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What do I tell my kids?

So, this is a question I anticipate getting in regards to Raven at some point and a question I’ve heard repeated by small minded straight people throughout the last few years.

“What do I tell my kids about: gay couples, lesbian couples, sexuality and sexual preference in general, LGBT people?”

Let me first say that the easiest way to “explain” LGBT relationships to your child is to treat them like relationships and not like a dirty sex thing.  You don’t ask the question of how you explain the relationship of the straight parents next door because they prefer a different sexual positions than you.  Do you? You’re not asking “How can I explain that Ted and Linda are into butt stuff?” to your child, are you?

You know what is, in my experience, the best way to explain same sex relationships to your child?  Having amazing LGBT people in your life so your child can see first hand that love is love.  Will they have questions? Absolutely. But your job as a parent is to field those questions.  In doing so you might bump into a few of your own prejudices.  This is a great time to examine them.

Because they way I look at it you have two options: either you can prepare your child for different possibilities so that they know whomever they turn out to be, they’re not weird - they’re the same person they were yesterday, just in love.  Or you can continue to only tech your child what’s the most comfortable for you, ignore all other possibilities, and pray that they don’t end up developing self hate and neuroses the first time they figure out they don’t match the mold you set out for them.

Kids will ask questions. It’s your choice how you answer.

And being as that is, after all, what Princeless is about (less from a sexuality standpoint and more from a gender roles standpoint) it seemed like the pages of our book were as good a place as any to touch on things we thought were important here.  So…if you’ve been following Make Yourself, you know that in the last two issues we met Benna (Bedelia’s dwarf cousin) and her wife Gretta.  In issue 3, which came out this week, Adrienne is on an adventure with Benna and she strikes up one such conversation.

It’s not particularly spoilery, but if you need to come back after you’ve caught up, that’s fine.  Pages from the story below.

The art here is, of course, by the amazing @megamoth and @brettgrunig who are the only reason any of this really works.  

And I think it’s the best I can do to put into comics that sentiment that I keep coming back to: Love is love.  That’s how I explain it.  It’s as easy as “some girls fall in love with boys, some girls fall in love with boys, some girls fall in love with both. Some people don’t even want to be in love.”  You don’t have to explain sex to your kid any more than you do when you talk about heterosexual relationships.

Now, when you decide to discuss sex with your kid, we will not be covering that in Princeless, but I’m sure you can find other resources.

Let us know what you think.  And trust me. Your kids understand more than you think.

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Princeless is back!

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Princeless - The Pirate Princess #1 Cover (not final)

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This is the second time anybody outside of the immediately Princeless family is seeing this.  Second because I shared it with Janelle Asselin on twitter earlier this week after describing the miraculous site of a comic book cover with three teen girls of the different ethnicities, fully clothed, and without implants.  Because it can be done and it look bloody amazing.

Happy Free Comic Book Day everybody.


The Three Leading Ladies of Princeless - The Pirate Princess

By Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt

Top:  Princess Adrienne Ashe

Middle: Raven Xingtao

Bottom:  Bedelia Smith

Hello Tumblr, above are the three leading ladies of the upcoming volume of Princeless titled “The Pirate Princess”.  This will be volume three of Princeless, but as with all volumes it is a story unto itself and designed to be a book you can read on its own.

If you are not familiar with Princeless, it is a fantasy comic which is appropriate for all-ages and centers around Adrienne (Top Image) who is a princess of a far away kingdom who is locked away in a tower by her parents and rather than waiting to be saved, decides to save herself.

This particular story follows Adrienne’s rescue of another girl she finds locked away in a tower.  But when that girl turns out to be the revenge bent daughter of The Pirate King, Adrienne finds that she’s gotten more than she bargained for.

Princeless is, I believe, fairly unique in the fantasy and comics world.  Its lead, Adrienne, is a woman and princess of color.  Her sidekick, Bedelia, is a mixed race girl from two very different worlds whose overcome a lot to be where she is.  This volume’s new co-heroine, Raven, is a character of Asian descent who fights alongside (and sometimes against Adrienne) to right a wrong and reclaim her birthright.  

While the characters are often distressed, there are no damsels in this story.  These girls all have (or are finding) agency.  They are all heroes and they are the ones doing the rescuing.  They’re still girls, they still have insecurities and issues, but their lives are defined neither by those insecurities nor by the presence or lack of romance.

Princeless is an action comic about fully dressed (often in armor), capable, self-determining, ambitious, sword fighting, dragon riding, rule breaking girls.  And while it’s for everybody, my hope is that those are exactly the kind of girls in will find - the kind of girl I want my daughter to know she can be.

There will be hugging, hair cutting, fairy tale reading, and occassionally even the color pink.  But first and foremost there are these amazing things that there just aren’t nearly enough of in comics - GIRLS!

Please, seek it out and enjoy.


Princeless Royalty

This is the Royal Family Ashe (plus their ally Kira the end of image 2)

Starting with top Image:  King Ashe, Queen Ashe, Princess Alize Ashe, Princess Angelica Ashe, Princess Angoisse Ashe

Bottom Image:  Princess Adrienne Ashe, Prince Devin Ashe, Princesses Antonia and Andrea Ashe, Princess Appalonia Ashe (and Kira)

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Some Princeless fanart! Featuring an OC of mine, Onet, who also happens to be a princess who rescues other princesses…it was a story I started working on a while back because I’d never seen anything like it anymore. Now I have! Adrienne is awesome, even if her armor is a pain to draw. (idk how the artist does it panel after panel! respect.)

Adrienne Ashe never wanted to be the princess who waited around for a prince to save her. Being stranded in a tall tower with pipe cleaner arms that made it impossible to climb down on her own was not her idea of a good time. Yet on Adrienne’s 16th birthday her parents, the King and Queen, locked her away and put a dragon in charge of guarding her. Bored with watching her dragon, Sparky, eat every prince attempting to rescue her, Adrienne takes matters into her own hands and saves herself. With some ill-fitting armor, and Sparky by her side, she sets out on a quest to rescue her sisters. Princeless shows children of all ages that princesses don’t need princes to save them. All they need is the will to rescue themselves.