Last week, when I broke my camera and blogged about it, I got a message from this guy, Josh, or Adrift At Sea as he is known around these parts. I had never talked to him before, but he said, “Sorry to hear you broke your camera. I have a couple of point and shoots laying around if you want one. No charge.” The face I made looked a lot like this one:


And today! Today I got a package containing a Nikon L100! And now my face looks like this:


Only way happier than that, because that’s just some punctuation and a capital letter that looks like a sideways ecstatic face. I assure you, my face is a lot more ecstatic than that right now.

I’ll take pictures with it soon and post them, but right now I have to go to band practice.

Thank you, Josh! You have no idea how much this means to me!