I have serious reservations about sharing this one, because I have not yet introduced this character, but I had to share Adriana Blake’s beautiful sketches with folks.  

Adriana will be doing a short story in next year’s collection that follows Volume 2’s princess in peril, Angelica Ashe - older sister of Adrienne.  

If you want to see more of Adriana’s work, you can find her on tumblr at where she recently posted a drawing of Adrienne which I shared here!

Day 112/365

One last happy family to round out my internet buddy fan art week. Today it’s Adriana Blake of Fall on Me/Cuenta Conmigo. I met Adriana at SPX in 2013 and have had many fun conversations on twitter since. Also sharing cooking ideas, most of what I make are some type of insanely simple soup with an absurd amount of garlic, but garlic is delicious so it’s all good.

Adriana and her husband Alex, are waiting for the last few weeks of welcoming a baby into this world. I’m not a baby person, but they’re happy so I’m happy for ‘em :D They have two pet birds and a passionate love for tea. I haven’t met Alex but I’m sure it’s good people. It was awesome meeting Adriana at SPX.

Thinking about conventions, my AwesomeCon write up is up on my blog, go check it out. Or, just check out my pictures because they’re all up on flickr. I have all manner of finished art on my blog, be sure to check it out, I haven’t written many essays recently because I share most longer thoughts here on a mostly daily basis, but a con write up doesn’t belong here.

Awright, keep your drawing hand strong, I’ll be back tomorrow with something different :)

The Adriana Blake Interview: Part One

The following interview was originally published in The Seneca Collective, a visual arts zine which was distrubuted around Seneca College’s Seneca@York campus to benefit the visual arts students.

The first interview is with Adriana Blake, a local Toronto based animator, storyboard artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. Visit her website and portfolio at Adriana Blake is also the author of the online comic strip Fall On Me, which can be read in English at and in Spanish under the title Cuenta Conmigo at

Tim Lai: Could you provide a brief overview of your career so far? What area(s) of visual art have you been involved in? Animation, illustration, comics, graphic design, etc?  

Adriana Blake: I graduated in 2005 from Sheridan’s last 3-year animation diploma program, and since then I have been working in the animation industry on and off.  On the side I have also worked on comics, individual commissions and the occasional logo design.

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Action Lab on Free Comic Book Day #comics #fcbd

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Learn as much as you can, and keep in touch with your current teachers and classmates!! After graduation they will be your biggest networking source, as well as support, encouragement and overall comradeship. The animation industry relies very heavily of team work, so getting along with others and keeping in touch is super important.

Adriana Blake, from our interview in issue #1 of The Seneca Collective.

Read the whole interview here. To find out how to submit to the next issue of The Seneca Collective see our submission guidelines.
Comix Chix - Episode #4: Talking Womanthology with "Everwell" writer, Jody Houser

If you haven’t checked out Jody’s story in Womanthology: Heroic you should! It’s one of my favorites, completely charming, it’ll leave your heart feeling happy and your eyes feeling misty. =) Follow Jody on Twitter @Jody_Houser and check out her website!

Plus my comic picks for new comic Wednesday, 10/24!!

Adriana Blake is a tea-loving female artist whose webcomic is a bilingual (Spanish and English) slice of life based around Adriana, her macho but silly husband, and their adorable bird. The art style is whimsical and cute, and the strips are often aww-inducing with the clear love between Adriana and her husband. It’s slice of life, and gag-a-day for the most part, and tea lovers like me will identify with Adriana and her husband’s enjoyment of it as well.

Review: The Final Plague #2, Princeless: Tales of Family Ashe, Princeless: Tales of Girls Who Rock, Skyward #2 #comics

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Adriana Blake from Fall on Me Comic - 385 | Two Geeks Talking

I first interviewed Adriana Blake about her comic Fall On Me, two or three years ago at Fan Expo Canada. That was a quick five minute interview and since then Adriana has been one of my constant supporters and friends. Since it has been far too long since her last interview, I’m bringing her back on to talk Comics, Conventions and Fall on Me.

I had to constantly fight my demons of self-doubt and “you’re not good enough,” plus having to constantly try to prove myself to every potential employer. It can be very draining. I have now learned that, while skill is important, it’s also about being at the right place at the right time sometimes…you can be the best at what you do and still not get work, just because studios aren’t looking for your skill set at a given time. It happens. The industry goes through its periods of feast or famine, and that’s just how it is. So be aware: this career will keep you on your toes. I wish someone would have told me this back in school…

Adriana Blake, from our interview in issue #1 of The Seneca Collective.

Read the whole interview here. To find out how to submit to the next issue of The Seneca Collective see our submission guidelines.

I’m planning to try to have an interview with a professional artist who can provide some insight and advice to Seneca students in each issue. The first interview will be with Adriana Blake, a local artist who has worked in the animation industry as a storyboard artist and has self published her online comic strip Fall On Me. I will be compiling a series of questions but please feel free to submit questions that you would be interested in having Adriana answer by sending us an ask.