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Katarina: Strange god, you being me peace.

The Doctor: I don’t know what Vicki has advised you..

Katarina: …Oh, the Priestess Cressida told me that all would be well. And I knew it was to come.

The Doctor: What was to come my dear?

Katarina: That I was to die.

The Doctor: My dear child, you’re not dead. That’s nonsense. Hmm?

Katarina: But this is not Troy. This is not even the world. This is the journey through the beyond. Thankyou.

The Doctor: Yes, yes, yes, as you wish, child.

[‘New’ companion Katarina taking in the TARDIS surroundings]

Companion #5

Katarina (played by Adrienne Hill)

Last Episode - The Daleks’ Master Plan (The Traitors)

Last Words Spoken: “You show me so many strange mysteries. With you I know I’m safe.” (saying this to The Doctor)

I loved Katarina.  Does anyone know why they kicked her off the show and why they had to do it so tragically?  It was horrible and I’m kind of glad the video doesn’t exist.  It was worst than Donna Noble losing her memories.  

Oh, even better is how quickly everyone forgets her.  In the next scene, with The Doctor and Steven, they are acting like nothing bad has happened.  This angers me so fucking much.  Poor poor Katarina.