adrian louise

I’m Looking Forward to 2022

Summary: Dan and Phil decide that they shouldn’t wait until 2022 to get married.

Words: 2881

Genre: Fluff, too much fluff

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Slight swearing because Dan is involved

A/N: This took long because I had started it ages ago and decided to finish it just yesterday. I just needed to write a phan wedding fic. Also since I am a uncreative twat i copied the vows from some tv shows since i didnt know what to write.

“Dan, you are getting married you big prick!” Louise opened the door loudly, only to find Dan in front of the mirror, fixing his bow tie. He was really getting married today. He was going to legally become Daniel James Lester, something he had doodled endlessly on papers when he wasn’t paying attention at all or just said it to see how it sounds. It was the event he had imagined the first time he and Phil had exchanged the first ‘I love you’s and at that time, he had thought it was completely mental that he was thinking so far, to the point of marrying him but here was he standing today, on his wedding day, prepared to say 'I do’ to the first and last man he ever loved. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Thanks for the info, I didn’t quite notice it.” He replied sarcastically but then smiled warmly at himself. Eh, screw all the 'being cool’ act he had planned on putting all day. He was getting fucking married to Phil. It’s not like you get married to your favorite youtuber every day, he wasn’t going to try to act cool about it. It was Phil Lester for fuck’s sake.

“Are you really going to vlog the whole wedding? When you have professional photographers and cameramen in every corner of the room?” She asked, rolling her eyes at the mess Dan had created. “And you had your outfit prepared, why is this room a mess?”

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