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I just died a little💖

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Amelia died at one o'clock today and I've cried so much today that I've avoided all work SHE DESERVED BETTER

Her death still makes me feel so sad ): I’ve been a lil emotional today too thinking about Marie Antoinette and all that unnecessary suffering she endured, and also thinking of the birthdays of Prince Edward and Adrienne Lafayette too. A busy day in history all round. Light a candle for Amelia and offer a few silent words perhaps? I am sure she would appreciate the notion.

Berena ramble

Just my two cents after mainlining Serena episodes for the last couple of weeks… mainly trying to cheer myself up

Serena is wonderful. She’s brilliant, sharp, witty, usually self-possessed, sassy and sexy. But pretty much all of her big storylines have been sad. First Elinor comes in having done drugs and Serena is mortified in front of Ric. Then Edward turns up. Then Adrienne is ill. Guy Self gets the CEO post, and undermines Serena from the start. Edward is a prick. Again. Then Adrienne’s decline into dementia. Serena deals with everything alone; although she’s often part of the comic relief in Holby, part of what I find so endearing about her character are the cracks in her facade that we don’t always see but that CR plays so well. Those moments of sadness that sneak through.

The show makes it clear that Elinor is more likely to talk to Edward or Adrienne than to Serena; that she doesn’t even answer the phone to Serena, or tell her about relationships and what have you. So I’m gutted that the way I want to imagine Serena’s life with Bernie now has been extinguished by Elinor’s death. But Elinor dying as she did, after the pair had reconciled (and actually talked about how they wanted their relationship to be), fits with the personal sadness of Serena’s life in Holby. The difference this time is that she’s not on her own. Bernie is here and steadfast and selflessly devoted in a way that’s entirely new for Serena. We’re in uncharted territory for both of these characters. It hurts like hell and there are questions to be asked about the plotting (especially in terms of what’s on and off screen) but it couldn’t be in better hands in terms of the delivery.