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Field of Vision - The Moderators

In an office in India, a cadre of Internet moderators ensures that social media sites are not taken over by bots, scammers, and pornographers. The Moderators shows the humans behind content moderation, taking viewers into the training process that workers go through in order to become social media’s monitors.

Directed by Ciaran Cassidy and Adrian Chen

DnD This 4

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“So Agreste!” Kim asked Adrien as they all began to pack up their DnD gear before the next session. “You and Chloé seem to have the night planned, what’s next?”

“I was thinking I’d order pizza–”

“Adrikins you know I hate pizza!” Chloé interrupted Adrien.

“That’s a bold lie, even coming from you Chlo, considering how you love Marchello’s.”

“Gifts from god are not the same as grease circles.” Chloé defended as if she had made a point. Adrien gave a snort of laughter.

“Anyway, while we’d wait for them to arrive go to the palor to start a movie or two? Or we could always go to my room there’s a lot of games there?”

Ivan looked up from his tablet, his eyes shining at the mention of different parts of the mansion. “Is it true you have the most beautiful bathhouse in all Paris?”

“That is a strange thing to ask? I mean I think it’s alright but we don’t use it much after….” Adrien paused but before anyone could say anything, “How’d you even know about it, Ivan?”

“My mother is an architecture. She specializes in bathhouses and even if she didn’t,  your house in general is practically a legend in her circles. In fact did you know–”  Ivan looked as if he was about to give an entire introspection to Adrien’s entire house, before Myélene rested a hand on his arm. “I’ll tell you later.”

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Gift: Drunk Men Don't Lie

For @alyseb630 because she’s a big cutie pie and Tumblr mums must spoil their children

“Princess I love you.” The mostly-empty wine bottle swung precariously from his fingertips, the contents sloshing loudly, demanding to be drunk.

Marinette rolled her eyes and reached for the bottle. “Yes I know that’s the fifth time you’ve said that in the past half hour.” He snatched the bottle out of her reach and rasied it to his lips, taking such a large mouthful that it would have been frowned upon at a dinner party. “Give me that Chat.”

Chat’s eyes bugged out of his head for a moment before he started giggling uncontrollably, his uncontrollable (at least in his drunken state) tail twitching. “That Chat.” He wheezed. “That’s funny.”

Marinette groaned and reached for the bottle again. “You’ve had enough.”

Chat clutched his prize to his chest. “No.” He whispered. “I need it.”

Marinette slapped his thigh and ignored his giggles of ‘ooh kinky’. “You don’t need it. Give it to me or I won’t give you any croissants next time you visit.”

“No croissants?” He breathed horrified. His ears flattened against his skull and his expression turned pitiful, as he pondered his new punishment. “Cookies?” He asked hopefully, ears pricking up.

“No.” Marinette said firmly, folding her arms across her chest.

“No cookies?” He whined, voice edging up a few octaves at the word ‘cookies.’ His ears drooped and his tail flopped onto the chaise with a thump.

Marinette swallowed the thump in her throat at the sight of her partner’s sorrowful expression. She tightened her crossed arms and deepened her frown so she wouldn’t give in. For a few seconds it was a silent battle of willpower before Chat lost. He held out the bottle in defeat, head bowed, one hand grasping the neck, the other supporting the base; like a sommelier might offer wine to a patron.

Marinette took it gingerly and slipped off the chaise so she could go pour it into her flowers on the terrace. When the bottle was empty she placed it as close to the wall as possible. Hopefully she could get rid of it later without her parents noticing. She took a deep breath and dropped back into her room, snapping the hatch closed behind her. She narrowed her eyes in the dark, Chat was missing and the hatch leading to downstairs was open. Marinette cursed, raced over to the hatch and stuck her head down the hole.

“Chat.” She hissed, panic setting in. Her parents weren’t exactly aware of the stray cat she’d adopted over the past few months.“Get up here.” After a moment of silence he wandered up the stairs and butted his head against hers.

“Princess! What are you doing here?” He wore his signature Cheshire grin and his voice was entirely too loud.

She grabbed his collar and hauled him through the hatch. “I live here.” She grunted as he sprawled on top of her giggling. “With my parents -”

“I love your parents.” He mumbled into her hair, still giggling. “Your fluffy and kind and nice maman and your funny papa. ”

Marinette rolled her eyes and tried to push him off her. “That’s nice. They are also parents who could catch you here without permission. Remember?” He had forgotten apparently, his giggles slowed and he pulled himself up onto his elbows so he was hovering over her, one of his clawed hands tangled in her hair, the other at the side of her face. He squinted at her and Marinette could feel her face burning under his intense scrutiny.

