From War and Peace, episode 6.

I really loved this series, and this final episode was really, truly touching, it made me cry both with sadness and happiness. 

Since this is a blog for James Norton things, I’ve only focused on him before, but I do need to say that I didn’t just love him in this, I loved the whole cast. In particular Paul Dano (whose beautiful soft spoken and thoughtful demeanor was splendid) and Lily James (whose journey from happy and immature to a mature woman was very convincing), as well as Jessie Buckley and Jack Lowden (whose relationship was surprisingly engaging and lovely) and Adrian Edmondson (whose kindness was just wonderfully portrayed). They all made their characters alive and beautiful. 

Now I feel like watching it again, from the beginning. :)

So, since Valentine’s day is fast approaching I had a slight idea of what I wanted to do… and it just came out fantastic. HAPPY V-DAY! Have a good and happy one, even if you do not have someone to share it with you still have your friends and family.

If it wasn’t for my friend helping me out with trying to figure out Paint Tool Sai I wouldn’t be able to do this at all. I’d still be fumbling. Haha.

Wouldn’t it be funny if I got a response back… or I mean Chat did. lol



dün çılgınlar gibi bunu dinlerken size başka parça paylaştım.

bugün içim el vermedi.
bu albüm ile türkülere başka lezzet katmış. sesi malum ^^

:))       (ısrarla postlarımı eleştiren anonimlere inat)
           (sizleri de seviyoruz efenim)


şeker prens ve tuz kral!!

belki zordur anlaması sessizliğimden.