Batgirl #2 (Simone & Syaf):

As I expected with most of the DCNU #1s, issue 2s would recover what issue 1s failed to accomplish. Batgirl is a prime example. Though Batgirl is still very annoyingly stuck in the past in the beginning that leaves us quickly and the story really progresses. If for no other reason the compelling factor of a potention Bat-team-up in issue 3 will make you want to keep reading. The villian, Mirror, gets quite some interesting depth and we also learn how smart Babs really is.

Syaf’s detail is outstanding. He makes Batgirl move so fluidly throughout the action panels and deviously tells story through the use of eye shapes. This is something I cannot get enough of. Attention to detail is what separates mediocre artists to the pros and we definitely get this attention from Syaf.

There is a nice little teaser about Professor Stein in the book as well so keep an eye out!