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F1 Drivers 2014


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  • Q: It's just five days since we were in Suzuka, I would just like to hear your views on the events of last weekend - starting with Fernando.
  • Fernando: I think it was a very tough race. Obviously all of our thoughts are with Jules. All of our minds are there because we have huge respect for our work but when there are big accidents there are no words to describe - but you can feel. As I said, it was a tough weekend and right now we are here, a difficult weekend again. Emotionally very difficult. Ready to race, to race for him, being as professional as we can but definitely our minds, or my mind, is with him in this moment, praying for him.
  • Adrian: So hard to say in words. Of course, very shocking moment for everyone, for myself. Nothing really to say about anything. Probably everyone has seen it. It's just... we have to pray right now. This is all we can do. We can hope that we get some better news. It's just that we are now here in Sochi, a grey cloud over us but try to be professional enough, more professional and focus on the race weekend again and also good to get rid a little bit of this mood but still it affects everyone. My thoughts are the same. Pray for the best and race for him.
  • Felipe: For me I think it was the worst race of my life. It's a really bad race, worse than the race of my accident - because I didn't remember. It was the worst race of my life. Yeah. It's so difficult to be everyday because I can just be thinking about him, thinking about Jules. It's a very difficult weekend for all of us. Maybe tomorrow it will get a little bit better because at least you are working, at least you have something to think about, some issue put inside your brain. Try to race and do the best we can for him, for his family. But anyway, it was the worse race of my life.
  • Daniil: Obviously it is a shock for me as well. Wouldn't expect to hear quite negative news after the race finished. All I can wish now is that we can hear better news, positive news about Jules. I really wish him to recover, it's the only thing that matters. Nothing like this has happened for a long time and we all hope, here in Formula One that the health to Jules. I'm thinking of him very often, like all of us. We're all united to support him. I run out of words so I stop here.
  • Jenson: I think, listening to everyone, I think we all echo the opinions of the guys sat here so far. It's a very horrible feeling knowing what one of your fellow drivers went through and is going through. I think the only thing to say, and the most important thing is that we wish him well and our thoughts are with him. I think we all feel the same in the Formula One world.
  • Q: You're a council member on the GPDA and so are you Sebastian. What lessons can be learned, do you think?
  • Sebastian: I think first of all you need to see that it was an extremely difficult race for all of us. I think I join on what the other drivers said, in terms of how difficult, it is probably the most difficult race to digest so far. But I think difficult conditions, leaving a very, very small margin for error. Obviously for Jules at that time it was too small. On top of that, very unlucky circumstances led to a catastrophe really. I think at this stage, for of all, all of our thoughts are will Jules, with his family, and we wish him all the strength that we can send. About the accident, I think it is very difficult. Obviously there is a lot of stuff going on now but surely if something happens there is always the chance to learn something for next time and avoid these things happening. Also, you need to understand that the cars we race, the speeds we travel, yeah, accidents can happen. But obviously, as I said, extremely unlucky circumstances led to much more than the usual type of crash that you see when you lose control of the car.