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A Wise Moonkin’s Task:  Temple of Elune

A writing collaboration with @ocarina-of-what. Previous ‘A Wise Moonkin’s Task’ stories can be found HERE in my story archive.

The constellar horse’s hooves clapped the ancient stone ground with its magus master above and his paladin right behind him. No flight was very long from the Violet City, and arriving at the temple in Val’Sharah Elder Raventhorn had spoke of, Felo'thore’s silver eyes gazed upon the building’s facade with some ounce of wariness. He’d been here before having protected the place druids venerated as sacred, but never had the man dared himself to enter its walls. Books taught magic. Study and practice refined magical skill. The astromancer had once known faith in the sun in his childhood, but Dalaran had groomed his perspective of a sorcerer, and one who saw little logic in consulting a deity for magical understanding. Felo’thore was still a bit haughty about it, despite his intrigue.

“Well… here we are,”  Felo’thore chirped to Adrianal with hesitance in his voice, unable to set the undercurrent of knowing how loyal his husband was to the teachings of the eternal sun aside. Adrianal gently squeezed Felo'thore’s sides as they landed, trying hard not to look at the place…these ‘hallowed’ grounds with disapproval, instead slipping gracefully from the saddle to help the mage down.

“Indeed,” the paladin smiled reassuringly, “Here we are, hmn? It’s not as…well full of Moonkin as I thought it would be.” Adrianal smiled, trying to be supportive of his husband, though he didn’t quite know how. He hoped his presence alone was enough to bolster Felo'thore’s faith in himself. “It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Last I was here I fought with Velianor to kill the monsters attacking and Velianor lost her elder wolf Huttser.”

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