he doesn’t know what else would.

straniul  asked:

All the texting meme symbols because why not. ♥

Send ✆ for a morning text [Future]

[Text] Hannah and I miss you.
[Text] Also, you’re missing out on a hell of a sleep in, she’s not even stirring. I think this has to be a first. 

Send ✉ for a text that wasn’t sent [Future]

[Text] Adrian, I’m- scared. Everyday I wake up praying that you haven’t forgotten me overnight. Sometimes I worry that we’ve been so lucky so far, that it’ll just run out and then I won’t have you-

-message deleted- 

Send ☎ for a rushed text [Future]

[Text] Can you pick Hannah up from daycare?
[Text] I’m swamped at work. 

Send ☏ for a loving text [Present]

[Text] You have no idea just how excited I am to spend the rest of my life with you.
[Text] I’ve never been so sure on anything in my life than I am with us.
[Text] I love you. More than I could probably ever say. 

Send ⁇ for a drunk text [Present]

[Text] Can uoy visiit my dreems tonite?
[Text] Mysticc fallz isnt as fun witout youu. 

Send ø for a late night text [Future]

 [Text] You know… Once you put the little monster to bed I was thinking we could have a little mommy-daddy alone time.
[Text] And I have a late start tomorrow morning so alone time can go for a few hours.  ;)

Send ✘ for a hateful text [Future]

[Text] Are mutinies still a thing?
[Text] Seriously, my boss is a raging bitch and it looks like I’m staying back late again.