What?“ She demanded defensively.

“You’re very pretty.” He slurred.

To hide her embrassment Marinette laughed. “Oh really?”

He nodded sagely. “I always thought so.” He lifted a hand and trailed it down the side of her face, his body lowering to meet hers. “Ever since I first saw you.I thought you were beautiful.”

“You’re such a liar.” Marinette snorted, but her words had the wrong effect. Instead of him laughing and rolling away, he dipped his face down and brushed his nose against hers.

“Drunk men don’t lie.”

He was close. Too close. She could feel heat rolling off his body and smell the wine thick on his breath. She lifted her head to and suddenly she she could taste it. A tart flavour exploded in her mouth as he swept his tongue against hers. Marinette shoved embarrassment aside as she responded to him in a way she didn’t know she was capable of. She moved her hands to his shoulders as her head titled for better access. He was warm and steady, his torso touching hers as he supported himself above her. She was shaking, she could feel it, it felt so right so natural, but as he drew back for breath, all she could think of was Adrien and of how drunk Chat was and of how he was not really in control right now. She didn’t push him away, and so he moved in again, slower this time. He was barely a millimetre away from her lips when she found her voice.


She felt his body freeze instantly and his eyes snapped open, full of an emotion she couldn’t name. In a fraction of a second, he’d pulled her up into a less vulnerable position and scrambled as far away from her as he could, his back pressed against the wall, muttering “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” His voice thick and sad, still marred by the alcohol.

“Chat?” She crawled forward and reached out to touch him but he flinched away immediately.

He mumbled a long string of words that didn’t make much sense but Marinette caught “no means no” and “taking advantage of you.”

“Chat?” She touched his shoulder causing him to glance up. His eyebrows were furrowed as though they were desperately trying to meet and his mouth was pulled down at the corners in an uncharacteristic frown.

“Sorry Marinette.” He said again, her name instead of his usual endearment sounding funny on his tongue. The wine slurred his words but it couldn’t hide the sincerity. “You don’t want- I get it… I’m not-” He pressed a hand to his forehead half in embarrassment and half due to the pounding headache that had already started. “’m very drunk. That’s no excuse… You didn’t want me to-”

“No, no, no. It’s not like that.” Marinette said, creeping closer. And suddenly it wasn’t about Adrien or her being Ladybug. It was just about them. “I just… You’re really drunk.”

Chat’s ears perked up. “It’s just because of…” He struggled to finish his sentence. “Wine?”

Marinette scratched the back of her head. “I guess?”

He placed his hand on her shoulders, a wide, silly grin suddenly painted lopsidedly on his face. “Will you kiss me when I’m sober?”

Marinette jerked back in surprise and he released her immediately. “What?”

“When I’m sober, can I kiss you again?”

“Uhm. Sure?”

The grin widened and he held out his little finger. “Pinky swear Princess!” He sung.

They locked fingers and he stood, staggering towards her bed. It wasn’t until he reached the hatch that she realized he was trying to leave. She raced over and pulled him down onto the bed and away from the hatch and the dangerous rooftops. “Where are you going?” She demanded.

“Uh…” He shrugged and rolled over, amazingly managing to roll over the top of the railing and landing on the hard floor. Marinette jumped down beside him, but he didn’t seem phased by falling. “To my house.” He managed before standing up and trying to climb the ladder again.

Marinette pulled him off the ladder and directed him to the chaise. “No way kitten-” At the nickname he flung his arms around her neck and nuzzled into her neck, giggling again. Marinette rolled her eyes and walked him over to her lounge, her eyes landing on her phone. “You have to stay here. I won’t have you stumbling around like an idiot, what would Ladybug think?”

He hummed in thought before stepping back and releasing her. “I gotta go.” His words slurred again as though he was weaving in and out of his drunken state. Marinette pushed him onto the couch, a soft breathy grunt escaping him before she pressed ‘record’ on her phone.

“You have to stay here.” She told him, leveling the phone with his face. He either didn’t notice or was too far gone to care.

“But Princesss,” He said, desperately trying to make his voice sound matter-of-fact but failing miserably. “I gotta go.“

“Like pee?” She asked. He nodded.

After the expedition to the bathroom, which involved much pushing and giggling and an instance where Chat asked if she wanted to ‘disrobe him,’ they were back in the bedroom, Chat still trying to leave and Marinette still recording.

“If you go I’ll kick your butt.” Marinette snapped. She had to snap because the only other option was to start laughing at him-and he did look silly, his misbehaving tail wrapped around his legs, preventing any kind of progress-but laughterwould only encourage him.

