HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @adriana-likes-tea !!!! <3 I’m really glad I’ve gotten to know her over the past half a year, and because of D&D no less! She deserves every bit of joy in life and is an A+++ human - go wish her a happy birthday today!

Here’s her hunky grump, Jeremiah, bein’ a hunky grump. She created him YEARS ago and has recently resurrected him as a D&D character. :) 

I have serious reservations about sharing this one, because I have not yet introduced this character, but I had to share Adriana Blake’s beautiful sketches with folks.  

Adriana will be doing a short story in next year’s collection that follows Volume 2’s princess in peril, Angelica Ashe - older sister of Adrienne.  

If you want to see more of Adriana’s work, you can find her on tumblr at where she recently posted a drawing of Adrienne which I shared here!