A quick stupid comic I doodled in between periods of working on a commission. It was something that struck me in the shower and I needed to get it out of my system. Wasn’t sure if anyone had made this joke yet so… have my messy sketches.

The older LB design belongs to @hchano. (The design is freaking amazing btw.) I just borrowed it because I don’t like Ladybug’s usual design in the show. It’s… lacking.

You may NOT copy, edit, or repost my art.

5 of my favorite characters wearing black.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

Mason “Dipper” Pines

Randall “Randy” Cunningham

Adrien Agreste

Melissa Chase

Soldierbug: So you like this Adrien Kid right?

Ladybug: Y-Yeah.

Soldierbug: This is what you do. First, you go up to him. Second, you stare him down, establish your dominance. Then, You kiss him hard on his mouth, you claim him in front of everyone.

Ladybug: (Super red) I-I-I can’t do that!

Soldierbug: There is always the second option.

Ladybug: I’ll do that one.

Soldierbug:(pulls out a gun, hands it to her) there you go.

McGonagall: Adrien Agreste.

Adrien: [steps forward]

Sorting Hat: HUFFLEPUFF!

Adrien: But I didn’t even wear you yet?

Sorting Hat: It’s your first day and you’re already making friendship bracelets.

Adrien: Well, it’s never too early to make memories!


I’m not sure when it happened but I hit 25,000+ followers! I just wanted to say Thank you, everyone, for loving Miraculous Ladybug.  💕🐞🐱

I started this blog waaaaaay back in October 2015 shortly after Lady Wifi aired in Korean (remember when that was a thing?). All because I wanted a gif of crazy cat boy. 

This scene right here made me laugh so hard I absolutely needed to have a gif of it. It’s even my icon because I love it so much.  

Honestly, my favorite part of running this blog are the tags. I love your reactions and comments. So Please keep tagging and commenting because I do read them and they absolutely make my day.

Adrien: I can do this, right? I mean she’s cute, I’m cute, so there’s really no reason for me to start stuttering or straight up stop functioning when she’s talking to me

Nino: bro, I believe in you

Adrien:*waves at Marinette* Hi

Marinette: *smiles brightly* Hey Adrien


Adrien to Nino:*voice cracks* help

anonymous asked:

I’m a sucker for Chloe. So if you wouldn’t mind how about her cuddling after finding out how relaxing it is. Everyone finds it adorable because she just melts. God soft Chloe what a gift. Anyways thank you if you decide to do this but you don’t need to if you feel tired! It’s best to relax a bit after all!

I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this ask,, this is,,, the softest Chloe idea I’ve ever heard of,, ,, I couldn’t even do it justice,

mlb human kwami au

reimagined: in a sense where kwamis are taking over the personalities and having hybrid appearances of their holders

i was actually hesitating to do this because i had this thought “aren’t their superhero outfits the embodiment of your so-called-human-kwami-au?” …yeah it is.

also me: fuck that- i’m bored at work and what if they’re in their casual clothes?

(view the image for hd quality👌)

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I just found out from that one comic that Adrien plays lacrosse and I was shocked, but then I remembered he was a rich, white, boy and it all made sense

Adrien Agreste is the epitome of rich white boy culture with none of the ugliness and all of the heart!!! Rich white boy who gives you butterflies AND his lacrosse team jersey!! The whole package, if you will