“But you forget Princess.” He smirked, once again trying to maintain his matter-of-fact tone so he would win the argument. “I’m a superhero.” He pointed at himself before raising his palm to her. “So,” here he glanced at his hand as if it belonged to someone else before using his other hand to put down all his fingers bar his index, leaving his hand in an “ah-ha” gesture. “I could kick your butt.” He grinned, seemingly satisfied with his declaration, still apparently oblivious to the phone in his face.

“But I’m a girl. And a Princess.” Marinette pointed out. “Would you still hit me then?”

Chat frowned and pouted. “I would never hit My Princess.” He said seriously, seeming to have a sober moment before slipping back into his drunken tirade. “But I can still kick your butt.” He smirked and crossed his arms.

“How?” Marinette challenged.

He smirked and reached for her, pulling her into his lap and running his clawed hands carefully up her sides, prodding at her tummy as he tickled her, pouting when she didn’t even squirm. “You’re not trickling… tickling… ticklish.” He corrected himself before finding the right word.

“Are you done yet? I want to sleep you know.” Chat threw his baton at the light switch, plunging the room into darkness again before burying his face in her hair.

“I am sleeping.” He promised, breathing against her hair.

“Sure you are.” She reached back and ruffled his hair before switching off her phone and trying to get up off the chaise so she too, could get some sleep, but Chat’s arms were unrelenting.

“Cuddle with me?” He whined softly.

“Ugh. Fine.“ She rolled onto her side, adjusting beside him until she was comfortable.“You’re such a cat.”


She grunted, giving him permission to speak.

“You promised to kiss me when I’m sober.” Marinette could hear the grin in his voice.

She didn’t open her eyes. “I did.”

“So… Good Morning kisses?” He asked hopefully.

Marinette snorted. “We’ll see kitten.”

So, I know our children are really dense but with some of the comics being set in NY how do they not figure it out? Even if it’s not those two who realize, it would be obvious to someone, probably Alya. “Oh, Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Hawkmoth are all in New York right now? Interesting that the very similar looking Marinette Dupain-Chen, Adrien Agreste, and Gabriel Agreste are also all in New York right now. It’s almost like they’re the same people or something!”

Okay so what if Chat Noir brings a baby to a patrol

Let’s back up for this au so what if after the reveal Marinette and Adrien try the dating scene , but it never really worked out or something yet they stay really close and are best friends and all that good stuff.
Years later Adrien and Marinette are happily married with other people, but are still really close. Their spouses both know that they are super heroes and all that jazz, and they trust them with their own lives.
But what if like Adrien’s spouse leaves the city for an important thing (like work or family) and he’s left to babysit his kid. Well not thinking it through and the lack of Hawkmoth’s activity he brings the lil Agreste to patrol. When he meets ladybug she notices he has the baby and was going to yell at him like “Are you crazy why would you carry around a baby while leaping around Paris!?” But the baby is so cute and she doesn’t mind kids she’s trying to have one soon actually so she just goes along with it.
Hours upon hours they play with the kiddo along the Paris skyline then someone notices that Ladybug and Chat Noir has a baby with them and the whole city freaks out with theories on the baby, that Alya (knowing it’s Adrien’s kid) puts on the ladyblog a post on a baby hero (as a joke of course) and everyone freaks out more.
Later Marinette decides to make a mask for the baby so no one will notice it’s Adrien’s kid and to joke around with the idea of a baby hero.
Meanwhile Adrien now has to explain to his spouse why he thought it was a great idea to bring a baby along to go crime fighting.


Has anybody, by any chance, watched Pushing Daisies? ;;v;; it’s a really good show despite being cancelled

Okay, so uhm like brief info abt it>> It’s about a piemaker who can raise the dead with a single touch and he has a crush on this girl he grew up with then she died then he brought her back to life anddd yeah :)))

Adrien Agreste the Piemaker hahaha

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: where do all the de-evilized akumas go? do they go back to hawkmoth to be inevitably evilized again? do they fly away and spend the rest of their lives basking in the freedom ladybug has given them? would they come back to fight with her should she finally face hawkmoth in a boss battle? is there an akuma heaven somewhere in paris? what would happen if ladybug kept all the akumas she purified? disregarding the fact that she's be very easy to unmask because everyone would know she has a giant butterfly farm, would hawkmoth just run out of akumas? would hawkmoths identity be revealed because he has to keep buying more white butterflies? hawkmoths attic is so empty and dark, do the butterflies like that? are they let outside sometimes for fresh air? i need to know

I love Miraculous Ladybug so much, and I had to draw my favorite ship <3

Also I wanted to practice backgrounds, and the episode 16 had pretty good references in general *———–*

This drawing was inspired by:

 The lovely fics Heartstrings (by @taylordraws/@zenwisterias) and Lucky Strike (by @runningoutofink)

And the W.I.P Kaleidoscope of @shishitsunari (I LOVE IT SO MUCH!)

