Miraculous Ladybug Ships?

Okay, so I really love this show! It’s so cute! I really hope that Marinette and Adrien will end up together, but the only way that I can see this working out is if it’s Marichat.

Marinette is obviously in love with Adrien, but only the side of him that his father allows him to present. She’s only in love with half of him. Chat is the side of Adrien that he isn’t allowed to let out with his father watching. He really does love making puns and goofing around a bit. The good thing is that Marinette still likes Chat, the only thing in between them is Adrien.

Adrien is completely devoted to Ladybug. He’s so wrapped up in her though, that he doesn't realize that she has another side to her too. Marinette is shy, clumsy, kind, and creative. She’s not just the confident superhero that fights evil with a determined look on her face. Adrien doesn’t notice Mari because the only person he can imagine himself with is Ladybug.

Both of them have two sides to themselves. Marinette is still determined and Confident when it matters most, but she does get anxious sometimes. She loves to design things and help out in her parent’s bakery. She’s more than her Ladybug persona. Chat, while still kind like Adrien, love to make puns/jokes. He enjoys running about the city and feeling free. He isn’t just the studious model that his father has forced him to be. (And someone need to give him some more food. Seriously.)

Marinette and Adrien both want someone to fall in love with the sides of themselves that they feel are most important. For Marinette, it’s her civilian self. For Adrien, it’s Chat. The only way that their relationship will work out completely is if they open their eyes and see what the other person is truly like.

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Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)

The finished version from my initial preview pic

Very happy with how this came out <3 

And already have some ideas for another episode redraw!


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