There are only so many parallel universes
that concern us.     In one, he isn’t dead.

In another, you drink light with your hands
all winter. There is a universe in which no one is lying

emptied in the street as the gas station burns, a universe
in which our mothers haven’t learned to wrap

their bones in each small grief they’ve found.
There is a universe in which there is no difference

between the past and the ground. Another
where the oceans pull the moon.      And so on.

        This is an incomplete list.  It has been abridged
for your comfort.       I could tell you

about the many universes in which bad things
happen to people other than the people

you love. Yes, in another life, it’s someone else’s sister
who climbs to the roof that night. In another life,

the boys rise darkly from the asphalt to choke
the engines of cruisers, and no one gives birth

chained to a hospital bed, and no one’s child washes
blue, ashore. Sure. You can have these worlds.

You can warm them in your hands at night. But know:
by signing, you agree also to be responsible for the universe

where the oceans glow red, the universe where
what we call shadow is pulsing with the musk

of hooves, and especially the one in which
humans exist, but only in the nightmares

of small children. Will you hold that one too?
The version of the story that never learned

to consider sound? and the one where sound
is only the opposite of metal? and the one

where the sound of metal is never enough
           to quiet the dead?

anonymous asked:

If Kaiko wants to destroy the Washuu bloodline , doesn't Furuta have the Washuu blood in him ? It seems sketchy? I feel something is up. Matsuri wasn't even a threat to Furuta ? Or was he ? If he can't control V he is nothing technically.

Ahh but they believe Furuta won’t live long, and probably think they have the upper hand in the situation. They might’ve made some kind of deal with him, and for the time-being are just using his adroitness to get shit done for their own agenda.

I doubt Furuta is really working in their favor, though. He wanted to keep his new kagune a secret from them, so he’s most likely banking on their obliviousness for some good ol’ double-crossing later on.

I don’t think Matsuri is a threat to Furuta either, but was standing in the way of V’s plans to wipe out the Washuu clan from their network. He may not have been a threat to Furuta’s ever-climbing status, but more importantly he knows too much. Matsuri actually has the potential to be a massive fucking threat, especially if he managed to escape from that fight with Kaiko.

Every animal breathing today under the sun owes the survival of his species to adroitness, to courage, or to speed. Now, in the age of atomic energy opening up, of these three prerequisites, it is speed that is the most important.
—  J.F.C. Fuller in Paul Virilio, Bunker Archaeology, 1975

( luke mitchell , he/him ): abel mercer is a survivor , who is twenty-nine years old. he has been part of the the saviors for two months. some say he can be adroit but also can be naive. best to stay on their good side.

alRIGHT HELLO! im grey and this is all you need to know about abel! hes just a pacifist who has somehow stumbled into a group of murderous baddies and is trying to make the world a better place!

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anonymous asked:

What extracurriculars did you list on the common app?

1. poetry

2. reading for lit mag #1

3. classics club/certamen

4. reading for lit mag #2

5. reading for lit mag #3

6. volunteering at a special education center

7. reading for HS lit mag

8. transcribing things

9. adroit summer mentorship program

10. docent at local children’s museum

Which probably begs the question: couldn’t you have consolidated all the lit mags? Yes, but each position is a bit different, as is each publication’s focus, and I tried to highlight that. 

« Une détonation lointaine affaiblie par la brûme, une autre, une autre encore; des ébranlements sourds. La division fait halte, charge ses armes, marche au canon. Nous débouchons sur le champ de bataille pour conjuguer nos efforts avec la division Legrand. Notre 33e régiment a devant lui Pranitz et son château d’où une batterie d’adroits canonniers ne tarde pas à nous accabler de projectiles.

L’Empereur alors nous fait esquisser un mouvement rétrograde afin d’amener l’ennemi dans la plaine; celui ci ne donnant pas dans le piège se contente de nous faire harceler par des tirailleurs.

Agaçantes comme des guêpes, les balles bourdonnent. Mon chapeau frémit sur ma tête, le bord coupé net. Un claquement de métal, une secousse dans mes mains serrées autour de la hampe, et l’aigle d’or, touché en plein, se disloque sur son piédestal. Ah ! les bandits… Notre aigle, que je suis fier de lever bien haut dans la bataille, se remet seule d’aplomb, vaillamment, au-dessus de ses trois couleurs.

De bout sur la levée d’un étang, je prends mon élan pour sauter un fossé large et profond. Plouf ! malheur ! la secousse a détaché complètement l’aigle qui vient de tomber dans l’eau noire. Je m’y précipite à sa suite avec mon drapeau et, dernier du régiment, barbote à tâtons dans la vase pour le repêcher. Six voltigeurs russes se dirigent vers moi et me couchent en joue, je m’enfonce dans l’eau comme un canard plongeur, mes doigts rencontrent un corps dur. J’exulte, c’est notre aigle. Je l’ai dans la main droite et la hampe du drapeau dans l’autre et me voilà courant de toutes mes forces, les ennemis sur mes talons; à ce moment là seulement je me rends compte qu’ils m’ont raté !

Tout le régiment, si anxieux pour l’Oiseau, ainsi appelons nous familièrement notre aigle, est soudain rassuré et pousse un long cri de joie. Je suis dégoûtant et nauséabond mais un soleil magnifique, dispersant les nuages, me réchauffe tandis que le colonel Saint-Raymond vient me serrer la main. »

Bob Putigny, Le grognard Putigny, baron d’Empire. Ed. Copernic

… I began to see that a crisis had arisen which would require adroit handling. Rarely had I observed Mr Wooster more set on a thing. Indeed, I could recall no such exhibition of determination on his part since the time when he had insisted, against my frank disapproval, on wearing purple socks. However, I had coped successfully with that outbreak, and I was by no means unsanguine that I should eventually be able to bring the present affair to a happy issue. Employers are like horses. They require managing. Some gentlemen’s personal gentlemen have the knack of managing them, some have not. I, I am happy to say, have no cause for complaint.
—  Carry on, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
She was certain that at any moment the cloth would tear, or the hook would slip, and Violet would be sent tumbling to her death. But thanks to her adroit inventing skills - the word ‘adroit’ here means ‘skillful’ - everything worked the way it was supposed to work, and suddenly Violet found herself feeling a piece of metal instead of a cloth rope.
—  A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning (Lemony Snicket)
Adr0it Project Picked Back Up...

Ok, well I’ve decided it’s time to pick up my old Adr0it project that I wrote up in VB.NET - although using a new language this time. I decided to go with Python 2.6, as I have it installed on the *nix distro I use and it seemed like a great language seeing as it’s interpreted rather than compiled. I’m currently learning the language (just like I was upon beginning the original project) so it’ll be a work in progress. It’s called “Æthere” after the Greek protogenos of light. I’ll be employing the Tkinter framework for a GUI.
Below are some screenshots of what I’ve got so far: 

It definitely isn’t much, but it’s a start.
Oh, and if you like my wallpaper, let me know. I made that myself.