PS: Thank you to all my friends! Seriously Thank you for your suport guys, you’re amazing!!! @juliajm15 @angiensca @lazyleezard and @runningoutofink

Marinette and Adrien would totally coordinate outfits man, like it’s a fashion designer and a model dating-it’s bound to happen. Marinette takes pride in making and wearing her own designs, so when she and Adrien start dating (and she’s finished freaking out about it) she’d totally make him custom stuff. Adrien loves her work and doesn’t mind wearing her stuff and honestly it’s a lot easier because she takes comfort and occasion into everything. He trust her taste, and trust me it’s better than all the meme shirts he and Nino think are hilarious.
They’d be the best dressed couple man, like even if it’s just going to the park they might just color coordinate because they can and it’s adorable. Alya and Nino complain they set the standard too high but they’re just happy those two are so happy together. Imagine them at prom! No doubt Marinette would make her own dress omg these fashionable babes

i’m in ladybug hell so i might as well contribute to it so here are some headcanons:

  • after ladybug and chat noir and comfortable with each other and stuff, i like to think Marinette starts this tradition of buying random shit that has to do with cats, and Adrien then reciprocates with ladybug stuff (although he usually buys two of whatever he gets her, one for himself of course). It’s a funny little thing that goes on between them, each of them trying to outdo each other and eventually ends up giving away their secret identities when one of them spots the other with the gift they got them in civilians. whoopsies.
  • you know who cries a lot during movies? Adrien. Now you may think he’s a tough guy and all that, but the thing is this kids been homeschooled alone for years-when would he ever have to hide his tears from while watching movies? Up makes him cry like a baby (”Adrien are you crying….?” “SHUT UP THEY WERE SO IN LOVE,”) Also he watches chick flicks. Absolutely no shame-the kids a hopeless romantic.
  • Alya has never broken  phone and invests in cute phone cases-she scolds her friends to as well and Nino doesn’t hear the end of it when he cracks his screen she is totally the type to say “I told you so” and Nino gets a heavy duty, heavy armored case for his next birthday. He uses it because Alya will kill him otherwise, and it’s effective. Alya is forever smug
  • Marinette learned to do that little spin she does in her transformation in ballet class that she took when she was younger, and her dance recitals are a big part of why she wants to be a fashion designer-they were her favorite part of the whole thing. Her parents still have pictures and home video of little Marinette bouncing around in a billowing tutu-it is one of the cutest things to grace this earth
  • Marinette strikes me as a nervous do-er. What I mean by that is, like myself, when she’s feeling anxious or worried she’ll do her best to try to busy herself. Since we know she knits, maybe she’ll shit down and do it just to have things to do with her hands, or clean up her room-it’s productive and a good habit. Alya knows Marinette’s really worried about something that way, she gets quiet and works fast and almost frantically, and has made her easier to read. After Alya notices there’s usually a sweet moment that follows after a discussion on what’s wrong-there are hugs and best friend stuff. I really love their dynamic, makes my heart warm ^^
  • Nino and Alya are hella competitive in Pokemon battles and have been since they were young-but when Adrien shows up and befriends Nino they’re absolutely defeated by the previously homeschooled boy with too much time on their hands. Marinette practices manages to beat him once with smart moves items, what the Pokemon are holding, special abilities and type advantage-Nino and Alya praise her for bringing his reign to an end.
  • If Marinette were to watch Ouran High School Host club, I honestly think her favorite host would be Haruhi or Kauro-Tamaki reminds her too much of Chat and she’s a sucker for genuine personalities. Alya strikes me as a twin supporter and into Mori. If you like Miraculous Ladybug and have’t watched Ouran High School host club-I highly recommend it, it’s just as colorful and dramatic as ML and there’s a certain princely type that will seem familiar~
When the Hawkdaddy says that the internet will break in the next episode of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, you just know that some serious Ladynoir shipping is gonna throw down! You just know it!

Mother of all that is sweet and lovely, does this mean what I think it means? Is there going to be a kiss in this episode? The title of the next French episode of Miraculous is “Cupid’s Arrow” so…obviously if cupid is involved then you know that something lovey dovey is going to happen.

And I’m not going to lie.

The ONLY THING related to this fandom that has the profound power to shatter my internet is a LADYNOIR/ADRINETTE KISS!

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