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Transforming Yoshi Sudarso and Peter Adrian into Sailor Moon Characters!! Hope you enjoy my take on the scouts, it was one of my favorite shows growing up ✨

PS. That’s the Blue Ranger on the current Power Rangers! :O

Assassin’s Creed Costumes

8 Actors.  8 Characters.  These 7 men and 1 woman have accepted my offer of becoming more than just their voices and motion capture in the Assassin’s Creed game franchise.   

Cas Anvar (Altair Ibn L’ahad), Amber Goldfarb (Aveline de Grandpre), Adrian Hough (Haytham Kenway), Dan Jeannotte (Arno Dorian), Tristan Lalla (Adewale), Steven Piovesan (Shay Cormac), Roger Craig Smith (Ezio), Noah Watts (Ratonhnhake:ton)

2 Actors.  2 Characters.  Of the 8 listed above, they have already stepped out of the Assassin’s Creed world and become walking, talking realities in our world.  By opening these treasure chests, they have transformed…

Noah and Cas are the first two actors I have made the AC character costumes for and helped bring to life.  

Which actor will open their chest next?

That’s up to you.  

Back my kickstarter and YOU get to cast your vote on who will be outfitted next while helping fund my project.  These costumes have averaged about $1000 USD each to make.  Reaching or exceeding my target goal will allow me to take on the next costume without any delay.  

These actors have given gamers so much and continue to do so by allowing me to outfit them…. isn't it time we thanked them properly?


Ta-daaa~! :D

Here’s the final colored version of Emma and Warrick in their Kingdom Hearts garb. This concept was originated by my friend Kalil, who is a huge fan of Namesake. It was an intriguing idea and designing the clothing was challenging, so we had to do a bit of brainstorming on that together. This was a lot of fun! ^^

Materials: Toned grey 400 series sketch paper, mechanical pencil, Copic Multiliners, and Prisma colored pencils. All while taking cable repair calls! lol (really, it was only in between calls. I have no idea how long this actually took if I were to just count the time I was working on it…).

Also, thank you for so many likes and reblogs, Namesake fans! I’m super honored that Secondlina reblogged my previous sketches. *bows graciously* Thank you! I love your comic so much. :3

Now it’s on to brainstorming for a mobile game…


So i kind of had the best day ever on Saturday at ConnectiCon. I debuted my Neville costume, and I was super psyched over how well my cape came out. I tweeted Neville photos of my costume, and a few hours later this was the response I got! I freaked out! Emma and Tyler Breeze had re-tweeted my cosplay pictures before, but this is the first time anyone commented. All the hours and hours of hard work getting the details on the cape were worth it, because Neville himself called me fantastic.

Getting more anon hate because people keep reblogging photos of me and tagging them cosplay.
Not all photos of myself, or Adrian and I are cosplay!
I am not *insert character name* nor do I try to portray myself as such. I am my own person and will wear what I like. 

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“Tale as old as time…”

Another MariChat dancing video with @kirakun08 as Marinette and myself as Chat Noir~

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Cast Update (Tweek, Craig, & Wendy)

Unfortunately we’ve lost some cast members today. However, don’t worry. Our former Tweek, Craig, and Wendy just didn’t have enough time to be truly involved so we’re taking over.

So Craig (aka Stan, Cartman & Butters) will be taking over as Craig and Adrian (aka Kyle, Kenny & Clyde) will be taking over as Tweek. As for Wendy a good friend of ours has already volunteered so she’ll be back very soon!

We know there hasn’t been a lot of plot behind Tweek and Craig so far but that’s changing now! So stay tuned, more creek is coming.~