adrienbroodys replied to your photo: #172 | 6.5/10

I’ve been thru obsession stage about 6 months ago when I watched a royal affair. Have u seen the green butchers? I liked that one better than Adam’s apples. And open hearts is pretty good too

I watched the Green Butchers last night actually! I liked it better too, yep. And I have Open Hearts ready to watch, I’ll probably get around it either tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been going through stages with Mikkelsen. I remember being really obsessed with him when I was going through NWR’s filmography, then it went quiet for a bit, then I fell in love with him again in A Royal Affair, but now with a weekly dose of Hannibal there’s really no running away from it anymore. This is Bradley Cooper all over again, I so did not need that ;_;