The best part about poetry is that it’s one of the most authentic of art forms, because there is very, very, very little money involved. No one can sit down and say, ‘I’m going to write a million dollar poem.’ And because of that, you just do it because you need to do it. You do it because there’s something singing or screaming inside of you that demands attention. If any kind of career that comes out of that, then great, but if it doesn’t then you still do it.
—  Ada Limón, interviewed by Lois Carlisle for The Adroit Journal

In accordance with the last years, we are hosting (the 3rd!) annual Sakura Week, an event to celebrate Sakura Haruno from Naruto series.

The rules this year are in line with previous ones - please refrain from character bashing, keep ships implied at most and centered on our kunoichi and tag your contributions of any kind (art, fics, edits and more) with “sakura week”. Below prompts are merely guidelines - feel free to interpret them as you please!

Day 1: Quicksilver
→ rapid or unpredictable in movement or change; mercurial
Day 2: Kalopsia
→ the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are
Day 3: Silver Lining
Day 4: Dexterity
→ skill or adroitness in using the hands or body; cleverness
Day 5: Legacy
Day 6: Ethereal
→ of heaven or the spirit; extremely delicate or refined; airy
Day 7: Freestyle / Happy Birthday Sakura!

Lastly, we look forward to seeing your posts and have fun! ♥
piinku and laetia
on the train another white girl
compliments my eyelashes

& then starts plumping on mascara.
she preens & preens until they are three

times the size they once were, looks
up at me & smiles.

can’t we be pretty without being theirs?

when I start to cry she angles her body
away from me & pulls out her compact

mirror, which says conquer.
—  Fatimah Asghar, “Ways I Am Tired,” published in The Adroit Journal
She was certain that at any moment the cloth would tear, or the hook would slip, and Violet would be sent tumbling to her death. But thanks to her adroit inventing skills - the word ‘adroit’ here means ‘skillful’ - everything worked the way it was supposed to work, and suddenly Violet found herself feeling a piece of metal instead of a cloth rope.
—  A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning (Lemony Snicket)
It is time to show the universe what you are capable of,
says my horoscope, increasingly insistent this month.
But what I am capable of this month

is staring at the salt accident on the coffee table
& thinking, What sad salt. I admire my horoscope
for its conviction. I envy its consistency. Every day. Every day,
there is a future to be aggressively vaguer about.
—  Chen Chen, “Nature Poem,” published in The Adroit Journal
Adr0it Project Picked Back Up...

Ok, well I’ve decided it’s time to pick up my old Adr0it project that I wrote up in VB.NET - although using a new language this time. I decided to go with Python 2.6, as I have it installed on the *nix distro I use and it seemed like a great language seeing as it’s interpreted rather than compiled. I’m currently learning the language (just like I was upon beginning the original project) so it’ll be a work in progress. It’s called “Æthere” after the Greek protogenos of light. I’ll be employing the Tkinter framework for a GUI.
Below are some screenshots of what I’ve got so far: 

It definitely isn’t much, but it’s a start.
Oh, and if you like my wallpaper, let me know. I made that myself.