adrian iorga


Reflection Eternal

Marginally Sociable, Casually Sociopathic. Left the life of Political Science in favor of greater pursuits, he likes drawing stuff and designing things. Coming from Bucharest, Romania Arian Iorga invests his time and typography for good things like the initiative type against cancer. This ambition is great and to support him visit is site.

Type Against Cancer! Please consider Reblogging!

If you’re following me, chances are you’re also following betypeByron, the guy behind the site, needs your help while he and his family are going through a very difficult period in their lives. His mother is currently battling Stage 3 uterine cancer and he is trying to raise enough money to pay for the very expensive treatment. 

You can donate to his Indiegogo Campaign and as an alternative you can buy this as a print in support of his mother and millions others fighting cancer around the world. You can also get phone covers and t-shirts. All gains go towards Byron and his mother.

I recommend reading more directly from him and checking out the Type Against Cancer tag here on tumblr.

Thank you!