adrienne cosplays


My B'Elanna cosplay at shore leave.

People like to hate on Voyager but I really love it, especially how it dealt with mental illness and race/species. I relate to B'Elanna a lot because she is half klingon and struggles with that half of her identity. I am half black and I grew up in a white area. I always wanted to erase the black part of my identity because it caused me so much trouble. A lot of the struggles and insecurity she experienced being half klingon echo experiences I’ve had in my real life.

Adrienne’s first convention ever (was a total flop but whatever). 

Woke up at 3 am realizing I had no pants for the cos and no orange shoes. So I spent my whole night painting my shoes and considering going in just my cat boxers. The Comic Con was really boring. Most of the sellers didn’t even show up and some artists left their stands empty too. Chat and I were disappointed when we finished the con in less than two hours of slowly studying everything. As you can see in the pictures there were almost no visitors…

But they had an awesome garden and a pond to cool your feet in. Chat and I couldn’t eat our ice cream properly because of inappropriate thoughts.  But I got clawsome cat sunglasses and people liked my sign. 


Maggie dressed as Princess Adrienne from her favorite comic book, “Princeless” at Rhode Island Comic Con. This costume took me two months to complete. No-sew though. So go me. I know that @princelesscomic saw the unfinished costume that my husband shared (mortified 🙈). Here it is in its final incarnation! 😁


°˖✧make way for ladybug’s #1 fan✧˖°

my wig came in today for my fem!adrien/adrienne(??) cosplay and of course I had to test it out! I like to think that I channeled my Plagg Sass Face™ pretty well in the second pic. can’t wait to finish up my lady chat noir costume this weekend :3c

also s/o myself for taking photos without having my shirt finished please enjoy my lame snapchat paint skillz